Quest: Nothing But The Truth Vanilla Wow Classic: 40, Nothing But The Truth

Start killing coyotes and buzzards on your way for “Barbecued Buzzard Wings”, “Coyote Thieves” and “Badlands Reagent Run”.Do “Study of the Elements: Rock”.Once these quests done, return to Kargath and turn them in. Skip next parts.At 42.53 turn in “Barbecued Buzzard Wings”.Make sure you are level 41, if not, grind until you are.Teleport to Grom’gol.Run to Swamp of Sorrows.

Đang xem: Nothing but the truth vanilla wow

41-42 – Swamp of Sorrows

At Misty Vale do the first part of “Nothing but the Truth”.Head to Stonard and make it your home.Do “Pool of Tears” in the lake around the Temple of Atal Hakkar. Use water breathing potions.Do “Lack of Surpulos” and start working on the second part of “Nothing but the Truth”.

Turn in “Galen’s Escape” at 48.40At the Harborage turn in “Draenethyst Crystals”.Go to the shore and do “Threat From the Sea” and “Fresh Meat”.Make sure you have completed “Nothing But the Truth”.Teleport to Stonard. Turn in “Fresh Meat”. You should be lvl 42 now.

NOTE: Before going to STV location be sure you have collected all pages for The Green Hills of Stranglethorn. If not, buy them.

42-43 – Stranglethorn Valley

Fly to Booty Bay.Make BB your home.Along the shore do “The Bloodsail Buccaneers” with “Up to Snuff” and “Keep An Eye Out”.

Now you can find a party for “Raptor Mastery” Elite quest.Around 41.43 do “Venture Company Mining”.At the troll ruins do “Skullsplitter Tusks” and “Split Bone Necklace”.Turn in “Mok’thardin’s Enchantment”.

Return to Nesingwary’s Expedition and turn in “Big Game Hunter”. Also turn in “The Green Hills of Stranglethorn”.Teleport to BB.Get boat to the Ratchet. Fly to Dustwallow Marsh.

43-44 – Dustwallow Marsh

Do “Marg Speaks” along the shore (57.63).Turn in at 37.33 and skip the next.Fly to TB, Mulgore.Turn in “The Black Shield” and “Deadmire”. Get new spells and abilities.Fly to Desolace.

44-44 – Desolace


Do the last part of “Nothing but the Truth”.At Magram Village do “Khan Jehn”.Return to Whalker Post and turn in “The Corrupter”. At the Kodo Graveyard turn in “Ghost-o-Plasm Round Up”.Turn in “Khan Jehn” at Uther the Wise.Teleport to Shadowprey Village.Turn in “Portal of the Legion”. Fly to Tanaris.

44-45 – Tanaris

Turn in “Tran’Rek”. Skip the next part.Make Gadgetzan your home.Turn in News for Frizzle and Razzeric’s Tweaking.At Pozzik turn it in and return to Gadgetzan.Turn in “Safety First” and skip the next part.

Go to Noonshade Ruins and start doing “Wastewander Justice” along with “Water Pouch Bounty”.Go to Lost Rigger Cove.Do “Southsea Shakedown”, “Pirates Hats Ahoy!”, “Stoley’s Shipment” and “WANTED: Andre Firebread”.Once you finished, teleport to Gadgetzan.

Go to Waterspring Field and do “More Wastewander Justice”.Retirn to Gadgetzan and turn it in.Fly to Thousand Needles. Ride to Feralas.

45-46 – Feralas

Make Feralas your home.North of Camp start doing “War in the Woodpaw”.At Woodpaw Hills do “Alpha Strike”.Kill Grimtotem taurens for theTeleport to Camp Mojache.


At Writhing Deep do “Stinglasher” and “Zukk’ash Infestation”.Do “The Mark of Quality” at the Feral Scar Vale.Turn in “Zukk’ash Report”.In the Valley of Honor turn in “Parts of the Swarm” and “A Grim Discovery”. AcceptAt the Valley of Spirits turn in “The Gordunni Orb”.Teleport to Ferals.

West of Camp Mojache do “Natural Materials”. Kill Sprite Darters.Teleport to Camp Mojache. Turn in “Natural Materials”. Fly to Ashenvale and go to Azshara.

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46-47 – Azshara

Do “Spiritual Unrest” around 14.72.Kill Satyr demons around 19.63.Turn these quests in and Head to Valormok.Turn in “Betrayed” and fly to Orgrimmar. Take zeppelin to Undercity.Fly to Tarren Mill and make it your home.

47-47 – The Hinterlands

Head to Hinterlands. Kill gryphons on your way for Long Elegant Feathers.


Now start doing all these quests, running around the whole location.Use Wildkin Muisek Vessel on the corpses of any Owlbeast.At Skull Rock loot Horde Supply Crates.At Quel’Danil Lodge complete “Message to the Wildhammer” and “Lines of Communication”. Loot items at 32.47, 30.49 and 29.46


Go to the path at 21.48.Return to Revantusk Village. Turn in all finished quests.Fly back to Hinterlands.


Teleport to Tarren Mill.Turn in “Undamaged Venom Sac”.Fly to Grom’gol.

47-47 – Stranglethorn Valley

Turn in “Grim Message”.Fly to BB.Make BB your home.Turn in “Back to Booty Bay”, “Deliver to MacKinley” and “Rescue OOX-22/FE!”

Teleport to BB and turn in “The Captain’s Chest”.Turn in “The Bloodsail Buccaneers”.Fly to Badlands. Run to Searing Gorge.

47-48 – Searing Gorge

Head to Thorium Point.Don’t forget to discover Flight path.

NOTE: all these quests are done around the whole location. Do several rounds.


Enter the cave at 50.45 and kill Dark Iron dwarves.In cave (47.46) kill

Go to Thorium Point and turn in all quests.Go to 24.37 and do “The Flame’s Casing”. These mobs are elite, but easy-killing. Just in case you can group up with somebody.

The North Tower at 33.55Western at 36.61Southern at 44.61Eastern at 50.55.While killing Dark Irons Dwarves, find Grimsite Outhouse Key (if you have not yet) and turn it in.Return to Kalaran and turn in Set Them Ablaze!Head to Burning Steps through Black Rock Mountain.Discover Flight Path at 66.24.Fly to Stonard.

48-49 – Swamp of Sorrows


Make Stonard your home.Teleport to Stonard.In cave at 66.77 do “Continued Threat” and “The Swamp Talker”.Turn in “Continued Threat” at 84.80

Die and resurrect at spirit.Take boat to Ratchet and fly to Dustwallow Marsh.

49-49 – Dustwallow Marsh

Return to village and accept turn in “The Brood of Onyxia”.Turn quest in.Fly to Feralas.

49-49 – Feralas

Make CM your home.Do “Hippogryph Muisek” around 56.64Teleport to Camp.Do it around 68.48, use quest item on Sprite Darters.Once you finished these quests, turn in only “Fuel for the Zapping”.


At The Twin Colossals do “Mountain Giant Muisek”. Use Zorbin’s Ultra-Shrinker to turn them into non-elites mobs. On corpses use Mountain Giant Muisek Vessel.Turn in “Zapped Giants” at 45.43.Be sure you have completed chicken escort.Fly to Tanaris.

49-50 – Tanaris


Make Gadgetzan your home.Go to The Noxious Lair and do “Noxious Lair Investigation”.Go to Thistleshrub Valley and do “Thistleshrub Valley” with “The Thirsty Goblin”.Turn it in atTurn in “Screecher Spirits”. Skip follow-up part.Teleport to Gadgetzan. Turn in completed quests.

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Turn in “Gahz’ridian” at 53.46.Die and resurrect at spirit.You should be level 50 now. Fly to Orgrimmar.Make it your home, get new spells.Fly to Azshara.

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