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Minecraft zombies are a popular and abundant hostile mob experience, and the best way to exponentially grow the amount of XP collected is by farming them.

XP farms in Minecraft are becoming more popular as players begin to understand better how they work and how efficient they can be. Experience is used for enchantments and working with anvils.

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After some time, these processes may drain the XP a player has worked so hard for. An XP farm helps against any struggles with this, and a great mob to consider is zombies.

Making a zombie XP farm in Minecraft

Step 1: Find a spawner

The most challenging part of the process is finding a zombie spawner in Minecraft. These can be difficult to seek out and handle once a player is upon one.

However, if players find a seed that includes one and prepare accordingly, the situation can run in a much smoother manner.

Zombie spawners can be difficult to seek out (Image via Minecraft)

(Tip: If players bring torches or other bright items, such as glowstone or lanterns, and place them over all surfaces of the spawner, Minecraft zombies won't spawn)

Step 2: Widen the space and begin the set-up

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Breaking the walls to give the spawner at least four blocks of space will help drastically. Three blocks of height above the spawner is also recommended, allowing more mobs to spawn, therefore leaving more experience to be farmed.

Gamers can place any type of slab on top of the spawner, preventing the zombies from spawning on top and forcing them to fall.

They can dig three blocks down and extend that removal to all of the walls. It should look like this:

The initial set-up (Image via Minecraft)

Once this step is done, the room should be seven blocks tall and nine blocks wide.

Step 3: Add water and dig the “Hole of Doom”

A player should collect a few water buckets for this step and place water on one wall only. This should leave a row on the opposite wall untouched.

They can take that row down a level and place a bucket of water on either side, leaving one block without water. This is where a 22 block deep hole will be dug.

The hole filled with water (Image via Minecraft)

Step 4: The “Collection Room”

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This final step of the process is where the XP will be collected. At the bottom of the 22-block deep hole, gamers can dig out a space where the experience can be collected.

To prevent baby zombies from somehow slipping through, in case they miraculously survive the far fall, they must leave only a half-block high space where the hole ends.

A half-block high space where the hole ends (Image via Minecraft)

This should present a plethora of Minecraft XP when players come to collect their earnings.


Zombies don't contribute much to the game other than fear and harm to players and villagers. This is the best way to put them to use in Minecraft.

Using neutral or peaceful mobs, like villagers and chickens, is not uncommon but is unkind. With zombies, since they're aggressors, they are reaping what they've sown, that too the benefit of the player.

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