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why am I wearing election hey guys what's up ldshadowlady hey welcome to ldshadowlady makeover show today we'll be transforming this basic Minecraft which hurt first of vanilla transformation and then a full modded makeover so today I'm going to give this witch the home makeover of her dreams just look how basic this Hut is for a start you can't even access the hut without jumping up and inside it's really basic there's only a crafting table and empty cauldron and an empty flowerpot that's just sad so the first thing I'm going to do is head to Pinterest for some build inspiration and there are lots of cool pictures on here there are already giving me so many ideas to improve this ugly witch hurt so let's get building so the first thing I did was increase the size of the hood because the vanilla which hurt is just way too small and I started to work on the roof I don't know what kind of heaven put a flat roof on this which hurt but every which what I have ever seen has a very pointed roof it took me an annoyingly long time to get this right and in the end it still looked wonky but then I thought actually that's kind of perfect for the witchy vibes were going for then I added a few more features to the build so we've got this nice balcony here so that our witch can look out onto the swamp and I added a dormer window to the roof then I added this huge chimney to the back of the build so then we could put a fireplace inside so here we are with the shell of the build all I need to do now is finish decorating so first of all we need a staircase to get up into the hood and I thought an old rickety and broken staircase would be perfect for this so honestly it's kind of a challenge to even get into the witch hurt but witches don't really like intruders so isn't that kind of the point now I really wanted to put in a circle window because all the pictures I saw had circle windows but this is minecraft so that is the best I can do now I think the exterior of this house is perfect we just need to now decorate the inside now before remember she only had an empty cauldron a crafting table and an empty flowerpot and I want to make sure that she has everything from before and BA so I'm gonna make sure that I give her back her precious items now let's get this fireplace working in here we just have to be careful that it doesn't burn down this entire wood nut because that would not be good let's see if Oh oh wow let's try that again okay so this fire looks safe so let's put a mantelpiece up there and we have a very grand fire now so what else does a witch need in her cabin well she's gonna need a bed I'm not really sure why there isn't one anyway but now she has a lovely purple bed let's also put a nice bookshelf in here for our witch to read oh geez let's just pretend that didn't happen and I think a which would keep skulls around her cabin and instead of flowers in these parts I'm gonna put mushrooms because she's just quirky like that now one final thing I think she would have in here is a chest and in this chest I think there should be lots of potions for looting some glowstone and some fermented spiders eyes so let me know in the comments what you think of my new and improved vanilla which hurt and now I will build a modded witch hurt oh my goodness stop stop stop get out of the fire why would you do that you crazy woman oh my gosh she's crazy I'm scared I'm getting out here so I'm starting from the same basic Hut as before but I'm gonna try and do something a little bit different so once again I am increasing the size of the witch hurt and I'm keeping a very similar rickety witch hook vibe however this time I am using some brownish shingles for the roof and instead of a fireplace on the back this time we're going to have a tower so here is my completed shell of the build looking very Brown at the moment I think the first thing that I'm gonna do is replace some of these stone bricks with cracked and mossy stone bricks there we go we should probably sort out the windows next now instead of using boring vanilla windows I have many more options and all of the which Hut's I saw had these crisscross windows so let's add a bunch of these they look so cool so I'm just gonna place them kind of randomly around I think these windows already makes such a difference to the way that this place looks let's see what it looks like at night time oh oh very spooky perfect but there is some more detail that I want to add to the outside so let's add a couple of lanterns hanging from the eaves of the roof next I want to add a skull of an animal right here but I tried adding this and it's kind of wonky so what I'm gonna do is build something really similar except out of the chisel and bits mud so let's just pop that there for reference and I will start building okay this is horrifying but let's just give it some atlas I can't believe I've built this that is horrible look next let's add some vines and flowers so that this place looks kind of overgrown by Nature so I'm gonna just add a variety of vines and then see what it looks like when they're grown we are in a swamp after all I hope this isn't excessive let's speed up time and find out oh oh dear that's a lot of vines oh no they're spreading like crazy oh my gosh she went crazy on this side too well I guess witches have just got better things to do than landscaping I think she would have a scarecrow out here to scare people away and of course some pumpkins of all shapes and sizes I think she would also have some windchimes out here and let's give her a little dirt path up to her door no I think witches need to do a lot of growing of herbs and various plants for their potions so let's get rid of the vines over here and instead give her a little window box so I'm gonna build it kind of vanilla ray but then to add in the flowers I'm gonna do that with chisel and bits so I'm just crafting some different types of flowers and then I'm placing them down in the flower beds and I'm hoping it looks good I think that looks pretty cool and now we can start putting these in front of every window even the floating windows magnificent that's perfect now over here I also want to build a small farm but not any kind of farm no this is a witch farm so in biomes are plenty there are some different kind of plants and I think witches would definitely try and grow deaf blooms-end or Lotus maybe some of these eye bulbs because they'd need them for their potions and I'm gonna start planting rows of the various creepy crops oh my gosh those are horrible but perfect for this situation so let's plant a row of golden rods as well from these rafflesia x' death blooms and finally some end loaders which have to be planted on these special end stone blocks Tara most disgusting farm in the world now let's fence it in so that she can protect her crops now if I was a witch I would probably have a lot more fairy lights than this now there are all kinds of spooky ones available but honestly they might be a little bit too tacky but who cares cuz they're adorable so I'm gonna get the little black witch hats the white skulls some black spiders white ghosts and some orange pumpkins these are either gonna be adorable or hideous oh my gosh they're adorable I love them so that is the outside of my modded witch hood complete now I just need to do the inside currently it looks like this a little bit plain all we've got is our crafting table empty cauldron and an empty flower pot once again I'm gonna make sure that she still has all these items and more by the time I'm finished so first of all she definitely needs a furnace because where else is she gonna cook all of the children then second most importantly we need a staircase to get up to this upper floor and there we go one stone staircase up to the second floor now back to cooking those children I think here we actually do need a fireplace this time instead of an actual fire I can just use a mod to make this smoke and it looks so cool so now we have an extra smoky fire that actually puffs smoke out the top here okay now we already have this cauldron but let's add one of these brewing cauldrons by the fire and maybe an ice shelf up here to put some potions on and because of the placeable items mod I can actually place real potions and we can also get some of these decorative potions from other mods now so of these ugly torches to light this place up I think we should find a unique way yes candles galore so let's put a few down here since we actually only technically need a few candles to light this place up I also made some of these fake candles now let's put a flower in the flowerpot or actually let's put a dead bush in there spooky you also have these potion shelves which I think would be perfect for this build they're actually so adorable I can't stand it and I'm also gonna put in a lectern over here and then we can hang some of these potion bottles from the ceiling what else can we have that hangs from the ceiling hanging plants hanging pheasants hanging ghosts I guess we could put some hanging pheasants Oh oh my gosh it's all kinds of cute animals there are some hanging rabbits it's so sad but it's so perfect for this which hurt dang it let's also get some hanging fish I guess and what's this a hanging ghost I mean as a witch would you really have a huge hanging ghost in your house Who am I kidding yes I would this place looks amazing why am I wearing election oh my gosh as I was saying this place looks amazing this floor looks far too perfect let's put some little holes and divots in the floor there and maybe a few cobwebs as well just in the corners where she's forgotten to do the dusting oh my gosh this baking table is perfect for the middle of this room I think the downstairs is complete now all we have to do is decorate the upstairs they'll appear I'm gonna go for kind of a different vibe but still lots of candles because she is a witch after all I'm not really sure what kind of a bed a witch would have oh probably this black four-poster bed that is very witch like and I think we need some more shelves in here and on those shelves we will have some terrariums so we'll get the Ender one the death bloom one maybe a dead terrarium wasteland anything that sounds deadly to be honest oh and let's put one of these weird candle things down every good which has a spinning wheel in her room and let's get this writing desk over here I could put an enchanted book on there there whoa that is a thick book okay there's one final thing I need to add up here and that is an armor stand with a witch hat tada so the last thing to do is to spawn the witch in here and see how she likes it I'll spawn her here and if she walks into the house she likes it if she walks out she hates it oh my gosh please walk inside the house she's not moving what does that mean we'll deal like it lady she's toying with me go on get in the house you know you want to know okay well the witch might not have liked her home makeover but let me know by voting in the poll whether you liked it and let me know in the comments of what else you would like to see me give a makeover to don't forget to subscribe if you're new and I will see you next time [Music]

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