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Hi guys… I'm gonna give another quick update…

so… This has been a MAJOR delay, I know. I've been working my best on the server… But so many things are going on…

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So… Lemme start with… My… “outside of electronic” problems!…. So… Im moving soon… And that's been really .stressing me out… And it's keeping me from wanting to really do anything on Minecraft… I'm not gonna get into to too much on that though…

then.. At school… My math teacher, wtbblue.compson, Has a TERRIBLE class for 4th period.. And I so happen to be in that class… And.. I'm actually one of three good kids in that class.. That never talks… So me and the others… Okay I'll say their names.. Kiley and Aubrie.. Well we had brought some things to wtbblue.compsons attention… Such as people playing their phones during class secretly… People who are taking all the time… And… Actually… Me and Kiley caught a girl watching PORN in that classroom! Crazy right? So we all told wtbblue.compson everything… And she wants us to create the new seating chart… So in other words… It's our responsibility to change all the places where everyone sits… And it's really stressful.. Because no matter where we put anyone, it's next to someone who theyd talk to 24/7, which is the main problem already..

Then… The cacophony, wherever I am… I try building on mc… And the cacophony is so bad that I literally cannot even place a block. I can't ever concentrate because of it. It's not a problem at my mom's house.. But at my dads I'm always taking breaks there ( because I only go there a day and a half a week) and Tuesday's and Thursday's .. Ha! There's five kids in the house in always at! One of them is an annoying control freak that acts like the mom of them all, The other (which is Kiley) isn't that bad actually ( I honestly feel bad for her because she's got many family issues..), the other Is inappropriate all the time… Not badly.. But she's always making annoying butt jokes and that kind of childish stuff, the other is the only boy and he's always begging me to let him play on MY phone on MY server and it's extremely annoying AF, then.. The last one… Which is a pain in the butt, Also the youngest, well… Let's just say.. She cries over anything… Doesn't know when to stop when she's being bad… And once I lay down on the first ones bed, and the youngest comes over and slaps me so hard on my back that it left a red hand print on my back. It hurt like hell…. But my point is, all together they're always distracting me so I can't work.

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Then… You probally saw this coming… Homework.

Heres a list of all the homework I'll have EVERY WEEK:

Science: Vocabulary sheet, Worksheet.

History: 400 Page packet, advanced homework that we haven't talked about yet..

english: Vocabulary, Reading log, anything that isn't finished in class.

math: 7 Questions X4 ( See? I'm too lazy to even solve that.)

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Chorus (Yes, I can sing. Move on.): Vocal warm ups for an hour a day.

Health: … Nothing actually.

ok this is so long that I'm not even gonna get into things on my phone that are distracting.. So… That's it.

( also I am not looking over spelling errors, so deal with it if there is a few..😰)

I just hope you know I'm trying..

~Mod Erica

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