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Minecraft players who have spent any sizable amount of time in Survival Mode have likely experienced the annoying act of mob griefing.

Unlike standard griefing, which is perpetrated by other players, mob griefing is executed by Minecraft's mobs (as the name implies).

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If a Creeper explodes and destroys precious blocks or an Enderman swipes one to carry with him, players are witnessing mob griefing at work.

Mob griefing can be a hassle when a player is building an important project. Fortunately, there is a way to get rid of this act with a simple console command.

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How to disable mob griefing in Minecraft

Minecraft players can get rid of mob griefing by using a simple command (Image via Mojang)

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Mob griefing can be one of the more aggravating experiences within Minecraft. The explosions caused by Creepers are especially arduous, as players tend to spend time filling in the large holes left by their attacks.

Mojang accounted for this relatively quickly and provided an antidote to their community's woes.

For Minecraft players on either console or computer platforms, there is a nifty command that will disable mob griefing from all mobs in the game. This command is often implemented in multiplayer worlds to avoid Creepers and Endermen savaging the landscape while interacting with a large base of players.

Additionally, it prevents zombies from destroying doors, animals from trampling tilled farmland, rabbits from eating crops, and so forth. However, it also disables villagers from doing things like harvesting and replanting crops, so players should keep that in mind.

In Minecraft Java Edition, all players will need to do is open their chat console in-game and type “/gamerule mobGriefing false” to disable griefing from all mobs in the game world. This will only work in a single-player world or a multiplayer world where the player has the appropriate privileges enabled.

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To disable mob griefing in Minecraft's Bedrock Edition, players will first need to ensure they have Host Privileges enabled for their world. They can then select a world from their world list.

After choosing a world, players should select “More Options” before clicking on “Game Options.” They can then click on “Host Privileges,” go to the “Mob Griefing” box and deselect it, so it is unchecked.

Upon applying these changes, mob griefing should no longer be possible in the player's Minecraft world of choice.

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