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Minecraft Opengl Error 1281 (Invalid Value)

A common error many of the Minecraft players face is the Minecraft OpenGL error. It shows on your game’s player chat as “OpenGL Error: 1281 (Invalid value)”. It ends up being unpleasant for most users because of its constant spam alerts in the chat.

However, it does not take too much effort to be fixed and is not fatal to your computer. But before we get into the solutions, let us talk about what OpenGL is and what its connection is with Minecraft.

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OpenGL is an application program interface program that allows better rendering of your game, it removes the load on your GPU by rendering only the images that the user is directly viewing.

What’s different between Minecraft and OpenGL is; Since a majority of the graphics cards support OpenGL, this particular game comes with the OpenGL option preselected. You do not get to choose whether you want to play your game with OpenGL or not.

How do you Fix the Minecraft OpenGL error?

The causes of the error may range from being very obvious to very discreet. But trust us when we tell you that this error is not a problem and can be easily fixed.

Just go through all our solutions below one by one, and you might just find the one that works for you. If all else fails, you do have the option of reinstalling the game from scratch:

#1 Update all your Windows or your graphic card drivers

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Updating windows and downloading the latest drivers of the graphics card has been known as the most common solution to this error.

To update your windows all you have to do is:

  • Open “Windows Settings” by pressing Win+I.
  • Navigate to “Update & Security”.
  • Go to “Windows Update” (1) and hit “Check for updates” (2) and your windows will be updated.

If your graphics drivers are not present on your windows update, you are going to have to download them manually. To do that, go to your driver manufacturer’s official website and look for the latest available versions of your device-specific drivers.

#3: Change in-game Video Settings

Before going to the more complicated fixes, try to tweak the in-game video settings to see if something changes. Some settings may work for your version of the game and may stop showing the OpenGL error message.

Although lowering your graphics is most likely going to make your playing experience less engaging.

Try to lessen the render distance, disable the VBO, lower the in-game resolution, change your fps, modify clouds, shadows, etc.

#5: Turn off your Mods

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Mods, just like shaders, are your game’s extras. But unlike shaders (that are largely visual), mods are custom in-game items that you can download and add. These items range from blocks, mobs, tools, and even custom food.

So, if solution 4 has not worked for you. Your game is likely bugging because of mod incompatibility. The fix is quite simple and similar to the previous solution. All you have to do is disable all of your mods and launch the game to see if you are still seeing the error message.

Then you can individually go through all your mods to identify which one is faulty.

#7: Update your OptiFine

OptiFine, as we mentioned before, is a third-party Minecraft optimization tool. It allows your game to have advanced in-game video settings, different from the game’s original version (known as the Vanilla version among players).

The tool enhances the game’s video settings and allows users to have a better and faster experience, all while using different mods and shader packs. It optimizes the game accordingly and increases its fps considerably.

So, what do you do when OptiFine becomes the problem instead of the solution? You check the root of the problem. And the root of the problem in most cases is an outdated or incompatible version of OptiFine.

To fix this, you need to check the version of OptiFine currently installed in your computer. Update it if you are using an outdated one (the latest one is going to be on OptiFine’s official website) and try opening Minecraft again to see if it has worked.

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