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A comprehensive FAQ/strategy walkthrough on how to play Minecraft.

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Hello fellow Minecrafters!This guide plans to answer all of your Minecraft wants and needs. Any questionsyou may have about the game are sure to be answered. This guide will be just ashelpful for the first time newbies as it will for any Mincrafter. Everythingyou could possibly need to know about the game will be answered here. I willcontinue to alter the information presented to you as and when the versionupdates are released.

For easy navigation through my guide I have included numbers next to everysignificant piece of information, to jump directly to the page you want pressCtrl + F and type the 4 digit number into the box. So, for example, if you wantthe introduction page: Press Ctrl + F, then Type <0100>.

Version Notes



A – Jump / Pick up or place (inventory)B – Drop itemX – Open Crafting MenuY – Open inventoryLB – Scroll Hotbar / Menu (Crafting) LeftRB – Scroll Hotbar / Menu (Crafting) RightLT – Use / Place BlockRT – Destroy Block (Hold)L3 – Switch Camera AngleR3 – SneakUp – N/ADown – N/ARight – N/ALeft – N/ABack – View LobbyStart – View MenuLeft Analogue – MoveRight Analogue – Look How to survive your first night in Minecraft

When you first start off in a fresh new world, surviving the fist night /couple of days should follow a very similar path. i”m going to try to lay itout the safest and hopefully most efficient way to help you get an establishedcamp.

First of all, you have a good amount of time until nightfall when you firststart off, so what I recommend is to take a quick survey of the area thatyou”ve spawned in. The day / night cycle is roughly 20 minutes long from one toanother, so keep that in mind so you don”t venture too far off. The key thingsyou should be scouting for are resources (wood, coal, ores to mine later,etc..), food, and a place to set up a temporary base. The idea here is to getyourself set up as close as possible to your initial spawn, in case somethinggoes wrong and you dies.

After you have gotten familiar with your immediate surroundings, you shouldstart harvesting wood. Wood will be your most valuable resource for a while, soi suggest harvesting at least 12-14 blocks to start with. This will give youenough wood to last for a bit as long as you don”t waste it. From here, I wouldcraft 4 blocks of wood into planks, and from those planks make a craftingtable. Set the crafting table down and use it to turn a few more of thoseplanks into sticks. Then use the new material to make 1 wooden pickaxe. Don”tworry about making other wooden tools for right now, as that will only wasteresources. While your crafting table is still down, I would make 1 wooden door.if you don”t have enough planks, make another set of planks out of the rawwood. i”ll explain the advantage of your new door later, but for now break yourcrafting table and collect it.

By now at least 10 minutes may have gone by, so you should start thinking aboutsetting up camp for the night. in your scouting if you noticed any surfacecoal, now would be the time to harvest a few blocks with your new pickaxe. ifyou weren”t lucky enough to find coal, don”t worry we”ll deal with that in abit. if you see a few pigs running around kill 1-2 to get some food in case youget hurt. Same as the coal, if you don”t see any, don”t go hunting.

For actually setting up your camp, it helps to use the natural layout of yoursurroundings to your advantage. if you spawned in or near a hilly area, use theside of one of the hills as your base. This will let you only have to worryabout 1-2 walls to seal you up for the night. Basically what you want to do fora room in a hill is to bore a room that is 4 blocks long, 3 blocks wide and 3block tall. After you have that dug out, go inside and seal up the entranceleaving a 1 block wide, 2 blocks tall hole on the wall. This is where you wantto place your door you made earlier. The advantages of a door here is the factthat monsters cannot enter if the door is shut, you can see through the openingin the door to see if it is day or night, also you do not have to break anyblocks to enter / exit your camp.

if you spawned in a relatively flat area, a shelter can be a little trickier.You should start collecting dirt from around your location. You will need atleast 22 blocks of dirt before we move on to sealing you up. After you havecollected your dirt, find a patch that you want to set up camp and dig a holethat is 1 block deep, 3 blocks wide and 3 blocks long. From there dig out 2more blocks in the middle of one of the sides. (This will be your front.) Build3 walls on the sides that you did not dig your 1 by 2 trench on. Your wallsshould be 2 blocks tall and 3 blocks wide. On the side you dug your trench,place 2 block tall on both sides of your trench and then 1 block at the top inthe middle. You should be left with a 1 block wide, 2 block tall opening intoyour trench. Place your door here. Now you need to seal your ceiling. Use theblocks you gained from digging your main hole to make a ceiling across the toplayer of your wall (Note: You will have to place one on top of one of yourwalls to allow the ceiling to connect, then break it). You should now be in asmall, but effective room.

g = ground, X = hole, w = wall, 0 = door, c = ceiling

Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3 Layer 4

ggggg www www wgXXXggg w w w w cccgXXX0Xg w 0 w w cccgXXXggg w w w w cccggggg www www

Once you are sealed in your shelter, you can mine from here into whatever yoursafe surface is. if you”re in a hill, that would be towards the hill. if you”rein the ground, that would be down. Never mine straight down! You should minethe block in front of your feet and not the block you are on. Also you shouldnever mine directly up, you could find a dangerous thing that could fall on you(lava, water, sand, monster, etc.) Once you have found 8 cobblestone, return tothe heart of your shelter. Place your crafting table down and make a furnace.Place that down also. I like to keep them next to each other just forsimplicity, but wherever is convenient. if you did not harvest any surfacecoal, or find any in your mine, place on piece of raw wood in the top part ofyour furnace and whatever planks you have left into the bottom part. Once thatis done you will have a piece of charcoal. At your crafting table, turn anotherblock of wood into sticks. Make a set of torches out of the charcoal andsticks, also while you are here, make a stone pickaxe with the sticks you haveleft. This will be more durable than your wooden one, and also allow you toharvest iron ore, should you come across it. With your last stick I would makea stone sword just in case you do end up coming across an enemy. Place a fewtorches into your shelter to keep monsters from spawning there.

From here, you should have a functional safe spot. it won”t be pretty, but itwill get the job done for now. if you like the location, you can fortify itduring the day, expand it, do whatever you want, just make sure that bynightfall that it is sealed up properly. The advantages of having a safe housenear the initial spawn are: if you die before you make a bed, you dont have farto go for shelter, and new players to your world will have a safe spot neartheir initial spawn. My suggestion for expanding your safe house, should youchoose to keep the location, is to frame the outer walls of your new structurearound your existing structure. Building can take a lot of time and use a lotof resources that you may have to go back to a chest and recover. By doingthis, it lets you create a larger, more functional shelter with minimal risk,as you don”t have to keep breaking your original camp walls. Once your newouter walls and roof are built, then you can tear down the tempory building.

Well, that”s the basics on how to get a safe base and start your minecraftadventure. Play the game however you see fit, but with my tips you should beable to keep yourself out of harm”s way as much as possible. Once yourself anestablished camp, you can then get a little more adventurous with exploringyour new world.

Block Types and Uses



Natural Blocks <0601>

Name: BedrockLocation: Layers, 0-3 and on the outer sides of The Nether.Collection: Cannot be destroyed by anything.Uses: Provides an impenetrable barrier so players do not fall into

“The Void.”

Name: CactusLocation: Sand blocks that are not connected to waterCollection: Mined by anything, inflict half a heart of damage when touched

Uses: Simple traps

Name: Clay blockLocation: Found on the surface beside water sources. Usually surrounded bysand.Collection: Can be mined by anything. Once mined it will drop 4 balls of clay.Uses: Each ball of clay can be smelted into a brick, so each clay blockcan produce 4 bricks, 4 bricks can then be crafted into a brick


Name: Coal OreLocation: Any elevationCollection: Any pickaxe

Uses: Torches and fuel for the furnace.

Name: CobblestoneLocation: The outer walls of Dungeons.Collection: Can be mined by any pickaxe to provide a drop of Cobblestone. Also,it can be created when flowing lava hits water.Uses: One of the most common building blocks as of it”s an infinite


Name: Diamond OreLocation: Layers 0-19Collection: Mined by an iron pickaxe, or higher.

Uses: Diamond tools, armour, jukebox.

Name: DirtLocation: Can be found at any elevation, except in The Nether.Collection: Can be mined by absolutely anything, though a shovel will speedthings up dramatically.Uses: Dirt is mainly used for farmland or scaffolding, this is as it is

not effected by gravity and is very easy to destroy and move.

Name: GlowstoneLocation: Hanging from the roof of The Nether.Collection: Mined with any pickaxe to drop 2-5 pieces of Glowstone Dust.4 pieces of Glowstone Dust can be crafted back into Glowstone.

Uses: Glowstone is the strongest light source in the game.

Name: Gold OreLocation: Layers 0-35Collection: Mined by an iron pickaxe, or higher.

Uses: Powered rails, golden tools, etc..

Location: Found on the surface level anywhere in the world. in order for aDirt block to turn into a Grass block the dirt needs to be next toanother Grass block. Grass only spreads, it cannot be grown.Collection: Can be mined by absolutely anything, though a shovel will speedthings up dramatically. Once mined a grass block drops a block ofdirt.Uses: Passive mobs such as Cows, Pigs and Sheep spawn on Grass blocks.

Also they make a very good front lawn.

Name: GravelLocation: Found at any elevation, mainly near ocean, underwater. Also can befound in The Nether.Collection: Can be mined by absolutely anything, though a shovel will speedthings up dramatically. Occasionally, mining this block produces adrop of Flint instead of the usual Gravel.Uses: Used for decoration, or to obtain Flint. Also, this block is

effected by gravity.

Name: IceLocation: The top layer of water turns to ice in a snow biome.Collection: Cannot be collected, but can be destroyed by anything.

Uses: Frozen lakes. ice is also slippery.

Name: Iron OreLocation: Layers 0-67Collection: Mined by a stone pickaxe or higher

Uses: To get iron, for buckets, minecarts, better tools, etc..

Name: Lapis Lazuli OreLocation: Layers 0-32Collection: Mined by an iron pickaxe, or higher.

Uses: Dyes

Name: LavaLocation: Levels 0-12, or in the Oceans of The Nether.Collection: Can be picked up by a bucket, this will remove the source. Only asource block can be picked up, flowing lava cannot.Uses: Lava burns down and flammable object it comes in contact with,provides a light source and can be used in a furnace to smelt 100


Name: LeavesLocation: Trees.Collection: Cannot be mined. Though can be destroyed by anything. Oncedestroyed there is a 1 in 10 chance of dropping a sapling.

Uses: No uses.

Name: Monster SpawnerLocation: in the middle of Dungeons.Collection: Cannot be mined, only destroyed.Uses: Commonly used to farm resources, as placing a killing mechanisminside the room as any mob that spawns dies instantly, therefore

giving you plenty of their drops.

Name: Moss StoneLocation: Floors of DungeonsCollection: Mined by any pickaxe to produce a drop of Moss Stone.

Uses: A generally rare block. Can be used to created overgrown pathways.

Name: NetherrackLocation: The Nether.Collection: Can be mined with any pickaxe.Uses: Burns forever when lighted with Flint&Steel, so makes good lights

and fireplaces.

Name: ObsidianLocation: Occasional points underground where water meets a lava sources.Collection: Can only be mined with a Diamond pickaxe, and takes a while.Uses: Completely blast resistant, so no creeper or TNT can breach this.Can be used to protect stashes of your loot from greedy friends, or

a lock on top of a chest.

Name: PumpkinLocation: Can spawn on grass or snow blocksCollection: Can be mined by anything

Uses: Jack-O-Lantern, or can be worn as a helmet

Name: Redstone OreLocation: Layers 1-19Collection: Mined by an iron pickaxe, or higher.

Uses: Redstone wiring, dispensers, redstone torches, etc..

Name: SandLocation: Found around water sources, or in desert biomes.Collection: Can be mined by absolutely anything, though a shovel will speedthings up dramatically.Uses: Can be placed in a furnace with fuel to turn into Glass. Also, it

is effected by gravity.

Name: SandstoneLocation: Found at the bottom of stacks of sand.Collection: Can be mined using any type of pickaxe, any other object willresult in no drop.Uses: Can be used for decorative purposes, or 3 pieces of Sandstone can

be crafted into 6 Sandstone slabs.

Name: SmoothstoneLocation: The most abundant material in the game, if you cannot find it…Collection: Can only be mined by a pickaxe, this will provide a drop ofCobblestone.

Uses: Smooth walls/flooring.

Name: SnowLocation: Snow biomes, on top of any other solid blocks.Collection: Can be destroyed by anything, but when mined with a shovel itproduces 1 snowball.

Uses: 4 snowballs can be crafted into a Block of Snow.

Name: Soul SandLocation: The Nether.Collection: Can be mined by anything, but a shovel is faster.

Uses: Slows anything that walks on it down.

Name: WaterLocation: Any elevation in the world, most common in Ocean biomes.Collection: Can be picked up by a bucket, this will remove the source. Only asource block can be picked up, flowing water cannot.Uses: Water has an infinite amount of uses, from ferrying mobs around towatering your crops. Be inventive. it flows 8 blocks in a straight

line, including the source.

Name: WoodLocation: Trees. Most often found in forest biomes. in order to grow a tree,you must place a sapling in a dirt, (or grass), block. Then you caneither wait, or use bone meal on it for instant growth Trees can begrown anywhere where there is dirt and direct sunlight to thesapling. (Even in The Nether!)Collection: Can be mined by absolutely anything, though an axe will speedthings up dramatically.Uses: Can be used as a fuel, each log will fuel the furnace for 1.5

items. Also can be crafted into 4 wooden planks.

Man-made blocks <0602>

Name: BookshelfIngredients: 3x Book, 6x Wooden PlankCollection: Mined by anything

Uses: Decoration

Name: BrickIngredients: 4x Clay BrickCollection: Mined by pickaxe

Uses: Decoration

Name: Cobblestone slabIngredients: 3x CobblestoneCollection: Pickaxe

Uses: Staircases, roofing

Name: Crafting TableIngredients: 4x Wooden PlanksCollection: Mined by anything

Uses: Crafting..

Name: Diamond blockIngredients: 9x DiamondCollection: Mined by pickaxe

Uses: Compact storage of Diamond, or rare building material

Name: FarmlandIngredients: Dirt ploughed by a hoeCollection: Cannot be collected

Uses: growing Wheat from seeds

Name: FenceIngredients: 6x SticksCollection: Mined by anythingUses: Stops any mob from passing as it”s 1.5 blocks tall. Spiders can

still climb over.

Name: FurnaceIngredients: 8x CobblestoneCollection: Mined by anything

Uses: Smelts objects into other objects

Name: GlassIngredients: Sand placed in a furnaceCollection: Cannot be collectedUses: Windows, letting light into places or seeing out without letting

anything in.

Name: Gold BlockIngredients: 9x Gold ingotsCollection: Mined by pickaxe

Uses: Compact storage of Gold, or rare building material

Name: Iron BlockIngredients: 9x Iron ingotsCollection: Mined by pickaxe

Uses: Compact storage of iron, or rare building material

Name: Jack-O-LanternIngredients: 1x Pumpkin, 1x TorchCollection: Mined by anything

Uses: Lighting

Name: JukeboxIngredients: 8x Wooden Plank, 1x DiamondCollection: Mined by anything

Uses: Plays CD”s

Name: LadderIngredients: 7x SticksCollection: Mined by anything

Uses: Climbing to higher destinations straight up / down.

Name: PistonIngredients: 3x Wooden planks, 4x Cobblestone, 1x redstone, 1x iron ingotCollection: Mined by anything

Uses: Pushes blocks in any direction it faces.

Name: Sandstone SlabIngredients: 3x SandstoneCollection: Mined by pickaxe

Uses: Staircases

Name: Snow blockIngredients: 4x SnowballCollection: Mined by shovel

Uses: Big snowman?

Name: Sticky PistonIngredients: 1x Piston, 1x Slime BallCollection: Mined by anything

Uses: Pushes and pulls any blocks that are infront of the piston.

Name: Stone slabIngredients: 3x SmoothstoneCollection: Mined by pickaxe

Uses: Staircases

Name: Stone stairsIngredients: 6x CobblestoneCollection: Mined by pickaxe

Uses: Stairs…

Name: Wooden slabIngredients: 3x PlanksCollection: Mined by pickaxe

Uses: Staircases

Name: Wooden PlankIngredients: 1x Wooden LogCollection: Mined by anything, axe being faster

Uses: building material

Name: WoolIngredients: Sheep + Hard objectCollection: Just hit a sheep and it”ll drop wool. Placed wool can be mined byanything

Uses: Carpets, pixel art

Furnace Guide <0700> ——————————————— – Fuel – Efficiency – ——————————————— – Bookshelf – 0.5 – – Charcoal – 8 – – Coal – 8 – – Lava – 100 – – Wooden Block – 1.5 – – Sapling – 0.5 – ——————————————— – item in – item Out – ——————————————— – Cactus – Cactus Green – – Clay Ball – Brick – – Cobblestone – Smoothstone – – Gold Ore – Gold ingot – – Iron Ore – Iron ingot – – Sand – Glass – – Wooden log – Charcoal – ——————————————— Mob Factfile <0800>

TEMPLATEName: Spawn:


Passive mobs <0801>

Name: ChickenSpawn: Well-lit, grassy areas

Drops: Lays an egg every five minutes, or drops a feather when killed

Name: CowSpawn: Well-lit, grassy areas

Drops: Drops 0-2 leather pieces

Name: PigSpawn: Well-lit, grassy areas

Drops: Drops 0-2 raw pork chops

Name: SheepSpawn: Well-lit, grassy areas

Drops: Drops 1-3 blocks of the same coloured wool the sheep is when sheared.

Name: SquidSpawn: Water, any depth, any location

Drops: 0-2 ink sacs

Name: WolfSpawn: Well-lit, grassy areas

Drops: None

Aggressive mobs <0802>

Name: Charged Creeper (Notice by a prominent blue glow)Spawn: When lightning strikes within 3-4 squares of a normal creeper

Drops: 0-2 Gunpowder

Name: CreeperSpawn: Dark areas

Drops: 0-2 Gunpowder

Name: GhastSpawn: The Nether

Drops: No drops

Name: HerobrineSpawn: Behind you.

Drops: Kill him? Hah!

Name: SkeletonSpawn: Dark areas

Drops: 0-2 Arrows, 0-2 Bones

Name: SlimeSpawn: Any light level underground in large cavernous spaces

Drops: Each small slime drops 0-2 slimeballs

Name: SpiderSpawn: Dark Areas

Drops: 0-2 String

Name: ZombieSpawn: Dark areas

Drops: 0-1 feathers

Name: Zombie PigmanSpawn: The Nether

Drops: 0-2 Cooked Pork Chops

Mining Techniques <0900>

Spelunking <0901>

Spelunking is simply exploring caves and mining all the ores found there. Thisis by far the most easiest way of mining, but also the most dangerous. Cavesare dark and contain hostile mobs. The best way to tackle these caves is tofirst light up all the paths you can see, travel down these noting all the oresyou come across. After you”ve explored a bit, travel back and mine the ores youcame across. if you keep doing this, it should limit the amount of surpriseattacks from mobs when you have your back turned.if you come across a dead end when exploring these caves, don”t worry, most ofthe time if you mine into theses “dead ends” you will find they are not deadends and are in fact blockages in the cave tunnel.

When you explore caves it is almost certain that you will get lost if you donot have a system for finding your route back. This can be by placing torchesonly on the left hand side, so for going back you just follow them on theright. Or by placing block you wouldn”t normally find in a cave atintersections so you know where to turn. The best way to find you way backwould be to simply place signs saying which way the exit is. However signsrequire a lot of wood to make and take up a lot of inventory space, so it wouldbe best to take a lot of wood with you so you can make them on the go.

If you are to go Spelunking I would highly reccomend you take:-A full set of armour-3 or 4 cooked porkchops-A sword-A bow and a stack of arrows-A stone pickaxe (For coal and iron)-An iron pickaxe (For any ore higher than iron)-At least one stack of Torches-A stack of wood-A bucket of water

Branch Mining <0902>

Branch Mining is one of the most popular techniques. It involves mining down tothe Y=15 co-ordinate and “branching” out covering every single block so you cansee any and all ores.

To begin your branch mine you should mine down to Y=15, (This is best found onyour map). Get down there by any means you like. The way i”d suggest is to minethe block in front of your feet in a staircase fashion all the way down. Dothis in a 2×2 block area.

Once you get to the layer Y=15, mine out a 5x5x3 room, (that”s 5 wide, 5 longand 3 tall). This will be you base room, I would equip it with a Craftingtable, two or three Furnace”s and two double chests.

Mine out of this room in the middle of the 5 block long wall. Make this shaftas long as you like, it really doesn”t matter. Then mine on the left side ofthis shaft every 4 blocks as to see every single block in the wall.

Repeat this on all four walls of your base room. it should look like this whenyou are done:


Quarry Mining <0903>

Quarry mining is a very simple way of mining, you just pick an area. So, 25x25or 30×15, or whatever you want. Then you mine that area all the way to thebedrock, directly down taking all the blocks away as you go.

This is a very easy way of mining, so I don”t really have much to talk abouthere. Just make sure you build a staircase all the way back to the top, or useladders, whatever you prefer. I use cobblestone as a staircase. This is a very

quick way of gathering a lot of simple building blocks, (mostly Cobblestone).

Tips&Tricks <1000>

Just a list of a few simple tricks that can make your life in Minecraft mucheasier.

Infinite Water. <1001>To get infinite water, you simply dig a 2×2 square and place a water source intwo opposite corners, this will then fill the other two corners and allow youto collect water from anywhere in the square without depleting resources.

XXXX XXXX XXXXX X XO X XOOX X = Any surrounding blockX X X OX XOOX O = Water sourceXXXX XXXX XXXXAlso, if a 3×1 trench is dug this works by placing a water source either sideso the middle fills up, then taking buckets from the middle source will notdeplete resources.

XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX X = Any surrounding blockX X XO OX XOOOX O = Water sourceXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXRedstone into Obsidian. <1002>To get easy Obsidian without using loads of Lava source blocks, you can justuse Redstone. i”ll explain this in pictures and it”s not that simple.

LayerX———……–……- – = Building boundary-……- . = Empty space-……–……———

Layer0 = The block under your feet if you were to stand thereLayer1 = 1 block above groundLayer2 = 2 blocks above groundEtc..

I”ll use this layout to show the building area, this is so when I split it intolayers, you”ll be able to line them up easily.

Layer-1 Layer0——– ———XXXXXX- -XXXXXX–XXXXXX- -X….X- X = Any block-X….X- -X….X- . = Empty space-XXXXXX- -XXXXXX–XXXXXX- -XXXXXX——— ——–

To begin, dig a trench like shown above. 4 blocks long, 2 wide, 1 deep on oneside then 2 deep on the other.

Layer-1 Layer0——– ———XXXXXX- -XXXXXX- X = Any block-XXXXXX- -XO,,,X- O = Water Source-X,,,,X- -X,,,,X- , = Flowing water-XXXXXX- -XXXXXX–XXXXXX- -XXXXXX——— ——–

Place a water source block in the corner so water fills the trench you just dug

Layer0———XXXXXX- X = Any block-XO,,,X- O = Water source-X,,,,X- , = Flowing water-X….X- . = Empty Space-XXXXXX———

Dig another one deep trench next to the water, it is important the water doesnot flow into this. if you followed the previous steps, it wont.

Layer1———……–……- X = Any block-XXXXXX- . = Empty space-X….X–XXXXXX———

Build up around the trench with no water in it, keep all previous layersexactly the same.

Layer0———XXXXXX- X = Any block-XO,,,X- O = Water source-X,,,,X- , = Flowing water-XrrrrX- r = Redstone-XXXXXX———

Place Redstone on the dry trench.

Layer1———……–……- X = Any block-XXXXXX- . = Empty space-XL”””X- L = Lava source-XXXXXX- ” = Flowing Lava——–

Put lava in the elevated section, then after it flows all the way to the endremove it. A little bit of lava might remain, just place a block in it, thendestroy it to get rid of the lava.

Layer0———XXXXXX- X = Any block-XO,,,X- O = Water source-X,,,,X- , = Flowing water-XQQQQX- Q = Obsidian-XXXXXX———

Mine your obsidian! You need a diamond pickaxe or higher to do this.

Making Charcoal. <1003>It”s very simple to make this alternative to Coal, it has all the sameattributes, inc. Furnace Efficiency and Torches. You just put Wood into thefurnace with any type of fuel to give yourself easy Charcoal. This is greatfor your first night especially, since you don”t always find Coal.

More wool for your dye! <1004>When dying wool normally, you need one piece of white wool and one piece ofdye. Now, if you dye the sheep before you collect it”s wool, you have thechance of receiving 2 or even 3 of that colour! As if that”s not enough, itdoesn”t matter what colour the sheep is in the first place.

Stacking Fence Posts. <1005>You might find yourself wanting to stack a couple of fence posts on top of eachother, maybe for a street light or whatever. To do this you need to place asolid block down, and then a post on top of that, destroy the block underneathand place another post there for a two post high pole. You can repeat this ashigh as you want.

X P P X = Any solid block X -> X -> P P = Fence Post X X X X X XAnd so on…

Fighting Ghasts! <1006>You may have noticed these giant ghosts that shoot exploding fireballs at youevery time you enter The Nether. They also have a tendency to destroy yourportal. There is a simple trick to stopping these explosions: Cobblestone.Cobblestone is completely blast resistant to these fireballs, so you can justtake a load and build a quick house around your portal. This will ensure a safeentrance and exit to The Nether.Also, if you swipe at the fireballs it will launch them back toward the Ghast.The best way to take them out though is simply a bow and arrow. Achievement Guide <1100>

Taking Inventory (10) <1101>Open your inventory.

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Just press Y when not in any menu.

Getting Wood (10) <1102>Punch a tree until the block of wood pops out.

Just walk up to a tree and hold RT until it”s destroyed.

Benchmarking (10) <1103>Craft a workbench with four blocks of wooden planks.

When you”ve obtained a block of wood, just go into the crafting interface and

turn it into 4 planks, and then the table.

Time to Mine! (10) <1104>Use planks and sticks to make a pickaxe.

You”ll need 3 blocks of wood for this. One for the crafting table and the othertwo for the Pick. Use “benchmarking” to create the table, then on that table(LT), turn the two blocks into planks, then two planks into sticks. Combinethem to make a Wooden Pickaxe.

Note: The pickaxe does have to be wooden for this achievement.

Hot Topic (15) <1105>Construct a furnace out of eight cobblestone blocks.

With any pickaxe mine 8 blocks of smoothstone, these then become Cobblestone,

go to a crafting table then make a Furnace.

Acquire Hardware (15) <1106>Smelt an iron ingot.

Mine an iron Ore block, (these are described in a previous section), then takethat block and place it in a Furnace with some fuel. (For a list of fuels, see

the Furnace Guide).

Time To Farm (10) <1107>Use planks and sticks to make a hoe.

You”ll need 3 blocks of wood for this. One for the crafting table and the othertwo for the Hoe. Use “benchmarking” to create the table, then on that table(LT), turn the two blocks into planks, then two planks into sticks. Combinethem to make a Wooden Hoe.

Note: The Hoe does have to be wooden for this achievement.

Bake Bread (20) <1108>Turn wheat into bread.

Get seeds from tall grass dotted around the place. Just hit them and they willdrop out. Then plant these seeds in Farmland. To make Farmland you equip a Hoeand use LT on a block of grass or dirt. Make sure this is next to a block ofwater. Wait until the tips of the wheat turn brown, and then harvest it.Combine wheat in the crafting table to make Bread.Note: You can use Bonemeal on the seeds to grow them instantly. Bonemeal is in

the dye section of the crafting interface. You”ll need a bone.

The Lie (40) <1109>Bake a Cake using wheat, sugar, milk and eggs!

To make a cake, you will need:-3 Wheat-3 Buckets of Milk-1 Egg-2 Sugar

For the wheat, get seeds from tall grass dotted around the place. Just hit themand they will drop out. Then plant these seeds in Farmland. To make Farmlandyou equip a Hoe and use LT on a block of grass or dirt. Make sure this is nextto a block of water. Wait until the tips of the wheat turn brown, and thenharvest it.

For the sugar, you just need to locate some sugarcane. This grows directly nextto any block of water. it looks just like you would picture bamboo. Just followthe coastline, you should come across some. When you find sugarcane you cancraft it into sugar in the crafting interface.

For the egg, chickens lay eggs every five minutes. if you walk around enoughyou should find one. if you don”t have the patience for that, you can alwayscatch a chicken and wait.

For the milk, you need three iron buckets. You can craft them in the craftinginterface, or find them in dungeons. Once you have you buckets, go up to a cowuse the bucket on it. This will result in filling your bucket with milk.

Just take all the ingredients to a crafting table and combine them to make a


Getting an Upgrade (15) <1110>Construct a better pickaxe.

To get this you must have “Time to mine!”. Take your wooden pickaxe and minesome smoothstone to produce cobblestone. Then take 3 cobblestone and 2 sticksto a crafting table and combine them to make a stone pickaxe. (Scroll up and

down from the wooden pickaxe).

Delicious Fish (15) <1111>Catch and cook a fish!

For this Achievement you need a fishing rod and a furnace. Follow “Hot Topic”to create your furnace. Then you need 3 bits of string and 2 sticks to craft arod. The only way to get string is to kill a spider. You will have to switchto Easy or higher to get this achievement. Once you have a rod, face any waterand press LT to cast your line. Wait until the float dips under the water andwhen it does so just press LT again to pull the fish toward you. This may flyabove you so you may need to look around for it. Take the fish to a furnace and

place it in the top with some fuel in the bottom and wait.

On A Rail (40) <1112>Travel by minecart to a point at least 500m in a single direction from whereyou started.

This is one of the achievements most people find tricky. Though it is fairlyeasy to do it just requires a lot of time and resources. When explaining thisi”ll assume you already know the basics on smelting, mining and crafting.

Key points to know for this achievement to pop:-1 block is 1m, so you travel 500 blocks.-Place a powered rail every 20 blocks for the best effect.-You DO NOT have to travel in a straight line, just as long as you get to apoint which is at least 500 blocks from your starting point as the crow flies.-It is best to travel in a straight line, as less resources are needed.-All powered rails must have a redstone torch next to them to be powered.-It”s always best to go further than 500m, just to be sure.

Just simply place 500 pieces of railway down, with a powered rail every 20.Jump in a minecart at the start and enjoy the ride. Just place a powered railat the start, but don”t power it! Place a block 3 blocks away from it, (sothere is a 2 block gap between them). Place a button on this block facing therail and a piece of redstone powder on the block next to the rail toward the

button. Press this button when in the cart for an easy start.

Time to Strike! (10) <1113>Use planks and sticks to make a sword.

Simply gather 2 blocks of wood and convert them to 8 planks. Use 2 of themplanks to turn into 4 sticks. Then combine 1 stick and 3 planks to make awooden sword.

Note: This sword does have to be wooden for the achievement.

Monster Hunter (20) <1114>Attack and destroy a monster.

A very easy achievement. Just take a weapon and go kill a monster. This can bea spider, zombie, creeper or skeleton. You will have to use a sword as a bowwould be unattainable without actually killing a spider for string.

if you use an iron sword it will only take two hits to kill the mob.

Cow Tipper (15) <1115>Harvest some leather.

Just kill a cow. Take anything and hit the cow with RT until it dies.

When Pigs Fly (40) <1116>Use a saddle to ride a pig, then have the pig get hurt from fall damage whileriding it.

This is the hardest achievement in the game for two reasons. One, saddles cannot be crafted (only found in dungeons), and two, the pig is very reluctant tofall of a cliff to take this fall damage.

The easiest way to obtain a saddle would be to use the seed 888 and climb overthe hill behind you when you spawn. The will be a dungeon above ground by thelake. Open the chest to receive a saddle.

To get the pig to obtain fall damage is rather hard in single player. The bestway would be to fence the pig in and dig a pit at least 3 blocks deep aroundthe area. Destroy the fences, jump on the pig and wait.

if you have a friend to help you, (or a second controller), this is much moreeasy to do. You just fence the pig in a 1×1 square and get on it. The otherplayer / controller should then dig a deep hole under the square the pig is on.Destroy that block for the pig to fall.

Note: Fence posts are best for trapping the pig as it cannot jump over them.Also, you cannot get a saddle back once it”s placed on a pig. Killing the pig

does not drop it back.

Leader Of The Pack (30) <1117>Befriend five wolves.

Another relatively easy achievement. Just take a bunch of bones, (collected bykilling skeleton archers), and tame some wolves. They spawn mostly in forestbiomes. Make sure you take more than five bones as it can take more than one totame a wolf. Equip the bone and press LT while looking at a wolf. This is builtup over all your worlds, so you can tame one wolf in one, two in another and so


MOAR Tools (15) <1118>Construct one type of each tool (one pickaxe, one spade, one axe and one hoe).

For this you will need 8 sticks and 9 blocks of planks, cobblestone, iron, goldor diamond. Once you have these just go to your crafting table and make all

four tools. Again, this is over all your worlds so you can make one in each.

Dispense With This (20) <1119>Construct a Dispenser.

Another simple crafting achievement. For the dispenser you will need, 1 bow, 1redstone and 7 cobblestone. Once you have these, go to your crafting table and

make a dispenser. To make the bow you”ll need 3 string and 3 sticks.

Into The Nether (40) <1120>Construct a Nether Portal.

A very easy achievement. You just need to place obsidian in a 4×5 rectangle.Then light the middle with Flint&Steel. Getting the obsidian however is adifferent story. The best way to get obsidian is when flowing water hits a lavasource block. Mine this with a diamond pickaxe.Note: Obsidian takes forever to mine, especially without diamond.However, if you cannot find diamond but still want this achievement quick thenyou can always turn the more abudent resource, Redstone, into obsidian. Justcheck the Tips&Tricks section of this guide to show you how to do it. Adaptthis mould to build your structure.

Your nether portal can only take these two shapes:


Mob Grinders <1200>

There seems a lot of confusion when it comes to constructing mob grinders. I amgoing to list a few of the ways you can build these handy devices and explainthe mechanics behind them.

A mob grinder is basically a way of collecting the drops from monsters withoutactually engaging in combat with them. These “machines” function constantly, sothey continue to reap your rewards while you are out mining, or doing whatever.

The spawning of monsters works in two ways:-With a monster spawner you will have to be within 16 blocks of it in order formonsters to spawn within a 7 block radius.-Normally monsters only spawn further than 24 blocks away from any player andinstantly despawn if it”s further than 128 blocks away.

A mob grinder is made up of two necessary parts (one optional). They are thespawning room and the killing mechanism, transportation being the optional.The spawning room is always the same, a dark room in which monsters can spawninside, it”s always best to have some sort of transportation in the room inorder to get the monsters to the killing mechanism faster.The killing mechanism can be a variety of things. Either: Drowning, lava trap,fall damage or cacti. I will explain drowning and the lava trap ones as theyare the one”s I feel are the easiest to construct.

Monster Spawner Trap <1201>

So, you”ve just came across a dungeon and you”ve decided to make a mob grinder?Or you have no idea what a dungeon or a mob spawner is? Well, a dungeon is aroom lined with cobblestone walls and a mossy cobblestone floor. if you comeacross cobblestone while exploring your world and you know you didn”t place itthere than it”s pretty certain that this is your dungeon. Either that or it”s apoint where water hits flowing lava. A dungeon is typically a 5×5 room with amonster spawner levitating directly in the middle and two chests somewhere.These chests contain random items, the most desired of these are Cocoa beans.This is since this is the only way to obtain Cocoa beans in this currentversion.

Back on topic, there are a variety of methods out there that people use tomanipulate these monster spawners. I will explain the way I find the best todeal with them, this will require the use of these objects:-3x Water source blocks,-1x Pressure Plate,-1x Sign.

While you are building this I suggest you save the game and switch thedifficulty down to peaceful. This just makes things easier as you dont have todo things in a hurry due to monsters spawning.

First, take the two chests out of the room and make sure the floor space isexactly 5×5 and 3 high. it should be this normally but occasionally it can lacka roof, or one of the walls is made from gravel.

Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3


Make a 2 high 1 wide doorway in the middle of the wall you want to collect yourloot from. This should be the only gap in any of the walls or ceiling.

Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3


Place your pressure plate, (can be stone or wooden, stone preferably), oneblock away from the outside of your 2×1 doorway.

Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3


Surround your pressure plate with cobblestone leaving the same 2×1 area for themonsters to travel along, directly after the pressure plate dig down two blocksand surround that with cobblestone also. Place your sign on the wall 2 blocksup in your doorway before the pressure plate. (Hard to explain, follow thepicture guide below).

Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3P – Pressure PlateXXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX X X X X X X – CobblestoneX X X X X XX X X M X X X M – Monster SpawnerX X X X X XX X X X X X S – Cobblestone block with sign on leftXXX XXX XXX SXX XXXXXXXXPX X X XX X X X XXXX XXX

Layer 0 Layer -1


After this, dig a trench out from the front of your mob trap. Make it four longand up to the ground level. Again, follow the pictures as it”s hard to explain.

Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3P – Pressure PlateXXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX X X X X X X – CobblestoneX X X X X XX X X M X X X M – Monster SpawnerX X X X X XX X X X X X S – Cobblestone block with sign on leftXXX XXX XXX SXX XXXXXXXXPX X X XX X X X XXXX XXX

Layer 0 Layer -1


Now place two water source blocks in both corners on the wall opposite your 2x1doorway and one above the pressure plate.

Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3P – Pressure PlateXXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXw,,,WX X X X X X – CobblestoneX,,,,,X X X X XX,,,,,X X M X X X M – Monster SpawnerX,,,,,X X X X XX,,,,,X X X X X S – Cobblestone block with sign on leftXXX,XXX XXX SXX XXXXXXXXPX XWX X W – Water Source BlockX,X X,X XXXX XXX , – Flowing Water

Layer 0 Layer -1


This grinder works by allowing the monsters to spawn in the 5×5 room and getpushed toward the pressure plate. They then are forced down the hole by thecurrent of the water and drown. Their items then flow through with the waterfor you to collect at the end of your trench. The downside of these types oftrap is that they only work when you are within 16 blocks of the mob spawner.

Dark Room Trap <1202>

There isn”t much to say about dark room traps, I can only suggest ways on howto get your mobs from all over the room to your killing mechanism.

Your “Dark Room” should consist of two repeated parts:1) Spawning pads, for all the monsters to spawn on.2) Transportation canals, to get the mobs to the killing mechanism.

You can build your spawning pads whatever size you like, just don”t go too bigas mobs will be less likely to fall off into the canals or two small, and itwill reduce the efficiency of the grinder. I suggest around 14×14. I havealways found this to be a good size for my grinders.

Make the dark room as large as you want, the larger the room the more mobs youwill kill, hence the more drops you will receive. However this room cannot betoo big as the spawning distance of mobs is limited to inside 128 blocks, soany bigger than that would be a waste.

Tower Trap <1203>

A tower trap is very much like a dark room trap, only there are multiple layersfor the mobs to spawn on. This type of trap has a much greater efficiency thana dark room trap though it is much harder to construct as it”s majorativelyabove ground level so will require a lot of building material.

Each layer in a tower trap should have two blocks of air in between, as allother monsters apart from zombies will not fall more than three blocksvertically. Also because of this you will have to interweave the layers ofthe tower so as no drop will be more than 3 blocks, this can be through stripsof squares or whatever, the choice is yours.

The bottom floor of your tower trap should have some sort of canaltransportation system to usher mobs toward the killing mechanism.

Canal Transportation (Mobs) <1204>

Canal transportation is basically a way to get your mobs from the spawning padsto the killing mechanism.

The canals should always be two blocks wide and two blocks deep. This is toprevent mobs from jumping out and to allow spiders to get in. Not too big as toreduce efficiency of spawning ground for mobs.

in order to get your canals to flow only in one direction, pressure plates orsigns should be used. if placed one side of a water source block these will notallow the water to flow past them and do not collide with the mobs as they arepushed down them.

I will show how to tackle corners and straight lines in the pictures below.

For a straight line:

OOWW,, O – Pressure Plate / Sign,,,,OO W – Water source blockWW,,,, , – Flowing water,,OO

For an intersection:

OO WW O – Pressure Plate / Sign ,,OW,,,,WOOW,,,,WO W – Water source block ,, ,, ,, , – Flowing Water OO

Lava Killing Mechanism <1205>

The idea of a Lava killing mechanism is to simply burn the mobs to death. Myfavourite of all the different ways to kill mobs.

The way to achieve this is to place lava above a sign so it does not flow down,if you force a mob into this then it”ll look like it”s head is in the lava whenthe rest of it”s body isn”t. This will cause the mob to die without causing thedrops to burn up in the lava also.

You can create this device simply by creating a channel at the end of your trapand flowing it into a “dead end”. Then at this “dead end” put a 1×1 flow afteryour channel runs out of water, at a right angle. (This is for your items toget out). Above the last block in your “dead end” you”ll want to place somesigns around on the wall, (two on the back above the out flow, two on oppositesides one block back and one block higher from the last two), this will be tocontain the lava. Then place two source blocks of lava in the gap above andbehind the signs you just placed. The lava with just appear to float there.if any mobs are pushed into that, they will in effect have their heads burntoff, this includes you! So watch out.

it should look like this:

Layer 0 Layer 1 Layer 2


Drowning Killing Mechanism <1206>

Drowning killing mechanisms work in two ways: Either forcing mobs to swimupawrds and get trapped, or forcing them down.

I described how to build one that forces the mobs down in the Mob spawnerpart of this section. So, i will explain how to create a way to force mobsupward.

To do this you use the same “dead end” idea as the lava killing mechanism, butinstead of having floating lava you have floating water. You extend this ablock or two higher as well. This has the effect that when the mobs get to theend of the passage they then swim up this floating water and get trapped, theywill consequently run out of air and die. It is important that every block inthis area is a source block, this is due to the fact that if the water isflowing down it will push the mobs down instead of letting them swim up.

Now, this area where the mobs swim up and drown can be extended as far as youlike. If you put air pockets in sequecial steps you can in effect create a”mobivator”. This will transport your mobs to the ground level. You can thenmove them into another killing mechanism to then allow your items to easily becollected above ground.

Legal <1300>

This FAQ was made by Rhys Hills a.k.a. ZOMBIECHICKENZ. This FAQ was made onlyby ZOMBIECHICKENZ (and the GameFAQ members mentioned in the credit section). Ifyou would like to quote a part of this FAQ on a website / message board youmust give full credit to ZOMBIECHICKENZ or this FAQ.

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Credit: <1302>

I would like to thank these people for providing tremendous help to me and myFAQ:

1) 4J Studios for porting this amazing game to the Xbox 360!2) LoneReaper115 for writing the entire section on “How to survive your firstnight in Minecraft.”3) XBL_Mikey0629 for providing most of the information for my “AchievementGuide.”4) All the members of the GameFAQ”s Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition board whohelped give me ideas on what to put in the guide.5) www.network-science.de/ascii/ For my title art.6) www.minecraftwiki.net For help on some of the areas I was a bit vague on.

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