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Minecraft PVE servers (also known as Player vs Environment servers) typically have PVP combat disabled and instead encourage players to survive in the wilderness by gathering their own resources and fighting against the dangers of the environment.

Many PVE servers offer custom content that isn't seen in regular Minecraft survival. This can range from hazardous new mobs to dangerous new weather events such as firestorms, earthquakes, and even floods.

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When playing on PVE Minecraft servers, it's the job of players to do their best to not only survive but thrive off the natural resources of the environment.

Below are some of the best PVE Minecraft servers that can be found, all of which are ready to be played right away.

Most interesting PVE Minecraft Servers

1) MC Prison

IP Address: wtbblue.com

MC Prison is one of the best PVE prison experiences to be had in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)

Fans of Minecraft prison servers might have come across MC Prison in the past, which is currently one of the most popular prison servers to exist in Minecraft.

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On this server, players find themselves serving time inside a maximum security prison, where it's their job to gather resources inside the prison, build weapons, and earn money through working in the various prison mines.

2) Mining Dead

IP Address: wtbblue.com

Based on the hit Walking Dead TV series, players on the Mining Dead Minecraft server find themselves trapped inside a post-apocalyptic wasteland infested with zombies.

Players must do their best to form teams in order to collect enough resources to build shelter, weapons, and cook food if they want even a slight hope at survival on this Minecraft PVE server.

3) MineRaze

IP Address: wtbblue.com

Mineraze feels like a fully fledged game with it

Describing itself as a “high quality survival experience,” MineRaze has a wide assortment of features for players to enjoy. These include things such as jobs, quests, towns, and even custom 3D pets.

What makes MineRaze one of the best PVE Minecraft servers, however, is the fact that its dynamic landscape is packed full of player operated cities and townships. It's hard to find a survival server that feels more vibrant and alive than MineRaze.

4) PokeSaga

IP Address: wtbblue.com

Fans of the Pokémon franchise will love PokeSaga (Image via Mojang)

Games like Pokemon Go are perhaps examples of some of the best PVE games ever made, with a rich lore and an interactive environment.

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PokeSaga imports the fun PVE elements of Pokemon directly into Minecraft thanks to the Pixelmon mod. On PokeSaga, players can interact with all of their favorite pokemon, battling and collecting them.

5) Hypixel Skyblock

IP Address: wtbblue.com

Hypixel is the most popular and well-known server in all of Minecraft, clocking in over 100,000 concurrent players at peak hours of the day.

Much of Hypixel's recent success can be put down to their new Skyblock gamemode, which is heavily PVE focused. It's one of the most ambitious takes on the classic skyblock genre and has proven to be an absolute hit among fans.

Players first spawn on a small floating island home, which is their job to level up, develop, and generally take care of. What makes the game so great is that there's multiple ways for it to be played, with several different dimensions including an in-depth player operated economy.

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