northern area pow-wow styles include drum groups from the:

The Edo period was characterized by hundreds of years of isolation and relative peace without the influence of Western art and culture.

Đang xem: Northern area pow-wow styles include drum groups from the:

Buddhism is the native religion of Japan, and focuses on the innate goodness of man, worship of ancestors, and passage of life celebrations.
Japanese folk song, or minyo, was popular in the past but it no longer a part of Japan”s culture today
Noh drama was the theatre of the middle class, while kabuki and bunraku were patronized by the samurai.
The word term "samba" originally referred to the choreography of certain circle dances from:
The first opera performed in the New World, La púrpura de la rosa (The Blood of the Rose) (1701), was composed by:
Which of the following was NOT a 20th century composer who sought refuge in Argentina or Mexico from political conditions in Europe:

Which of the important Latin American woman composers has written electro-acoustic music with Latin jazz, salsa, and mambo influences?
The Peruvian huayno can also be heard in other Latin American countries. Which of the following is NOT a country in which the huayno would be heard:
Christmas music in Latin America today is likely be the same music used in the U.S. to entice shoppers at holiday time.

Arnold Richardson was arguably one of the most famous ethnologists who traveled across North America interviewing and recording elderly singers.

Part of the larger Iroquoian musical category called "Earth Songs," Eskanyeh are danced by both men and women.

One reason we know that many types of Indian music have remained unchanged is that beginning in the 1880s:

In Lakota (Northern Plains) society, a man would play flutes during courtship to convince the woman”s parents that he was capable of supporting her.
In traditional Native cultures there is an overarching concept of "music," i.e., they classify songs in terms of "music for flute" or "music for social dancing."

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In Pow-wow music, Southern singing is generally done with a lower voice, and slightly slower tempo, while Northern musicians tend toward faster tempos and more active rhythmic structures.
Plains pow-wow music uses a three beat-pattern AA” BC BC form with each phrase grouping ending with a formulaic cadential pattern of genre-specific vocables. This form is called:

The contemporary intertribal pow-wow has become a major force to maintain intact the music and dance traditions among today”s Indian populations.
Which of the following terms refers to a bass playing equal note values (usually quarter notes) on every beat in an unsyncopated manner:
What influential saxophonist started to rethink the inner works of jazz during his work with the pianist Thelonius Monk?
Which artist played as an opening act for bands like the Grateful Dead and Santana at the famed Fillmore in San Francisco in 1970?

What kind of jazz promoted chromatic harmonies, an intense and often blues” inflected expressivity, and bravura virtuosity?
The area between Broadway and Sixth Avenue on West 28th Street in New York City was fondly known as:
What 1960s artist led the way in manipulating the sound of the electric guitar by using feedback, distortion, and other electronic sound-changing devices?
In the 1920s and 30s, despite the fact that country music was marketed separately for many years, black and white southern music remained accessible to all.
Country Music is mainly derived from ballads, comedic stories, and songs like "Oh! Susanna" by Stephen Foster.
Which of the following singers is NOT representative of the "countrypolitan" style that became the mainstream Nashville sound through the 60s, 70s, and beyond?

In the 1930s, Western rural musical styles developed particularly in the new genre of western films.

Which of the following elevated the string band performances of Appalachian music into a virtuosic instrumental style called bluegrass in the 1940s?

According to a National Endowment for the Arts survey, country music became America”s most popular music in the 1980s.

Why were hardcore twangers, rockers, honky-tonkers, folk singers, traditionalists, and other roots-oriented musicians and audiences upset with Nashville as it became "Music City"?

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