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The Nether is a deadly and hellish dimension in Minecraft, that is filled with hostile mobs, lava, fire, and an assortment of other nasty threats.

Minecraft players can gather their courage and travese into a malevolent dimension known as the Nether. This alternative plane of existence is only accessible via Nether Portals, and will test the resourcefulness and bravery of players.

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It is in this dimension, where Minecraft players can obtain some of the most essential items needed to reach the Ender Dragon.

There are a large assortment of different structures and biome types that can be found here, which all slightly differ depending on what seed a Minecraft player has chosen.

This list will be helping remove the seed hunting work for Minecraft players, by identifying five of the best seeds for the Nether in Minecraft.

5 best Minecraft Nether seeds

#5 – Nether Fortress filled with Blazes

A blaze near a Nether Portal in Minecraft. (Image via Minecraft & Chill/YouTube)

The ruined portal in this Minecraft seed will put players right into a Nether Fortress. It is no secret that players need to get their hands on blaze rods in order to beat Minecraft.

Unfortunately, this item can only be acquired from blazes, which in turn only reside in Nether Fortresses. This Minecraft seed eliminates the guessing work of finding a Nether Fortress, and put players right in the middle of one.

Players who explore this area will quickly be able to find plenty of blazes to kill, to get their hands on enough blaze rods to craft the eyes of ender that they need.

Cords of Ruined Portal: 129, 72, 262

Platform: Bedrock

Seed: -150350241

#4 – Speedrunner's Delight

The layout in this Minecraft seed is fantastic for Minecraft speedrunning, as players will be able to get to every location required in a timely manner.

The village right at spawn will help players get some initial gear, resources, and food straight away. From there, a well placed Nether Portal will put players right near the Nether structures the have the most essential goodies.

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The nearby gold blocks can be converted into gold ingots, which players can use to acquire barter with piglins for ender pearls.

Once players have everything they need from the Nether, getting to the End portal room is a relatively close trek.

Cords of where to build a Nether Portal: 2171, 63, -11

Platform: Bedrock

Seed: 376166226

#3 – Spawners, Structures, & Biomes

Minecraft players who use the ruined portal in this seed will end up right on top of a Bastion Remnant. Once inside the Nether, there is plenty for players to explore and see.

A Bastion Remnant and a Nether Fortress can be found right nearby one another. Inside of the Nether Fortress, players will also be able to quickly find two unique blaze spawners, that they can camp out at to farm some blaze rods.

There is plenty of loot all over the place, Minecraft players will just need to seize it for themselves.

Cords of Ruined Portal: 1476, 69, 242

Platform: Bedrock

Seed: -406193085

#2 – Quick Access to the Nether

Nether enthusiasts will be thrilled by this Minecraft seed, as they will be able to enter into the Nether extremely quickly. The ruined portal that players will encounter near spawn is practically almost complete and functional.

The ruined portal only needs a few minor tweaks and a few blocks of obsidian added to it. Players can then just strike a quick spark from a flint and steel, and they will be in the Nether within minutes.

There is a village right near the ruined portal and spawn as well, which players can riffle through in order to gear themselves up.

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Players should be sure to check all of the nearby chests, as there may be some incredibly helpful items and blocks inside.

Cords of Ruined Portal: 207, 69, 32

Platform: Bedrock

Seed: 1534025035

#1 – Multiple Fortresses, Bastions, & Biomes

The Nether really does not get enough love from Minecraft players, even though it is an entirely unique and additional plane of existence for players to explore.

Well, this Minecraft seed may be able to help change that, because it gives players access to all of the best things that the Nether has to offer.

Once inside the Nether via the ruined portal, players will be dropped in right near a soul sand valley. From there players can explore either a basalt delta, crimson forest, or warped forest.

There are also multiple Nether Fortresses and Bastion Remnants for players to conquer and pillage for loot.

This Minecraft seed just flat out has everything, at least when it comes to the Nether.

Cords of Ruined Portal: 801, 82, 180

Platform: Bedrock

Seed: 604602972

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