Infinity Or Respiration Iii? : Minecraft What Does Respiration Do

Respiration is a helmet-only enchantment that lets you breathe longer underwater before transitioning into the drowning phase, allowing you to resist damage from drowning for a greater period.

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Maximum level III
Primary items Helmet and Turtle Shell
Secondary items None
Enchantment weight 2

What is the respiration enchantment used for in Minecraft?

It increases your breathing when you”re underwater, so it increases your breathing by 15 seconds by each level of enchantment. The maximum level of enchantment is 3. With a level 3 respiration enchanted helmet, you get 45 extra seconds of breathing underwater.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that respiration also reduces your drowning a bit. So usually when you drown you take 2 damage but with respiration on your helmet you only take 1 damage. This difference itself is sufficient to provide you with extra few seconds making the helmet worthwhile.

How to Get the Respiration Enchantment

You can add the Respiration enchantment to any helmet or leather cap using an enchanting table, anvil, or game command. The process below shows how you can add respiration using an enchantment table.

1) Open up your enchanting screen by right-clicking the enchantment table:


The enchanting screen will show the above menu with options to place items, and 3 buttons.

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2) Select a helmet or turtle shell to be enchanted

3) Power the enchantment table with lapis lazuli:


Upon placing the item, three randomized options appear on the right of the GUI. The glyphs here do not affect the enchantment, but hovering over a presented enchantment shows one enchantment to be applied.

4) Choose the Respiration option:


The only choices available have a level requirement equal to or below the player”s current level and a lapis lazuli requirement equal to or below the number of lapis lazuli placed in the table. Each option imbues the item with a randomized set of enchantments that are dependent on the number of experience levels required. Once you like a specific type of enchantment, simply clicking it will cause your tool’s appearance to change symbolizing the imbued attachment.

How to craft the turtle shell in Minecraft using Respiration

If a player is wearing a turtle shell in their helmet slot while out of water, they receive the Water Breathing status effect for 10 seconds. Combined with the Respiration enchantment, this time can be increased to 70 seconds. To apply respiration to the turtle shell, simply replace the item slot in the enchantment table with the turtle shell.


Which is better Aqua affinity or respiration?

Respiration Aqua Affinity
It helps increase breathing time underwater It helps increase mining speed underwater
It has a maximum power level of 3 It has a maximum power level of 1
The weight of the enchantment is 2 The weight of the enchantment is 2
It helps decrease drowning damage It does not help with drowning damage

Considering the differences above, each enchantment has its own benefit and specific use case. However, to attain the maximum result combining these both enchantments can be helpful. Players can experience a lot of time underwater and mine at a greater rate simultaneously. To do just about anything underwater, having both these enchantments on the helmets helps a lot.

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How good is respiration 3?

With a level 3 respiration enchanted helmet, you get 45 extra seconds of breathing underwater.

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