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Minecraft woodland mansions are perfect for players looking to test their mettle and gather some top notch rewards.

It is not everyday that a Minecraft player will run into a woodland mansion, as they are quite rare and pose a worthy challenge. When these structures are encountered, they should be prioritized by players, considering all the high quality loot inside. Diamond armor, enchanted equipment, precious resources, and even the rare totem of undying, have the potential to be inside.

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However, to get the loot inside, Minecraft players will need to face dangerous mobs such as evokers and vindicators. Not to mention the rooms of the mansions themselves are rather dark, and can present some hidden challenges. This article will be breaking down some of the best seeds for Minecraft Bedrock Edition players, so they can ensure that they encounter a woodland mansion.

Top 5 Minecraft woodland mansion seeds for Bedrock Edition

#1 Mansion at Spawn

Image via Minecraft & Chill / YouTube

For Minecraft players looking to tackle their first woodland mansion, or simply encounter one immediately, this seed is perfect. In this seed, there is a woodland mansion only a few blocks away from where the player spawns in game. There is also a desert village that can be plundered nearby, for players to equip themselves to face the mansion. Regardless of what the player choses to do, the mansion will be in one of the most convenient locations possible.

Seed: 1692299259

#2 Mansion by the Sea

Image via Minecraft & Chill / YouTube

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In this seed, Minecraft players will be able to find a woodland mansion nestled between trees, while also being close to the ocean. Players can defeat the foes inside and plunder all of the riches. Once they are done, this mansion is the perfect location to transform into a base. Alter the interior, make it larger, and decorate it as seen fit. Then the player has their very own beachfront Minecraft mansion

Seed: -1844207646

#3 Mansion with an artic view

Image via Minecraft & Chill / YouTube

For Minecraft players who prefer colder climates, this would be a great seed to checkout. Here, the player will find the mansion close to ice spikes in the nearby ocean. Once the mansion has been cleared out of all hostile mobs, this could be a great potential build. Perhaps a cursed ship crashed in the ice and now the spirits of those sailors inhabit the nearby mansion? It would be shame to just waste the view here.

Seed: -226785061

#4 Mansion near three blacksmiths

Image via Minecraft & Chill / YouTube

This seed really has everything a Minecraft player could need, all very close by. It is close to a massive village, with not just one, but three different blacksmiths. The player can quickly gear themselves up and then venture into the woodland mansion. Not to mention, there is also a ruined Nether portal on the outskirts of the Mansion.

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Typically, woodland mansions correlate with the location of nether fortresses. The player can take a peek inside the portal and see if that rings true. That makes this seed, almost a “one stop shop” for those looking to take on some of the best naturally spawning challenges in Minecraft.

Seed: 1654345126

#5 Mansion and village collided

Image via Minecraft & Chill / YouTube

This seed contains a really unique woodland mansion. Here, there is a village that spawned right on top of the mansion itself. In fact, a single house is actually attached to the second floor of the mansion. Not only is this a very peculiar generation, but it is also useful. There is so much potential for what a player can do with this seed.

Seed: -77107740

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