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There’s an option in Minecraft called difficulty that directly affects the ease of the gameplay. Improving your gaming skills depends on the Minecraft difficulty levels. Read on to find out all there is about these levels, and how you can change them according to your preferences.

Minecraft Difficulty | levels - How To Change It - Numbers

Minecraft Server Difficulty levels

There are 4 levels of difficulty in Minecraft servers. Check out the features of each of these levels and the differences among them:-

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Most of the new Minecraft players choose to go with the Peaceful mode, because it’s the safest mode out of all the four levels. Except for the ender dragon, piglins, evokers, hoglins, vindicators, ghasts, and shulkers, you won’t find any hostile mobs spawning and trying to damage the player in this mode. The ender dragon is the only one that can deal damage to the player in this mode. Even neutral mobs like cave spiders, endermen, spiders, or zombie pigmen can’t spawn in this mode naturally. But lava, falling from heights, drowning, and other physical world effects can deal damage to you in the Peaceful mode.

Even when you’re damaged, you’ll find your health bar slowly getting replenished. But if the damage has been dealt fast enough, you might die. You can’t eat anything other than milk buckets, golden apples, and chorus fruits, and your hunger bar never gets depleted. However, all the game achievements can’t be fulfilled in the Peaceful difficulty.


Harder than the Peaceful mode, hostile mobs can spawn in Easy mode, but they won’t deal as much damage as they do in Normal difficulty. These mobs, including spiders, zombies, and skeletons, can’t cause you any fatal effects, though. For example, the wither boss won’t be able to work its Wither effect on you, and you can’t be poisoned by bees or cave spiders. But wither skeletons can cause you the Wither effect.

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Zombies won’t be able to turn villagers into zombie villagers or break down doors. On Easy difficulty, you’ll get hungry when your hunger bar gets depleted, and then your health bar will be left with only 5 hearts. So, there’s no chance of dying of hunger in the Easy difficulty level.


The standard mode in Minecraft is the Normal mode. Hostile mobs spawn and deal standard damage to players in this mode. Harmful status effects like the Wither effect or Poison can be caused by mobs. Your hunger bar can get depleted, and if it gets drained completely, it will take your health bar down to just 0.5 hearts. So, even in the Normal mode, you can’t die of hunger. Zombies still can’t break down any door on this difficulty. But if zombies kill villagers, there’s a 50% chance of these villagers turning into zombie villagers.


The most difficult mode of all is the Hard mode. In this mode, hostile mobs can deal much greater damage than in the Normal wtbblue.com example, zombies can break down wooden doors, and if you attack them, they can spawn their own reinforcements. If zombies kill villagers, they’ll always turn into zombie villagers. Unlike the other Minecraft difficulty levels, the Hard mode can completely deplete your hunger bar, so that you starve to death.

Minecraft Hard mode

What is local difficulty minecraft?

Minecraft considers the phase of the moon in your world, the total daytime, the time for which a chunk has been inhabited, as well as the difficulty setting, for calculating local difficulty. Local difficulty or regional difficulty is nothing but a value ranging from 0.00 to 6.75. You’ll find this value on the debug screen, right below the ‘Local Difficulty’ heading.

Local difficulty affects various aspects of the gameplay in Minecraft.

Local Minecraft difficulty Numbers

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Here are the raw regional difficulty values for each of the minecraft difficulty levels:-

  • Peaceful: 0.0
  • Easy: 0.75-1.5
  • Normal: 1.5-4.0
  • Hard: 2.25-6.75

Another value that determines the gameplay difficulty settings is the clamped regional difficulty. It refers to any value ranging from 0.00 to 1.00. You’ll find it on the debug screen, below the local difficulty value. Usually, if the local difficulty is less than 2.0, the clamped regional difficulty is 0, and is 1.0 when the regional difficulty is greater than 4.0.

Take a look at the clamped regional difficulty values for all the minecraft difficulty levels:-

  • Peaceful: 0.0
  • Easy: 0.0
  • Normal: After 63 in-game days during a full moon in a totally-inhabited chunk, maximum effects will be reached.
  • Hard: After 63 in-game days, during a full moon, if a chunk is inhabited for 4 1/6 hours, the effects will reach the maximum. If the chunk is inhabited for more than 16 2/3 hours, the effects will stay at the maximum level.

How to change Difficulty In Minecraft

You can adjust the server difficulty based on your choice. Follow the steps below if you’re using a Minecraft server like Multicraft:-

  • Open the Multicraft panel.
  • Go to Files> Config Files.
  • Click on ‘Server Settings’ on the Config Files page.
  • On the Server Settings page, you’ll see an option called ‘Difficulty’, right below the ‘Game Mode’ option.
  • Just beside the Difficulty option, click on the drop-down menu.
  • Select one of the Minecraft difficulty levels of your choice.
  • At the bottom of the page, tap the ‘Save’ button.
  • Restart your Minecraft server to apply these changes.

Use a Minecraft change Difficulty command

For changing minecraft difficulty levels, you can also use commands on your server console, or in-game.

Chat commands in-game

  • /difficulty:- This command displays the current minecraft difficulty levels of your server. For example, if the current server difficulty is Peaceful, you’ll get a message saying, ‘The difficulty is Peaceful’ after you enter this command.
  • /difficulty <difficulty_level>:- It will let you change the server difficulty. All you need to do is replace ‘<difficulty_level>’ with any difficulty level that you want. For example, if your current server difficulty is Hard, and you want to change it to the Easy mode, enter ‘/difficulty easy’. You’ll see a message saying, ‘The difficulty has been set to Easy’.

Console Commands

  • difficulty:- This will let you check the current difficulty of your server on your console. Once you enter this command, and you’re in, say, the Hard mode, you’ll see a message saying, ‘The difficulty is Hard’.
  • difficulty <difficulty_level>:- You can change your server difficulty with the help of this command. If you’re in the Hard mode and you want to change the difficulty to Normal mode, enter ‘difficulty normal’. A message saying ‘The difficulty has been set to Normal’ will appear on the screen.

Wrapping up

Now that you know all about minecraft difficulty levels and their values, you can easily change this level from one to another, without facing any problem. You can either do so with the help of console commands, or just enter in-game chat commands. This helps you in tailoring your gameplay skills in a proper way.

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