Minecraft School How To Train Your Dragon, Realistic Minecraft

i want to let you no this is astormcutter from how to train your dragon nowScott – TinyTurtle

who i email from youtube how did i get his youtube well i no his censored to train your dragon videos from the past

this is from there past videoshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZzMpAPMyHs&list=PLFHxoVfrVZ12lD5v-cxXzOP8LW7WBpfwo

now there making this

if you like minecraft and like dragons then then i no a server out there her my video link

this is one of the videos i made


this is the link to ithttps://www.technicpack.net/modpack/httyd-mc.1699326

for minecraft you will need java 64 bit

i was able to contact youtuber nameScott – TinyTurtle

now i wait for that email i tell him ideas what to add to modpack for new updates for my ideas

i also tell him my discord name and he can invite me if he wants.

Đang xem: Minecraft school how to train your dragon

i think the youtubers who do dragons wood be cool if i do get contact with the people who are guys then ill be able make videos with them with therepermission i send them my youtube channel as well so they can take a look at my videos.

her link of server on minecraft

its calledDownloading My HTTYD ServerPack! *FREE*

and yes i have shaders and if your looking for a 1.12.2 shaders then i no what shaders will work for you and yes i test all of them out and all are all out of date but this one is only one that works if you need more info just let me no and i can get you setup with there server.

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also yes i am with kids but yes they no my age and stuff and the kids are helping me out im new to the mod and stuff on discord and group i am in.


this is my discordhttps://discord.gg/fCDRAYF all are welcome to join and friends can join in and i have a video of my discordhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BTosLyqfk0&t=7s and my discord has free movies of how to train your dragon from start to last and we have freedragon rescue riders shows all are welcome to join in for movie night i have all movies for free on discord my discord nameCraine Systems#3124 you can add me if you want im looking for friends i am 20 withdisability of autism and with amental health condition if you want to call me Sean you can if you want. (country isles elementary school was bad for me had hard time making friends put outside of class teachers did not like me) (indian ridge middle school pain and suffering never made friends with kidsprincipal was a bad guy)(western high school made a mistake giving my school a virus on there school network bye mistake school ok had hard times when others find out about discord at school and teachers did not want me on discord and i still went on discord and still use vpn behind there backs)( now insheridan technical college florida have little issues with my teachers online schooling on microsoft teams) i had a bad experience with my teachers in the past.

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if you want to understand me more you can talk to me i am looking for others to talk too and im looking for others be therefriends and need work onfriendship and need help understanding things and need someone i can look up to help me with mystrugglesi go through i am open for others to talk to me and help me.

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