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How To Use The Minecraft Console in Multicraft

Last modified on Feb 25, 2021 in control panel

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Despite being a scary wall of generated text to some, the Console is quite a useful tool and should be worth investing time into understanding. The server console allows you to issue commands to the server and its players as well as provide you with detailed information related to the servers processes. In addition to issuing commands, you can also manage the servers power cycle as well making it a great Dev Ops center for trouble shooting issues.

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The commands you issue from the console act as OP level commands. Because of this it’s highly recommended you refrain from giving anyone else console access. If the job requires console access then it should untimely be done by the owner or trusted individual. If you know your way around permissions, you can avoid granting (in most cases) console access by assigning the individual players the necessary permissions to enact the respective command in game.

Inputting a Command

  1. Navigate to the server details page of the respective server you wish to manage. Then select Console from the left side menu.
  2. The following page should contain a black textbox with an assortment of information being displayed and an input field below it. This combination of Input/Output makes up your server console.
  3. From here you can review the server process via the output section (the area with text and black background) or execute commands via the input (below the output section) and send button.

Utilizing the Console as a Dev Ops Center

When your server encounters a fatal error it is most likely shown within the consoles output. At this point you can review the output to deduce the issue with the given information. Most issues result in having to review the output and cycle the servers power while also making edits to the servers files. In conjunction with having the output and powering options (start, stop, restart) located in the same place, you can also pull up a third party FTP client to effectively manage the problem without having to changes pages. This convenient location of management options offers a dev op like environment where the owner can manage their server with relative ease. A typical setup would look a little something like this.

If you need some help, the Minecraft server hosting support team at Apex will be happy to help.

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