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When sleeping on a Minecraft server, by default night will only be successfully skipped if all players on the server are sleeping.

This can be rather irritating, especially in servers with a high population. There's always going to be someone who doesn't sleep, either due to trolling, being AFK (away from keyboard), or simply because they don't want to.

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There are several ways in which server admins can combat this problem, however. This article will explain some of the best ways to enable better sleeping mechanics on a Minecraft server, including one player sleeping.

How to turn on one player sleeping on a Minecraft


The easiest way to turn on one player sleeping in Minecraft is via installing a simple and lightweight plugin.

In order to install a plugin, players will need to ensure they are using either paper or spigot as their Minecraft server software. Switching from the default vanilla Minecraft server software over to paper or spigot is very easy, and will also give server admins many instant performance benefits.

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A good one-player sleeping plugin can be downloaded here. Players can install this plugin on their server like any other, by simply dropping it into the folder titled “plugins” on their server panel.

For those less familiar with the process, a helpful guide on how to setup a spigot server and how to install a plugin can be found below.

Once this plugin is correctly installed on the server, only one player will need to sleep in the Minecraft world and the night will automatically be skipped for all players.

Other better sleeping mechanics on Minecraft:

There are several different plugins to install that improve the lackluster vanilla sleeping mechanics past the basic one-player sleep system.

An example would be the majority sleep system, where server admins can set how many players need to be sleeping in order for the night to be skipped. For example, if over 50% of all online players are sleeping, the night could be skipped.

Download the % sleeping plugin here

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One final popular sleeping system is that of a voting system. This would allow all players online to vote in the chat whether they would like for the night to be skipped or not.

Such a system removes the need to sleep in beds altogether, as players can simply cast their vote to skip the night by entering a simple command in chat.

Download the night vote skip plugin here

With the skip night plugin, players can vote if they would like to skip night or not (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

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