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Bedwars are an increasingly popular game mode where players have a goal is to defeat others by destroying their beds. Until a player’s bed is destroyed, they can keep coming back to life so players need to protect their own bed as well. There are a few servers that allow you to play this gamemode, some of which are highlighted here.

This kind of protection, while also seeking and destroying other beds, can be both fun and hilarious! Thus, several servers include Bedwars as a game option to attract the footfall of active Minecraft players.

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In this article, we write about some of the best Minecraft servers that will see players engage in a bit of fun.

Five best Minecraft servers for Bedwars

1) BlockDrop Network (Address: wtbblue.coms)

Bedwars in BlockDrop (Image credits: Finn the Diamond Knight, Youtube)

Although the BlockDrop Network has several different game modes that are usual for any popular server, such as Skyblock, Creative, Survival, etc., one of their primary focuses is on Bedwars.

They have an active user base for this mode, and pretty strict rules against cheating via hacking or similar methods. BlockDrop Network has also recently added a new Sims-inspired game mode called City Life, which can be something new for players to try as well in the game.

2) wtbblue.com (Address: wtbblue.com)

Twerion Bedwars (Image credits: Draktara, Youtube)

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Twerion is a German-speaking Minecraft server that has steadily risen in popularity, with hundreds of active users every month. Despite having other game modes available, they do have a singular focus on Bedwars, providing an active lobby with games always available to play.

They also boast of being a server for both cracked as well as premium players, making them one of the best servers to try for Bedwars.

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3) wtbblue.com (Address: wtbblue.com)

Bedwars on Herobrine (Image credits: proToTEXT, Youtube)

Herobrine is hands down one of the best servers for Minecraft, with an incredibly-active user base for their Bedwars games. It does several game modes like Survival, Skyblock, Factions, Earth Towny, and Sky Wars pretty well, and Bedwars is no exception.

In fact, they recently announced an update on their Bedwars mode to facilitate a more seamless performance for Minecraft players.

4) Mineland (Address: wtbblue.com)

Bedwars on Mineland (Image credits: NuiraHDOnBEDWARS, DailyMotion)

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Mineland is a creative server at its core, even allowing players to design their own mini-games and hosting regular contests and build battles. They also have an active Bedwars audience. They have executed a well-made in-game economy for this mode, and even reward players with bonuses like kits and other perks! Players can try Mineland server for a great Bedwars experience.

Last but not least, they have a variety of maps, making them an excellent choice for players who love Minecraft Bedwars.

5) Sky Kingdoms (Address: wtbblue.com)

Sky Kingdoms (Image credits: PlanetMinecraft)

A great option for any player who loves Bedwars, the Sky Kingdoms server is one of the best in Minecraft. Not only does it have an active user base, but it also has several other game modes generally found in every good server. Sky Kingdoms is a great server for Minecraft Bedwars.

Despite the myriad of popular game modes, Bedwars does reasonably well for them, and is worth checking out for all enthusiasts of this game type. Minecraft players can try out any of the above mentioned Bedwars servers for a great experience.

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