Profile Types and Permissions

This article explains the two different types of “profiles” that can be granted to players. These profiles have access to more commands and permissions than a player who logs into your world so should be used with care. this article will cover:

  • Operator
  • Worldbuilder
  • Advanced Tips
  • Additional Resources

Teacher vs student permissions

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Users with Office 365 Education “faculty” software will have teacher permissions, and those with “student software” (assigned/edited in the Office 365 admin portal) will have student permissions. In-game teachers will have access to the “educator resources” option on the home page and students will not. Teachers will also enter all worlds with OP status regardless of whether or not they are the host.


When a player starts or hosts a game, they begin as an Operator. If the world was created with cheats on (which is the default setting), an Operator can run “commands” in the world.


Subsequent players who join the game do not start with this privilege. To give another player operator privileges in a multiplayer game, the host can use the command “/op”. You can also use this command in combination with targeting to give this status to more than one player at a time, for example using @a for all.

Type: /op @a

Operators can also take away operator status from other players. This is accomplished by using the command “/deop”:To ‘DE-OP’ a player, type: /deop (name)

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Caution! Any player granted Operator status will have all the privileges and abilities of the host, so you may want to proceed with caution before you bestow Operator status on a player. If the host of a world loses operator status, they must be given the privilege back by another user, or exit the world briefly, and re-enter (no rebooting needed). This can cause all players to disconnect from the host world while this mistake is corrected.

The options available to you will display on screen as you type.

Operator only commands you should be aware of:

  • immutableworld
  • worldbuilder


To place or use certain Minecraft: Education Edition blocks or items, a player must possess a special ability called ‘World Builder’. Educators start with this ability, students do not. The host (as an Operator with cheats enabled) can assign the ‘World Builder’ ability to themselves or others by using the command “/ability worldbuilder”.

To make all players World Builder, type: /ability @a worldbuilder true

You can also use: /worldbuilder, or /wb

Revoking the World Builder ability is done in nearly the same way as giving the ability, by changing the TRUE to FALSE. As with most permission commands, you can set the target to match your needs.

To revoke World Builder from all players, type: /ability @a worldbuilder false

Sometimes a World Builder might want to quickly transition between World Builder on and World Builder off to see how non-World Builders will experience their lesson. An example might be checking border block placement or verifying an NPC link.

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Because typing a long command over and over can be a tedious process, the World Builder can quickly toggle this ability ON or OFF by simply typing: “/wb”.

Advanced Tips


When you are granting worldbuilder or operator permissions, it is possible to “target” one or more players satisfying certain conditions instead of specifying players by name.

@a: All players

@e: All entities

@p: Nearest player

@r: Random player(s) (a list will appear below of players currently in the world)

Additional Resources

  • Learn some essential commands
  • Use your worldbuilder status and communicate with boards
  • Add non-player characters and bring life to your world

Updated June 22, 2018

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