Need For A Cure Wow Classic First Aid Profession And Leveling Guide

First Aid will likely be the first profession you take up on your WoWClassic journey, for its Mana-free self healing bandages. In this guide, wewill present this profession”s benefits and item progression as your skill init grows.

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First Aid is an ubiquitous profession in WoW Classic, as nearly everyonewill use it from early on for its bandages, which allow any class to doMana-free healing. Also, because it is a secondary profession, learning itwill not stop you from taking up the other secondary professions, or interferewith your two primary professions.

Bandages, such as Heavy Runecloth Bandage, are items createdby First Aid that you can channel to heal yourself or nearby allies, placingthe


Recently Bandaged debuff on them as a result. This debuff preventsfurther bandage healing and has a 60-second duration. Be careful, however, asif either the player applying the bandage or the one receiving it takes anydamage during the channel it will be canceled immediately.

Using bandages is especially useful on Loatheb, as healers have a 60 second cooldown on all of their heals, and as such only the tank will be receiving any heals, with the rest being left to bandages and potions.

Anti-Venoms, such as Powerful Anti-Venom, are also createdwith this profession, and allow you to instantly cure poisons on a target. Youcan only use one every minute.

All of First Aid”s items are consumed when used. To create bandages, youneed cloths, which are obtained from killing Humanoid / Undead / Demon enemies.To create Anti-Venoms, you need venom sacs, which drop from poisonous beasts,such as Spiders and Scorpions.


First Aid Trainers and Where to Find Them

You can learn First Aid from any First Aid trainer, which are found in capital cities and also near starting zones. When you arrive at a major city, you can ask any city guard for directions, and pick the First Aid trainer option. This will mark its location on your map, allowing you to easily find them and get your First Aid skills up to date.

Alliance First Aid Trainers:Thamner Pol: Dun Morogh, around 47,52; Nissa Firestone: Ironforge, around 55,59;Michelle Belle: Elwynn Forest, around 44,66; Fremal Doohickey: Wetlands, around 11,61;Byancie: Teldrassil, around 55,56;Dannelor: Darnassus, around 52,13;Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen: Dustwallow Marsh, around 68,49.Horde First Aid Trainers:Rawrk: Durotar, around 54,42;Arnok: Orgrimmar, around 34,84; Nurse Neela: Tirisfal Glades, around 62,53; Mary Edras: Undercity, around 74,56; Vira Younghoof: Mulgore, around 47,61; Pand Stonebinder: Thunder Bluff, around 30,22; Doctor Gregory Victor: Arathi Highlands, around 73,37.

How to Quickly Level First Aid from 1 to 300

In order to level First Aid efficiently, you will want to focus on orange or yellow recipes, as those provide reliable skill ups, whilegreen recipes will rarely grant you askill point, making them only worth it when the alternatives are veryexpensive. Also, keep in mind that grayrecipes cannot give you a skill point at all.

For details on what items to craft for each skill point, we recommendfollowing WoW Professions” FirstAid leveling guide.



For 1-150, you will be an Apprentice. Learn the skill from the trainersnearby your starting area and craft Linen and Wool items to get to 150. Makesure to learn Silk Bandage as soon as you can, as the next steps donot involve your trainer.



To level past 150, you need to buy and use


Expert First Aid – Under Wraps. This item can be bought from:

Balai Lok”Wein: Dustwallow Marsh, around 37,30; Deneb Walker: Arathi Highlands, around 27,59.

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You should also buy and learn Manual: Heavy Silk Bandage and Manual: Mageweave Bandage, which will allow you to skill up to 225 whereyou will be able to unlock Artisan First Aid through a quest.



In order to unlock 225-300 First Aid you need to first complete theTriage quest, which requires 225 First Aid skill and level 35 orabove. This quest is started by the following NPCs:

Doctor Gregory Victor: Arathi Highlands, around 73,37; Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen who is at the 68,49 map coordinates in Dustwallow Marsh.

Triage requires you to save 15 patients without more than 6 deathsby bandaging them with Triage Bandage, which is provided for thequest. In order to hit this goal, you need to prioritize bandaging the mostinjured NPCs first:

Critically Injured Soldier should be bandaged as soon as you finish your current cast as they will die very fast, otherwise.Badly Injured Soldier should be bandaged whenever there are nocritically injured targets nearby, or if they have been around for more thanone or two bandages on different targets.Injured Soldier should be bandaged whenever there are no othertargets to heal, or if they have been left around for a while, as they willstill eventually die if not attended to.

Make sure to hotkey Triage Bandage, and position yourself centrally in the room to minimize time spend not bandaging targets!


300 Skill Level Recipe: Powerful Anti-Venom

Once you are Honored with the Argent Dawn faction and have 300 First Aidskill, make sure to buy


Formula: Powerful Anti-Venom from one of thesevendors:

Quartermaster Miranda Breechlock: Eastern Plaguelands, around82,60; Argent Quartermaster Lightspark: Western Plaguelands, around43,84; Argent Quartermaster Hasana: Tirisfal Glades, around83,68.

Learning this recipe will allow you to create Powerful Anti-Venom,the most of powerful of its kind, which can dispel any poison in PvP, which isextremely handy against Rogues”


Crippling Poison and Hunters”


Viper Sting.

You can also use Powerful Anti-Venom on allies who are crowd controlled by poisons, such as


Blind. This is often the difference between victory and defeat in organized PvP, so be ready to do it at a moment”s notice!


Complete First Aid Craftables List

This is the full list of items crafted by First Aid in WoW Classic, orderedby skill required to learn:


Linen Bandage;


Heavy Linen Bandage; Anti-Venom;


Wool Bandage;


Heavy Wool Bandage; Strong Anti-Venom; Silk Bandage;


Heavy Silk Bandage;


Mageweave Bandage;


Heavy Mageweave Bandage;


Runecloth Bandage; Heavy Runecloth Bandage; Powerful Anti-Venom.


05 Dec. 2020: Removed the War Effort mention and added Loatheb as a major bandage boss.28 Jul. 2020: Updated the guide for Phase 5.25 Aug. 2019: Added a paragraph on using Powerful Anti-Venom to remove Blind on allies.

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