The Complete Guide To Minecraft Why Use Gold Tools Enchanting

What”s the point of gold tools? They only take a few hits then break and they really cant mine iron that good and diamond takes forever to mine with it.

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there is no point. gold is quite soft in real life. At this point gold is really just for watches and for decoration.



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I heard it breaks the rocks/dirt/whatever away faster, however, it”s so inneficient that you should just keep it until it actually has a use.
griefing.they work the fastest, thus better to minimize the risk of being detected.usually you don”t need to outright destroy a bunch of blocks to grief, just get inside so you can better plant TNT + lava + whatever. thus, might as well use gold tools as they”re the fastest and durability isn”t a concern, just getting the job done without getting caught
from a PvP standpoint, you can use golden shovels if you get caught in a drowning trap, as they will break sand faster than diamond shovels, or you can do the same if you fail at making your own trap or if somebody just downright hates youand golden swords dont do more damage
its because the real thrill of minecraft is the first night. its like dating. nobody likes the relationship 2 years in.

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The main advantages of gold tools (especially swords and pickaxes) is their extreme level of enchantability. with this in mind and a sh8tload of ingorts behind you, you can have an unbreaking 3 golden pick that will almost quadruple it”s longevity and makes it more worth. the other reason for having a gold tool is for the rare enchantments such as silk touch and fortune (if you are a quarts/coal/lapis fan) and on sword, it can gives you fire aspect 2 which if played with well, you could torch up enemies (and players in pvp) and then switch to a diamond sword. looting golden sword is also worth the try as it will mostly be usefull (and i mean alot!) for wither head collection. finally, even if the golden armor is weak and absorb a few ammount of damage, by enchanting it on specific protection (projectile, fire, blast) you can help yourself really easily with many hazards other than zombies and spider jumpings. if one is to have a huge supply of gold laying around and experience for it, it could be totally worth the shot. in short, gold and diamond are the complete opposite, taking both the advantages and disadvantages that one doesnt have such as low enchantability, hardness, fast mining speed and mining everything for diamond and extreme enchantability, weak, extremely fast mining speed and mining only tier one ores (quartz, coal, lapis). finally, who wouldn”t want to shine in a gold armor? i mean comon! the guy who gonna laught about your gold set will die but isn”t going to stain your gold anywhere soon (since, you know, gold doesn”t rust)tl;dr: enchant+++, pvp, wither head, specific protection, look

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