5 best servers for Minecraft Pocket Edition in May 2021

Minecraft is a worldwide phenomenon, and its popularity led to the game's release on smartphones and tablets. It now boasts over 100 million downloads on the mobile platform.

One thing that can be difficult, though, is finding the correct server to join. There are tons of Pocket Edition Minecraft servers out there, but not all of them will be what players are after in terms of quality and specific gameplay features.

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What follows is a list of some great Minecraft PE servers for players, covering a plethora of gameplay types and ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy!

Note: This list is based solely on the writer's opinion, and the views of others may differ substantially.

Five great Minecraft Pocket Edition Servers to play in May 2021

#5 – NetherGames Network

NetherGames Network is a friendly network of Minecraft Bedrock Edition server communities in which players can engage in all their favorite types of gameplay.

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From Creative Plots and Duels to classic Factions, Murder Mystery, SkyBlock, or SkyWars, there's something for everyone here!

IP Address: wtbblue.com:19132

#4 – Infinity Craft

Infinity Craft is a vanilla survival server for Minecraft Pocket Editon

Infinity Craft is a vanilla survival server with all the communicative and custom features to guarantee players have a fantastic time. It has no plugins that force gameplay or breaks immersion, just what's really necessary (e.g., land claims).

This ultimately gives players of any type their ideal experience: whether that means talking over a mic with friends for hours on end or growing crops in peace by themselves, it can be achieved here.

IP Address: wtbblue.com:19132

#3 – STCraft

It aims to provide the best and most exciting experience to players (Image via wtbblue.com)

STCraft is a community-based Minecraft Bedrock Edition server that aims to provide the best and most exciting experience that players can hope to find.

On STCraft, players can browse and immerse themselves within many of their favorite game modes, such as OP Factions, PvP Duels, SkyWars, and much more.

IP Address: wtbblue.com:19132

#2 – Grant Theft MCPE

Grand Theft MCPE is a Grand Theft Auto inspired Minecraft Pocket Edition server

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Grant Theft MCPE is perfect for those looking for a role-playing addition to their classic Minecraft gameplay. In this server, players can take on the story of being either a good or bad guy and embark on missions, just like the hugely popular Grand Theft Auto games.

What truly makes Grant Theft MCPE great is that players can experiment with and utilize custom guns, helicopters, tanks, boats, and much more. This is all thanks to the unique resource pack implemented by the server.

IP Address: wtbblue.com:19132

#1 – Mineplex PE

Mineplex Pocket Edition is one of the most popular servers

Mineplex PE is the mobile version of one of the world's largest and most successful Minecraft Pocket Edition servers. With 19 languages supported, including Dutch, Turkish and Swedish, players can be sure that no matter where in the world they play Mineplex PE, they'll feel right at home.

Specifically, Mineplex PE has 13 different game modes, each designed to appeal to a different type of player. Some of the most popular game modes include Death Tag, Master Builder, Survival Games, Sky Wars, and much more.

IP Address: wtbblue.com

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