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Minecraft servers can be vastly different from one another. With tens of thousands of such servers currently in existence, it can be extremely overwhelming choosing which one to dedicate time to. This might further be complicated for beginners and those still new to the game in general.

However, some Minecraft servers make it particularly easy for new players to join and get assimilated with the community. These great servers typically have in-depth tutorials, an active staff team, a significantly helpful community, and easily digestible but thrilling gameplay on the actual server.

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Best Minecraft servers for beginners

#1 – MOX MC IP: wtbblue.com

Mox MC is a great Minecraft server for beginners, featuring fun and intuitive gameplay

Mox MC is a fantastic towny-based Minecraft server that has consistently strived for quality player-driven gameplay features. Mox MC is also a brilliant option for beginners due to the welcoming nature of the towny game mode.

Thanks to the server's in-depth tutorial guide and the overall positive and helpful attitude shown by the server's large community, newbies have it easier.

#2 – SAFE SURVIVAL IP: wtbblue.com

Safe survival is a top semi-vanilla Minecraft survival server

Safe survival is a brilliant vanilla Minecraft server that attempts to emulate a somewhat “single-multiplayer” feeling. As confusing as this may sound, it means the server offers very little extra in contrast to the much-adored Minecraft single-player game mode.

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The server also offers myriad features to make it the perfect place for any beginner. More specifically, these entail things such as a straightforward spawn layout, grief protection for all players, and the keep inventory items setting enabled upon death.

#3 – SIMPLE SURVIVAL IP: wtbblue.com

Simple Survival is a survival-based Minecraft server focused on keeping gameplay as close to the raw format of Minecraft as possible. The server avoids overcomplicating player experiences with complex and arguably useless features commonly seen among in many other servers.

Simple Survival does not, however, shy away from adding features that compliment the vanilla Minecraft experience. Some of these include: land claims, a dedicated player-based economy system, an item shop mechanic, and even a unique spawner feature exclusive to the server.

#4 – CREATIVE FUN IP: wtbblue.com

Creative fun is a creative mode Minecraft server, perfect for building

Creative fun is a Minecraft server that allows players to build, in the creative mode, on their own dedicated chunk of allocated land, formally called a “plot.” It is excellent for any Minecraft beginner due to its simplicity and uniquely uncompetitive nature. The only thing the server offers is the creative mode. Here, it's all about merely having fun building and enjoying others builds.

Although the server is easy for pretty much anyone to get to grips with within a few minutes, creative fun does offer some gameplay enhancing features. These include a rollback system to prevent any griefing, roleplay player nametags, and finally, world-edit command access for more advanced users.

#5 – SKYBLOCK IP: wtbblue.com

wtbblue.com is the original Minecraft skyblock server experience

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Skyblock.net, known merely as “Skyblock,” is the birthplace of all things related to the Minecraft skyblock game mode. It pioneered the now hugely popular game mode many years ago and has ever since been seen as the one-stop-shop for a no-nonsense skyblock experience.

The server advertises itself as the “way skyblock was meant to be played.” Keeping in mind they are the actual creators of the game mode itself, it's hard to argue against their logic.

The server is an amicable experience for beginners due to its spotless reputation and helpful community that will jump through almost any hurdle to assist those in need with server-related queries.

Note: This article reflects the author's opinion, and what may seem the best to one may not be so to someone else.

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