ONE HOUR of How to Transform from NOOB to PRO in Minecraft | Minecraft Animation

Notch: Are you a pro? (BOOM! all of you are ded) (Pop!) Steve: Hello world! |:^O Steve: a nice tree! Steve: I need some Stones (●´ω`●) Steve: Time to BUILD! ≧◡≦ Steve: PERFECT! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ Steve: Huh? Owl_Dude and Bald_Nub133: HAHAHAHHA Owl_Dude: Whats's that supposed to be? (Hahahah!) Bald_Nub123: WHAT A NOOB! (◣_◢) :/ Steve: My house just looks fine ? (Pro cool Song) cool_Loudout_Guy: Nonononononononono! cool_Loudout_Guy: That thing doesn't look good 😐 cool_Loudout_Guy: You can't just place that and live in there ಠ益ಠ cool_Loudout_Guy: Ya need some Building skills (:[ cool_Loudout _Guy : And i will help you ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ Steve: IS THAT MAGIC! :^O cool_Loudout_Guy: Let's start all over Steve: I like my old house better ಥ_ಥ No.1 Super AWESOME (AND BIG) Building cool_Loudout_Guy: After you made the base struc…

Steve: A Picture frame? cool_Loudout_Guy: (NO) After you made the base structure add a frame (Not a picture frame) cool_Loudout_Guy: You Build too! Steve: Why me (∩︵∩) cool_Loudout_Guy: On the backside too! Steve:Too much work… im.. to… Tired…… cool_loudout_Guy: Now let's add si.. Steve: Ok.. Ok.. Fine… Pro dude guy cool_Loudout_Guy: It will look good! Steve: I need to take a break… cool_Loudout_Guy: Continue with the roof! (NOW!) ⋋_⋌ Steve: NOOOO!!!!!!! i want to take a break o(╥﹏╥)o cool_Loudout_Guy: Me use slabs, stairs and planks Steve: ●︿● cool_Loudout_Guy: Also on the sides we build a roof! ♥‿♥ cool_Loudout_Guy: Now continue by adding some details, come do it too! cool_Loudout_Guy: You can use fences,stairs,trap doors, these are just a few ideas cool_Loudout_Guy: You see we added leaves as decoration Steve: OMG!!!! (。♥‿♥。) cool_Loudout_Guy: And we didn't only use glass for the windows but fences too! (And imma tell my friend to help me because im tired) ???: Hi (Im Kool_Loudout_Guy BFF) i will help you now (And my name is Aplle) Aplle: The back needs to be decorated too…

>.< Aplle: We are mostly done outside lets's continue with the inside :)! Aplle: THIS IS UGLY AHFDHSAHFAHFASGGASFGSDGS Aplle: Start replacing the floor with wood! 😀 Aplle: Now add a frame to the inside NOW! >:( Aplle: HERE TOO! AND HURRY UP Steve:.

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