Minecraft Wii U Tutorial – Minecraft: Wii U Edition Footage

It took its sweet time appearing on the console, but Mojang”s Minecraft is finally available for the Wii U, allowing millions of gamers the opportunity to build worlds and weapons while holding off Creepers.

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Many fans are familiar with Minecraft, but if you are new to the game, we have some general tips to get started with.

A Rundown of the Modes

When beginning Minecraft, you have different options available.

Creative: This is probably the best starting mode for newcomers, since it lets you build your own world from the ground up with unlimited resources. You can also move about the world as you wish, so if you want to create something in another area, you can do it.

Survival: Once you become accustomed to Minecraft”s building system, this is likely the next mode to go into. In it your resources are limited and you”ll deal with enemies (like Creepers). Also, keep in mind that if you do die, you can go to where you were killed and pick up a good amount of resources left behind.

Hardcore: Don”t go into this mode until you”re absolutely sure you nailed down the Minecraft basics. You”ll deal with much tougher enemies in this mode, and once you”re killed, the map deletes and you”ll have to start over from scratch. Save this mode until you”re ready.

Collecting Resources

When it comes to gathering resources in Minecraft, you”ll be able to mine materials based on whatever your character is looking at. For instance, chopping down trees will give you access to wood, and so on. You”ll be able to store these materials for later use, like when it comes to building items in the world, or putting together weapons and other tools that you”ll use throughout your adventure.

When building weapons, find something that suits your attack style. Those who prefer shooting from a distance may want to create a bow and some arrows, while others will feel right at home carrying a sword or another melee-based weapon to fend off Creepers.

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As far as building items goes, the Wii U GamePad doesn”t have any sort of secondary resource screen – so you”ll have to do things the old fashioned way, bringing up the ingredient screen and putting items as indicated in the pattern. These vary by item, like with wood sticks forming the handle of the weapon, the stone making up the main portion of it, and other tools that you may resource, like iron, gold and diamond (later on) that will make it stronger. Forging these weapons is rather easy to figure out, so experiment and see what you can put together.

Building Your Own Place

Putting together a building is much more time-consuming than making a weapon due to their massive size. However, keep in mind you”ll want to include the little things as well.

For instance, fences can be good when it comes to keeping a yard maintained, not only from stray animals, but also from some enemies that can”t break through it so easily. Don”t forget the gate as well – you don”t want to struggle getting in and out of your own yard.

Of course, don”t forget the door, either. This will enable you to get inside of your structure while keeping others out. It”s simply a matter of setting up six planks – two columns of three each – and you”ll be set.

Finally, if you want to get fancy with your building, you can use other items like glass. This will allow you to look outside, but be careful. It”s fragile, and once it”s broken, you”ll need to put it together again with new resources to rebuild it – you can”t pick up glass and reforge it.

Building a small structure is vital, especially in Survival, because you”ll only have about 10 minutes before Creepers or other foes (like zombies and spiders) come out at night and attack. Start small, and when you have more time (or if you”re in another one of the modes), go ahead and think larger, putting a more elaborate structure to good use. Remember, the resources in Minecraft are only limited by your imagination – or enemies that might come your way.

Finally, don”t forget to farm. This will help grow food that you can consume to maintain health. Thankfully our guide to farming in Minecraft will have you growing pumpkins and wheat in no time.

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If you”re feeling murderous, you can also make do with any chickens, pigs or cows that show up. Just keep in mind, though, that they”ll need to be cooked in order to get the most out of them. No one likes raw meat, after all.

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