Last timeWhen they reached their room naruto sat down and drew out a tournament board an d said “here is the tournament board for tomorrow” holding up a piece of paper.


The next morning

Due to a sand storm the tournament was postponed so all of the konoha ninja, tsunade, jiraiya and team clouded tails were inside the kazekage mansion playing truth or dare.

The arrangement went like this:

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Yes it was a very big room indeed (p.s. Sorry if my handwriting is to small or not clear enough to read)

Naruto looked around the room sadistically while looking for his first victim his eyes slowly trailed to one minato uzumaki namikaze and his sadistic smirk became even more sadistic “oh lord fourth hokage, truth or dare” he said as his smirk never leaving his face.

Minato unintentionally flinched slightly at naruto's tone of voice and looked around the room to see everyone but the konoha ninja giving him a look of pity. He could feel something and realised it was fear but pushed the feeling back and looked up determined and said to the sadistic blond “dare”.

Naruto smiled gleefully and clapped his hands together his eyes filled with sadistic intent “hmmm oh what to do? What to do?………

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I GOT IT! Your dare is that when you return to the leaf village you must scream from the top of the hokage tower saying 'I minato uzumaki namikaze am the biggest douche in the universe, in all the galaxy, there is no bigger douche than me and the council can suck my motherfucking dick'” everyone stared at the jinchuuriki blond in disbelief where as minato could only stare slack jawed and then muttered to himself “why did I have to get picked by the sadistic one”

“You can't make him do that” kushina said. Sasori smirked and said “oh but he can lady kushina after all he did pick dare” all of the other members of the sand village snickered. Minato then looked around in defeat before looking around and stopped before saying “lady tsunade truth or dare” tsunade smirked and said “I'm no wimp so dare” minato smiled and said “hhhmmmmm no sake for a week” tsunade smiled and said “pppfffft easy” Gaara chuckled and said “yeah I mean you've already gone 2 months without any sake”

Lot's of dares were asked such as singing “here he is the biggest douche in the universe in all the galaxy there is no bigger douche than you” with obito singing it to kakashi, kisame and kakuzu having a who can get drunk quicker contest. The truths were lame and not worth writing about. Once everyone was relaxing menma asked a question “so what are you stories?” The group looked around and naruto said “deidara your starting” the longer blonde haired bomber said “what why me” Sasori turned around and said “obviously because you take the least amount of time in a story and your's is the shortest out of all of us.” Before lying down with his head lying on naruto's leg and said “I'm going for a nap wake me up when it's my turn bro” to which naruto nodded Gaara followed sasori's example and that is how naruto became a pillow.

Deidara frowned and said “fine okay so this is how it begins” ……………Till next time P.s. Sorry it's so short

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