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Minecraft RPG servers are an imaginative and immersive take on the classic game. They tend to revolve around the mechanics of Minecraft roleplaying, typically assisted by some fantasy fiction setting in which players are currently based.

The best Minecraft RPG servers often feature hundreds of players within an interactive world, all directly contributing towards the deep lore set in place by the server.

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Minecraft RPG servers can often have strict roleplay rules, some servers will only allow direct roleplaying interaction, and anything that is seen to “break emersion” is disallowed.

This list will explore the best Minecraft RPG servers and will highlight the ones with both strict and unstrict roleplay rules.

Note: As always, all servers on this list are online 24/7 and are completely free to play.

Top 5 Minecraft RPG servers for Java Edition

#1 PURPLE PRISON – IP: wtbblue.com

Purple Prison is a fantastic place for those looking for a Minecraft prison RPG

Purple Prison is a brilliant Minecraft RPG server, which primarily has a jailbreak prison theme. On Purple Prison, players will join as a “new inmate” and must progress through the ranks in order to level up within the server.

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The server offers a myriad of features to enhance the immersiveness of the prison setting, including a completely custom system in which players can create and manage their own “gangs.” This allows players to participate in special “gang-fights” with other gangs. It's a ton of fun, to say the least, and is perfect for anyone who would prefer some PvP within their RPG experience.

It should also be noted that Purple Prison has been around since 2014 and still has hundreds of players daily, flexing joins from some popular names, including the likes of even PewDiePie.

#2 MINESCAPE – IP: wtbblue.com

Minescape is a Minecraft RPG server based on the popular game

Minescape is an awesome RPG server, which sets out to bring the much-adored game of Runescape directly into the blocky universe of Minecraft. The server even utilizes a custom made resource pack, which tries to emulate the much famous rustic runescape vibes.

The Minescape RPG server also offers several roleplay enhancements, such as quests, skill trees, classes, custom mobs, farming, and even custom pets. The server has been in development for over three years now, and the overwhelming amount of unique content makes it easy to see why.

#3 SCHOOLRP – IP: wtbblue.com

SchoolRP is a Minecraft RPG server that is set inside a fictional Japanese school map that players attend. The roleplay here is taken seriously, and players must abide by strict server roleplay rules, such as not breaking immersion or communicating outside of the school environment.

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SchoolRP has a heavy focus on social roleplay interactions with others. Players are expected to attend classes, follow school rules, maintain a reputation, and even attend extra-curricular school activities.

#4 PIRATECRAFT – IP: wtbblue.com

PirateCraft is a survival mode pirate themed Minecraft RPG server

Minecraft RPG servers can occasionally seem uninspired, luckily PirateCraft is a breath of fresh air in the department of originality. The server is survival-based but has an in-depth and unique pirate theme throughout the map, all while still paying respect to the classic Minecraft survival mechanics.

Upon joining the server, players spawn on a shipwreck. The goal is then to gather resources from the nearby coast and make the absolute best possible effort to survive in the grueling world.

PirateCraft isn't just another typical old Minecraft survival server, though; there are some seriously cool custom server plugins present. One of which even allows players to drive and battle their own pirate ships.

#5 WYNNCRAFT – IP: wtbblue.com

Wynncraft is a hugely popular dedicated quest RPG Minecraft server

Any serious Minecraft RPG player has likely come across Wynncraft during their time with the game. The server boasts thousands of players in the most active hours of the day and offers some of the most in-depth custom RPG elements possible within the world of Minecraft, without any game client modifications, of course.

Within the Wynncraft server, players are able to complete over 100 custom quests, join thousands of guilds, fight custom mobs, and much more. All this action within the server even takes place on a purely custom map, completely tailor-made by the Wynncraft staff team.

It should also be noted that the server has had a mind-blowing 1 million unique players join since its creation, a true testament to its quality.

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