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Although Minecraft 1.8 is a version over six years old, the fact that it's by far the second most popular version within the community, only trailing behind the most recent version (1.16 at the time this article was written), says a lot.

Minecraft 1.8 servers generally deviate towards a more PvP oriented experience, compared to their recent version counterparts. What sets Minecraft 1.8 servers apart from each other is generally a mix of server-side optimization (minimal lag for PvP), a good anti-cheat solution, and of course, unique well-polished gameplay features.

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The Minecraft 1.8 Servers listed in this article have a well-rounded balance of all of these aforementioned features and are hugely popular in the Minecraft 1.8 community.

List of the Best Minecraft Servers for 1.8

#1 – MC PRISON IP: wtbblue.com

Image via MC Prison

MC Prison is a PvP Prison-based Minecraft 1.8 Server. Although the server technically supports any version from 1.7-1.16, version 1.8 is the most common for players to use on this server. This is due to preferential treatment with PvP based mechanics while using a 1.8 Minecraft client.

Gameplay-wise, MC Prison is a blast. Two of their very special PvP based features include completely custom KOTH (king of the hill) events every four hours and SupplyDrops (where players battle for airdropped loot), which occur every two hours.

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MC Prison sets to build upon the tried and tested basic Minecraft prison gamemode, attempting to replace boring grinding with fun and fresh PvP elements.

#2 – VELTPVP IP: wtbblue.com

Image via VeltPvP

VeltPvP is a good example of what a Minecraft 1.8 server should aim to be. For years, VeltPvP has been the gold standard in the extremely popular Minecraft 1.8 HCF (HardCoreFactions) gamemode. Their dominance is partly explained by the constant evolution of the gamemode upon every new map.

VeltPvP is not only a Minecraft 1.8 server that offers a wide array of content but also has had a wide myriad of highly popular Minecraft YouTubers recording and playing, including the likes of DJTasty, Meezoid, and Latenci.

#3 – EXTREMECRAFT IP: wtbblue.com

Image via Extremecraft

Extremecraft is a well-known hub server within the 1.8 version Minecraft community. It currently offers a mind-boggling 20 different gamemodes, impressively all under the same server network.

What makes Extremecraft special is the innovation they bring to the world of Minecraft 1.8 servers, including interesting and rarely seen gamemodes, such as AcidIsland and Skygrid.

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Players looking for something completely fresh on a well-made top quality server can count on Extremecraft for a fun-filled experience.

#4 – HAVOCMC IP: wtbblue.com

Image via HavocMC

HavocMC is unlike any other server on this list. It's a unique and exclusive Minecraft 1.8 server game type. HavocMC features a game world that has been invaded by zombies. Players must gather resources, stay safe, and kill these zombies to progress on the server.

HavocMC offers both PvP worlds and non PvP worlds for players to enjoy, such that players can decide for themselves if they would like to have the extra challenge of fighting other players alongside keeping the hoard of zombies at bay.

#5 – VENTURELAND RPG IP: wtbblue.com

Image via VentureLand RPG

VentureLand RPG is a friendly and fun Minecraft 1.8 server, making it different from its counterparts who tend to heavily focus on hardcore and highly competitive PvP elements.

In terms of unique features, VentureLand RPG features a completely custom-built map, non vanilla Minecraft weapons, and unique mobs. VentureLand RPG also presents a highly balanced in-game economy and player-shops where players can barter and sell goods to each other.

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