How To Make A Spiral Staircase In Minecraft Spiral Staircase Guide

I decided to go a bit crazy for a Minecraft Survival Mode build, and have started up a 63×63 circle… but I can't get the stairs to look right. I'd love it if I could make this staircase look big and grand, as I'm trying to go for a quarter-circle design for each staircase between floors, but I haven't been playing enough Minecraft to understand circles and spirals, and I can't find spiral generators online. I've taken a couple screenshots (I'm playing on console so they are, sadly, using my phone) which I can link on request, since it says in the red box I can't post links along with text.

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Only use slabs. No stairs.

Build the inner radius of the stair case as steep as it can be. Then build outwards, making sure each step is approximately the same size. The steps will get larger as you approach the outer radius, and make sure they all point towards the centre of the spiral.

Do you have a circle generator? One thing that might help would be to create a series of concentric circles radiating out from the center and using that as a guide to placing the stair blocks or slabs.

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Thanks! I'd used a circle generator for the 63×63 circle, and made a 55×55 circle for the inner circle; it's made the staircase look really good, actually.

Along with considering the diameter, knowing the vertical distance between the floors is also important. If you use slabs, the number of steps between the landings will be 2n-1, which need to be divided up evenly. So if floor 1 is at Y=70 and floor 2 is at Y=78, you'll have 15 steps that need to be divided up evenly along the curve sweep. If you have connecting landings at both floors, this might affect the size of the stairs between slightly.

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The screenshots could help. Note that while you can't make a post both a text (self) post and a link post, you can still include links in the body of a text post. Knowing a bit more about the building area might lead to some additional advice. A while back I did watch a tutorial video about a similar situation — I've been trying to find it but no luck so far. One thing I do recall that might be useful is that rather than just trying to build the staircase upward, it can help a lot to build a template 1 block high along the ground out of alternating block types for each stair then build upward from that to form the stairs.

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