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The new Minecraft update for version 1.16 brings a lot of innovations that affect the Nether in particular. In addition to new biomes, mobs and blocks, there is now a new ore in the Nether, which is said to be even stronger than diamond. Netherite is the name of the new ore and is very difficult to find. With the help of the Netherite 1.16 Xray Resource Pack, you can be spared from the eternal search. Netherite is a very rare block that only occurs in nether and is one of the best materials alongside diamonds. Minecraft Hack 1.16 Download is down below! Netherite has been one of the best materials you can find since the latest version. With the Xray, the search is no longer a problem!

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Find Netherite immediately with Xray 1.16

The Netherite blocks are more precisely called Ancient Debris and are rarer than diamond. They are only found in the nether and are the only source for producing netherite stuff. Netherite is so stable that the block cannot be destroyed by explosions or fire. Netherite’s ore veins are very low, producing up to three blocks. Once you’ve found Ancient Debris, you can only destroy the block with a diamond pickaxe. You can then melt the block in a furnace to get Neherite scraps. It works similarly to the Xray Ultimate Resource Pack, but it specializes more in the new ore Netherite in the all-new 1.16 Nether Update.

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The Netherite Scraps can be combined with Gold Ingots to get Netherite Ingots in the crafting table. You can combine the Netherite Ingots with diamond tools, weapons and armor. This will give you much stronger equipment, the strongest in the entire game. Netherite armor is the strongest armor in Minecraft and has more durability than tools made of diamond. With Minecraft 1.16 Xray, you can finally save yourself the tedious search for the valuable netherite. It has never been so easy. Netherite Xray also works perfectly in version 1.16.1 and 1.16.2. It is compatible with all versions of the Nether update.

Netherite Xray 1.16 spares you the search

The Netherite Xray 1.16 Resource Pack helps you find Netherite much faster. If you use the Resource Pack, all Netherrack blocks in the Nether will be hidden, which means you will only see ores like Netherite. So you can easily get to the ores and mine them. It is best to use Optifine, because the Resource Pack has additional Optifine features that make the search for the ores even easier. Also, be sure that you set all options related to lighting effects as high as possible in the graphics options if you are not using Optifine. The Minecraft Xray 1.16 Pack is exactly like a real Minecraft Xray 1.16 Hack Client and very easy to install.

Xray Netherite 1.16 Changelog

Netherite Xray 1.16 Resource Pack Official Release – Improved official 1.16 version (27.06.2020) Netherite Xray 1.16 Resource Pack – New 3D Ancient Debris Block – invisible Netherrack added – Ancient Debris 3D Block – invisible Nether Quartz Block – hidden Netherrack Texture – visible Nether Quartz removed (02.03.2020) Netherite Xray 1.16 Beta – first Snapshot Version 19w40a – Ancient Debris Added – Netherrack visibility removed – new Snapshot Xray update 20w06a – Nether Quartz added (30.02.2020)

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Download and install Xray Netherite 1.16 Resource Pack

The Resource Pack is very easy to install like any other. If you are still not sure, we have a short installation guide for you, which works for Minecraft version 1.16 and others like version 1.15.2. All download links are compiled below. Xray Resource Pack works for every Snapshot and official releases of Version 1.16. Netherite Hack is just one of the many other hacks for Minecraft 1.16. Here you can find many more Minecraft Hack Clients 1.16 for the latest Nether update version.

First, download the Netherite Xray 1.16 Resource Pack, then start Minecraft and go to Options. Navigate from “Resource Packs” to “Open Resource Pack folder” and a folder will open where you paste the downloaded Resource Pack. After that, it will appear in Minecraft and is ready to use! Make sure you have installed Optifine. With Optifine additional functions are unlocked, which makes your search for Netherite even easier. Use the Netherite Hack only in your single-player world, because these Resource Packs are mostly forbidden on multiplayer servers.

Xray Netherite Hack 1.16 Download (Mirror) Changelog 11.07.2020

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