Minecraft Wizardry Mod Guide, The Beginning Life Of A Wizard

Wizardry is super disappointing to me because it's just not as enjoyable as Ars Magica 2. For starters, I really don't like building the multiblock structures in Wizardry, and the guide thing does almost nothing to help because it's hard to tell with some blocks if you filled them in or if you're just looking at the hologram. Meanwhile, AM2's multiblock structure is much easier to assemble because the Arcane Compendium lets you look at a layer-by-layer diagram of the structure. Plus, you can customize the materials you use to build the structure, whereas you HAVE to use quartz and wisdom wood in Wizardry.

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My second complaint is how spells are created. Wizardry somehow manages to simultaneously complicate spell creation while also giving you less options to create spells. Trying to make good nacre pearls is incredibly frustrating, and when you actually manage to get a good one, the spell components you can put into it is extremely limiting. Plus, you have to keep the spell codex on hand to have a list for spell ingredients In AM2, you just need the ingredients of the spell, a book, and the scribe desk. The spell altar would give the list of ingredients for you, and you could do all kinds of amazing stuff with AM2's spell building: grappling hook spells, cast-and-forget magic parachutes, mining lasers, clouds of burning fog, making meteors rain down from the sky, you name it. There was almost TOO much you could do with AM2 spells. Plus, in AM2, you could name the spell before you made it! In Wizardry, it just autonames the spell with the components.

My third point of comparison is how spells are cast. When you make a spell in Wizardry, you have to bind it to a wand. (And you could only bind 1 spell to 1 wand) Then, you need to have really stupid-looking halos equipped to generate mana, but the mana generates too dang slow. In AM2, you could just cast your spells from hotbar, or even put a bunch of them into a single spellbook and swap them around as needed. You could even get a spellbook that made the spells you put in it MORE powerful!

While the idea of the capes giving you bigger mana discounts the longer you wear them is novel, it just does not make up for all the other spellcasting gear's failures.

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Finally, Wizardry is almost nothing outside of the spell system. There's only like two mobs added, and if I remember correctly, one isn't even fully implemented.

AM2 has loads of other features: 10 bosses, teleportation portals, anti-magic devices, machines that can repair items or take them apart for their components, even a magic-powered furnace.

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In my opinion, 1.12.2 has been kind of disappointing for magic mods. Thaumcraft 6 is fine, but it's a little unstable from my experience. Botania's…well, Botania, it's not really a magic mod. Electrobob's Wizardry can be fun, but it lacks the freedom of AM2. Blood Magic got really weird with the Demonic Will stuff, Psi just makes my brain hurt, and while Roots and Totemic are really interesting in concept, they just don't measure up to how amazing AM2 was.

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