Ocelot In Minecraft Where Do Ocelots Spawn, Ocelot In Minecraft

Do they only spawn once with chunk generation as the cows and classic passive mobs do? Do they spawn during the day like past passive mob mechanics?

They despawn if I take them away from the Jungle biome. So that leads me to believe there could be more to their spawning behavior.

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Jungle biomes themselves have been pretty hard for me to find in 1.7+ My friends and I were fortunate enough to find one this time, but I'm pretty sure I despawned the only two ocelots in our jungle when I left them on leads at my base, oops. (While I went to go get the fish to tame them)

I checked the Ocelot entry on the minecraft wiki. It was not a satisfactory answer, and you could probably make an argument that it's dated.

I'm hoping that having a somewhat unique despawn mechanic would logically lend to have a somewhat unique spawn mechanic.

It's not often I can't get my answer directly from the wiki…

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6 years ago
I tamed ocelots in 1.7.9 and they still despawned when I took them out of the Jungle. I think something's wrong with the code, but I haven't been able to find more ocelots to confirm this as a bug and submit it to the bug tracker.

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Is anyone else able to confirm?

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6 years ago

Yes, there is a lot of the ocelot code that makes up the cats code, and some of it gets mixed up. For example, in the snapshot they fixed a bug where a tamed cat would run away from you, like an untamed one. However, I noticed when taming cats that one of the three I tamed disappeared, and they still creep towards me when I hold a fish in my hand, which is not intended.

Also, their spawning is also bugged, making them very rare.

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6 years ago
Silly /u/ExpatTeacher, Ocelots don't spawn in 1.7.9. They were removed with Herobrine.

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