What Is A Not A Force To Be Reckoned With ? A Force To Be (Or Not To Be) Reckoned With

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The Free Dictionary Language wtbblue.coms»English»English Vocabulary»A force to be (or not to be) reckoned with.

Đang xem: Not a force to be reckoned with

A force to be (or not to be) reckoned with. Options
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I have heard this phrase many times in the course of the past few months:”A force to be reckoned with.”Reflecting back upon my youth, I remember hearing the phrase pronounced; “A force NOT to be reckoned with.”Which would be the correct usage and what would be the difference, if any, between the two? Can anyone help with this? Thank you in advance.
I could not imagine “A force NOT to be reckoned with” used in any other context than the satirical.The first one describes a force(military group/country/organisation/business)that one must regard as formidable when making plans: whether they are plans to invade another country or to introduce a new product onto the market. The second – a force NOT to be reckoned with – is, strictly speaking, redundant. If it”s not something that will figure in your life/plans/intentions then why even bring it up? PS The verb “to reckon” here is being used in its original form, having to do with calculations. So: a force to be reckoned with is quite simply something we have to take into our calculations.
Romany has “hit the nail on the head.” (grasped or expressed the point very accurately) Nevertheless, I will “add my two cents.” (offer my humble opinion)Several posters have already “gone round the bush” on the issue (discussed the usage question you raised): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/Language/2010_January_22Finally, “to put a cherry on top,” (add a final flourish) I would say the phrase is self-contradictory because in reckoning (considering) a force insignificant, “a force NOT to be reckoned with,” one has in fact “reckoned” with it. (taken it into consideration)As penance for using so many cliches I will spend the rest of the day trying to think of something original. Back to top

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The Free Dictionary Language wtbblue.coms»English»English Vocabulary»A force to be (or not to be) reckoned with.

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