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Sometimes when Minecraft players want to focus on another aspect of the game other than survival, it's best to find mods and different add-ons for the game that can help speed up the more tedious tasks in Minecraft, like mining and finding the blocks players need.

Here are some of the best XRay mods out there for the game today for players to use to enhance their gameplay and get to making what they want to make quickly. These mods and upgrades have so many aspects to them besides XRay, which can be useful in a multitude of ways.

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Top 5 Minecraft XRay mods and texture packs

#5 – XRay Ultimate Texture Pack

Image via CurseForge

Although this is not a mod, it is easily the best Minecraft texture pack for X-Raying. This works best with optifine or fullbright so the player can see what ores they are mining to.

The best part of this texture pack is how it allows players to see the edge pixels of the block they are facing, allowing them to differentiate between dirt, stone, andesite, diorite, and more.

This is a great texture pack that can allow players to get diamonds, iron, and every ore they could've ever wanted almost immediately.

Download here.

#4 – Cheating Essentials Mod

Image via CurseForge

This mod is absolutely amazing as it allows players to do so many things besides XRay. This mod allows players to use fullbright, fly, speed and jump boost, and so many more.

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The one downside to this mod is the limited amount of game versions it is available for. Besides that fact, this is a great mod for players who like to cheat in their Minecraft worlds to make it as easy for them as possible. It brings a completely new level of convenience to the game, which is desired when focusing on other aspects of the game rather than basic survival.

Download here.

#3 – Rift Xray Mod

Image via 9minecraft

The Rift Xray Mod works wonders for finding ores, caves, and basically any block that a player can desire. With multiple XRay modes, players can search for ravines, cave systems, strongholds, and mineshafts if they would like, or they can search for specific ores they are looking for.

This mod also comes with an added, but optional, fullbright feature to use for those players who always forget to make enough torches for their mining trips. This mod truly has it all.

Download here.

#2 – Advanced XRay Mod

Image via 9minecraft

The Advanced XRay Mod is one of the best XRay mods currently out there for the most recent updates of Minecraft. This specific mod has a bunch of options so players can search for any block they wish to find around their Minecraft world, making it really handy to have.

Block searches are saveable and toggleable, so players can search for them whenever they want without doing so many different steps. They can add any block they want from the game into their search menu. This means, hypothetically, that if a player is looking for a specific biome (like a mooshroom biome, for example), the player can search for a specific block of that region to find that area quicker.

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This mod is super cool and is highly recommended for players looking for convenience.

Download here.

#1 – XRay Mod

Image via 9minecraft

This mod, aptly named “XRay Mod,” is a wonderful mod that encaptures everything that the previous mod did and adds more. Not only does this mod have a block finder that works in a specific radius, but it also has fullbright, flight, and a couple more options for players to experiment with.

This mod truly has it all when it comes to X-Raying, as it allows players to find ores, blocks, caves, and generated structures with ease. This truly is one of the most convenient mods made for the most recent update of Minecraft, and it is definitely something to check out if in the market for a mod like this.

Download here.

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