naruto changes during the chunin exams fanfiction

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A/n:kakashi is some kind of dumb here
The Mask Dissolves

Kakashi Hatake was not exactly in the best of moods as he walked through the halls of the hospital for the entrance that he knew would soon be the portal for the entrance of his personal favorite while student. Of course, no one would believe that looking at him since he kept such a lackadaisical look at all times. But, with the knowledge that the Snake Sannin, Orochimaru, had an inordinate interest in his young Sharingan-equipped charge, he was left chilled and intent on training his young Uchiha student to the best of his ability in the month that he was given before the Chunin Exam finals.

Đang xem: Naruto changes during the chunin exams fanfiction

Unfortunately, much to a part of himself's dismay, left no time for his other student. The son of his late sensei and hero of Konoha. But, sometimes the needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few, with the knowledge of both the Suna Jinchuriki being Sasuke's match and the specter of Orochimaru looming over the Chunin Exams, he had to sacrifice Naruto's training.

That wasn't to say that he wasn't going to have someone train Naruto, but there was no logical way that Naruto could beat the Hyuuga prodigy. He had looked at it from every single angle and he could not find that any possibility that Naruto could win. It was all for the best though, Naruto wasn't ready for Chunin, he was too young, too brash, and he just didn't have the makings of a good ninja. That was part his failing as the blond had grown up, and the partially Konoha itself. The stigma of being the container of Kyuubi had prevented anyone from adequately raising the boy or even training him. It was a miracle that he had become a genin in the first place, the luck of being able to master a kinjutsu saving him from failing the tests again.

Still, that was the past and this was the present. Ebisu may be a moron, but he was at least dependable in providing a modicum of structure for Naruto to improve himself on. Hopefully the rumors of Jiraiya being nearby were well-founded, it was more than likely that as soon as Jiraiya became aware of Naruto's situation he would swoop in and provide training specifically tailored to Naruto that he could not.

Speaking of the kid, Kakashi mused as he walked into the main lobby of the hospital, where Naruto was busy clamoring to see Sasuke, only to be denied. He noted the looks on the attendants' faces, sighing internally.

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"Naruto," he called out, "this is a hospital. Keep it down."

Objective achieved, Naruto's attention had shifted from the nurses to him, the blond's face lit up at his presence, driving the dagger of muted guilt into his gut. His sensei's son trusted him and he was abandoning him because sacrifices had to be made.

"Kakashi-sensei," the boy cried running up to him as he came to a stop, "I've got a favor to ask!"

Which I cannot honor, he added silently, looking down upon him.

"You don't need to say it all. I thought it would come to this, so I searched for someone to watch your training."

The look on Naruto's face drove that guilt further to the forefront, sacrifices must be made, he tried reasoning with it, knowing it was a lost cause. It was a cheap excuse based upon the premise that Sasuke just had better potential and he could train Sasuke easier because Sasuke, for all of his faults, could at least sit still and absorb the knowledge given to him without getting excited and screaming to the heavens. It was just a massive differential in personalities, that's what it was. Naruto was just too different.

"Why?! I want you to, Kakashi-sensei," he demanded, sticking a finger in his face in demand, though he could easily take it as a silent accusation, once again, he had put Sasuke before Naruto.

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"I have some matters to take care of," he lied, he knew it was a lie, but lies were sometimes the best salves to a growing personality. The Shinobi world was a harsh place, and sometimes, harshness was warranted.

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