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The trident in Minecraft is one of the strongest weapons that players can find in the game. It is a weapon that can not only be used for close range combat but it can also be used for long range as well.

Players can only get the trident in one way. These weapons are so rare that they cannot be found as loot around the Minecraft world, nor can they be crafted. Tridents can only be found within a group of drowned.

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The group of drowned are mobs that are created when a zombie drowns underwater in the game. Players can find a group of drowned in the bottom of oceans or rivers. It is not guaranteed that a trident will be in every group, however it is likely that players will find one.

In addition to how strong the trident already is, enchantments can be placed on the weapon to make them even more powerful. There are seven enchantments that can be placed on the trident.

Some of these enchantments are better than the others & some are useless in general. In this article, players will see all seven of the Minecraft trident enchantments ranked from the greatest to the worst!

Minecraft Trident enchantments ranked best to worst

1) Loyalty

Loyalty three enchantment (Image via Minecraft)

Loyalty is an enchantment that adds a boomerang effect to the player's trident. This enchantment allows the player's trident to return to the owner when it is thrown into the air.

Instead of players having to go retrieve the trident after it is thrown, it will come right back to the player. The max level of enchantment for loyalty is level three.

2) Riptide

What does the Riptide enchantment do in Minecraft? (Image via RajCraft on Youtube)

The Riptide enchantment is definitely high on the list when ranking Trident enchantments in Minecraft. This enchantment will propel the player forward when the trident is thrown in the rain or water.

This enchantment can allow players to travel from place to place a little faster by riding on the trident. Riptide will aid players in reaching higher heights in the world & reaching specific areas faster.

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The max level of enchantment for Riptide is level three. The higher the levels of enchantment, the higher and further players will be able to go with the trident.

3) Mending

Mending enchanted book (Image via Minecraft)

Mending is among the best enchantments in the game in general. This enchantment can be placed on several different items in the game. Despite how great the enchantment is, Mending is a very rare enchantment.

What Mending does is it takes the XP that players earn from completing tasks around the world of Minecraft and uses it to repair the durability of the player's trident.

Mending can never be found on the enchanting table and can only be found as an enchanted book. It can be equipped on the trident by using an anvil. The max level of enchantment for Mending is level one.

4) Impaling

Impaling enchanted book (Image via Reddit)

What Impaling does is increase the amount of damage that players deal to aquatic mobs in Minecraft. For example, striking a fish or a squid with a trident enchanted with Impaling will deal 2.5 more damage on each hit.

The max level of enchantment for Impaling is level five. 2.5 more damage is added to the trident per level, for a total of 12.5 damage if max level.

5) Channeling

Channeling enchantment (Image via Minecraft)

What the Channeling enchantment does is summon a lightning bolt at the targeted mob when the trident is thrown at them. The catch is that the mob must be standing in a thunderstorm in order for the bolt to be summoned.

If the mob is standing in the water, this enchantment will not work. This enchantment has different effects on certain mobs in Minecraft. For example, if the bolt hits a creeper it will be turned into a charged creeper.

If a villager is struck with a bolt, it will be turned into a witch. Pigs will also be turned into zombified pigmen if struck. The max level of enchantment for Channeling is level one.

6) Unbreaking

Unbreaking I on an enchanting table (Image via Minecraft)

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Unbreaking is a great enchantment for everything in the game. Like Mending, this enchantment can be placed on multiple items.

What Unbreaking does is it increases the total durability of the enchanted Minecraft item. Players will be able to use the trident for much longer without it breaking as easily.

The max level of enchantment for Unbreaking is level three.

7) Curse of Vanishing

Curse of Vanishinig enchanted book (Image via Minecraft)

Curse of Vanishing is by far, if not the worst, one of the worst enchantments in Minecraft. This enchantment will force the player's trident to vanish if the player dies in the game.

If an accident happens, and players die somewhere that their items are easy to retrieve, their trident will not be retrievable. The item will disappear as soon as the player dies.

This enchantment is not available on the enchanting table, and it can only be placed on items using an anvil. The max level of enchantment for Curse of Vanishing is level one.

Note: Views expressed are the writer's own.

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