new blocks in minecraft caves and cliffs update snapshot app

Mojang has released many snapshots for the upcoming Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update.

After an excellent nether update, Mojang is now ready to revamp the overworld. The Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update has brought changes to world generation, especially mountains and caves. There are also many new biomes, blocks, items, and mobs to the game this year.

Reading: new blocks in minecraft caves and cliffs update snapshot app

Developers released the new features one after another in weekly snapshot releases. These snapshots are available for free on the Minecraft launcher.

Players can enable snapshots and download them to try the new features firsthand. Here's a list of all snapshots released as of April 2021.

List of Minecraft Java 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update Snapshots released so far

#1 – 20w45a

Image via Minecraft Wiki

This was the first snapshot of the Caves and Cliffs update. It added many new blocks and items, such as amethyst blocks, calcite, copper ores and more. Players can find naturally generated amethyst geodes deep underground.

#2 – 20w46a and 20w48a

Image via Minecraft

The 20w46a snapshot was not big enough, but it added a new block to the game. This block can be carried in a bucket and inflicts cold status on any entity that walks through it.

Snapshot 20w48a added pointed dripstone and dripstone blocks. Pointed dripstones grow from dripstone blocks. A falling dripstone can cause damage to a living entity below and vice-versa.

#3 – 20w49a

Image via Minecraft Wiki

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This snapshot introduced players to vibration, a new game mechanic. Players can detect vibrations using sculk sensors. Another exciting feature of this snapshot was the addition of dripstone caves.

Dripstone caves are new cave biomes filled with dripstone blocks and pointed dripstones. It has large clusters of pointed dripstone hanging from the ceiling and on the floor.

#4 – 20w51a and 21w03a

Image via Minecraft

Axolotls are now available in the game. As for this snapshot, these cute mobs don't spawn naturally. There were also some changes regarding sculk sensors, bundles, and shulker boxes.

21w03a, the first Minecraft Snapshot of 2021, added glow squid to the game. Like axolotls, glow squids also don't spawn naturally in this snapshot. These mobs drop glow ink sacs that are used to craft glow signs and glow item frames.

#5 – 21w05a and 21w05b

Image via Minecraft Wiki

The 21w05a snapshot added new lush cave blocks: moss blocks, hanging vines, azaleas, and more. Another snapshot, 21w05b, fixed bugs and made technical changes related to copper blocks.

#6 – 21w06a

Image via Minecraft Wiki

This is a significant snapshot of Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update. 21w06a changes the overworld generation and world height limit. It also added new types of large caves, spaghetti, and cheese. The new world limit is from Y-axis -64 to 320.

#7 – 21w07a

Image via Minecraft Wiki

In this snapshot, Mojang added grimstone blocks and tweaks to the ores and cave generation. Grimstone blocks replace stone under Y 0. Grimstone blocks appear as players transition into deeper areas underground. Due to the addition of larger caves, ore generation also required changes.

#8 – 21w08a and 21w08b

Image via Minecraft Wiki

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Snapshot 21w08a was renamed from grimstone to deepslate. There are different variants of deepslate, such as chiseled, bricks, and more.

21w08b also fixed some bugs related to ore distribution.

#9 – 21w10a and 21w11a

Image via Minecraft Wiki

21w10a implemented lush cave biomes in Minecraft. As of now, this biome is only available in a single-world biome. There are also some new deepslate blocks in this snapshot. 21w11a focused on fixing tons of bugs from previous Minecraft versions.

#10 – 21w13a and 21w14a

Image via Minecraft

The 21w13a Snapshot added goats to Minecraft. Another new addition was the light source block from the Bedrock Edition. As usual, there were also some tweaks to caves and ore vein generation.

Image via Minecraft

In the case of 21w14a, Mojang made a massive change to ore mining in Minecraft. In the Caves and Cliffs update, mining iron, gold, or copper drops their raw material. Players could use fortune enchantment on ores to get more resources.

#11 – 21w15a and 21w16a

Image via Minecraft Wki

Mojang also announced the split of Caves and Cliffs update. Due to this, they reverted all world generation changes to normal in 21w15a. Players could turn raw ores into blocks of raw metal. These blocks have the same recipe as other mineral blocks.

In 21w16a, pointed dripstones and azalea can now grow. Players can bonemeal azalea to turn it into azalea trees in Minecraft. Pointed dripstones hanging from dripstone blocks can now grow when there's a water block above.

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