“Where am I? ” Kushina said, “Sensei, Hiruzen, Tsunade, Team Minato, Fugaku and Mikoto? Why are you here?” Minato said. They said at the same time “Because of him…” They pointed to the sage of six path. “Hello, everybody I am Kami and i will show you the future of Konoha and what your decisions will make.” Kami had spoke.

Đang xem: Naruto fanfiction team minato see the future

Kakashi said “Even, this brat.” Obito shouted “HEY!!! KAKASHI YOUR NOT BETTER THAN ME!!!” The both started to fight until Kushina grabbed them and hit them on their heads and spoke “SHUT UP!!!” Kami looked pleased and spoke “Thank you Kushina, now please sit back and enjoy.” They all sat but there was one unknown person sitting with them and then Fugaku spoke “Uh…Kami who's that guy?” Kami spoke “Well, he is powerful than me, he is known as Author-san.” They all said “WHAT!!!?!?!?!?!!”The man known as Author-san (That's me!!!) spoke “Well just sit down and watch the future.” Everybody became quiet and followed the rules of the all-powerful being sitting with them.

The Nine tails was on a rampage on Konoha….Everybody was scared and panicked, while ANBU's came to defend the village.

“Wait does that mean……” Kushina spoke.

“Yes, Kushina the seal broke.” Kami and Author-san told at the same time. Everybody gulped.

“CALL THE YONDAIME!!!” A civilian said. The Yondaime or the fourth Hokage arrived and saw the huge beast standing in front of him and the fourth was Minato. He made a rasengan and threw it at the beast. 

“MINATO YOUR HOKAGE!!!” Kushina screamed. “YES!!! FINALLY!!!!” Minato screamed and they both hugged each other. The rest were thinking in their mind Finally he will stop blabbering of telling he might become hokage.

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The Hokage spoke “Kushina i am sorry but we have to do this.” Kushina sadly spoke “Minato please seal it inside me not my precious baby.” Minato said sadly “I know but i don't want you to die.” He made some hand symbols and sealed the  Yang in Naruto and the Ying in himself then the picture blacks out.

“GOD DAMMIT, THIS THING IS BROKEN AGAIN!!!” The Author- san screamed and went to fix it. Fugaku spoke “Well, Minato congratulations you have your own child and he has the Yang part of the Kyuubi.” Kushina was crying thinking her baby has to go what she felt…While Rin, Mikoto and Tsunade comforted her. Obito and Kakashi began to fight and again while Jiraiya was reading one of his books. Kami was helping Author-san to fix the machine. 


Konoha was recovering from the disaster, mourning for the dead and injured, but bringing new high hopes to see some bright light in the distant future.

“Well, this much for now, now you may talk among yourself.” Kami said. Obito ran over to Author-san and said “Author-san please be my Sensei.”  Author-san sighed and told “Obito i can't but i can also….But” Obito impatiently said “But WHAT?!!?!?” Author- san sighed again and said “Get me some mango milkshake.” Everybody burst out in laughter thinking that Author-san good at joking. Obito obeyed and went to get the milkshake.

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———————————CHAPTER ENDED—————————————————————–

 | Author's Note:

Hey Guys, hope you liked this chapter and this might be released or already released when i write another chapter or 2.

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