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Minecraft, more often than not, features quite an enchanting world, filled with wonderous things to discover and provides the ability to craft anything the mind can conjure. However, there are times when the truly harrowing parts of Survival pop up, and the player struggles to stay alive in Minecraft and rely on some rather horrifying tactics.

Even though the Minecraft experience is centred around creative aspects like crafting, among other things, the survival aspect is always there.

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One of the most truly disgusting things you can do in Minecraft is to consume Rotten Flesh in order to increase health. However, the chances are high that the player will inflict Hunger damage.

Uses of Rotten Flesh in Minecraft

Rotten Flesh can be obtained from drowned, husks, zombies, zombie horses and zombie villagers. Each of them drop 0 to 2 units of rotten Flesh.

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Once obtained, Rotten Flesh can be used for a couple of things, including food.


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Players can eat Rotten Flesh in order to restore some hunger, on the off-chance of incurring it for 30 seconds.

According to Minecraft Wiki:

Eating rotten Flesh restores 4 hunger and 0.8 hunger saturation, but has an 80% chance of inflicting Hunger for 30 seconds. Note that the duration does not accumulate when eating multiple pieces. Therefore, with multiple eats of rotten Flesh, a player may be able to “outpace” the Hunger effect likely to be inflicted.

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A more productive use of the Rotten Flesh is to use the same for breeding and healing tamed Wolves that are found in the game world. Wolves are immune to the Hunger effect.


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Rotten Flesh can also be used for trading with Novice level cleric villagers. In exchange for 32 Rotten Flesh, they offer one emerald in return.

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