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20 Impossibly Creative DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations {Brilliant ideas}I absolutely love decorating for Christmas! I also love changing up my decorations from time to time, particularly the outdoor ones. If you’ve been looking for new ways to dress up your lawn this holiday season, this is definitely the collection for you.

I’ve found so many wonderful DIY outdoor Christmas decorating projects for you to try! Most of them are really easy and all of them are inexpensive, my favorite type of project.

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We’ve already covered decorating the entryway with 20 DIY Door Decoration projects. Now let’s cover the lawn and the walkway up to your beautifully decorated door.

Also be sure to check out these 40 DIY Christmas decorations that you can make from cheap Dollar Store finds. So, now you have the door decorated and you’ve got your indoors all done, let’s take a look at some amazing ways to make your front lawn merrier this holiday season.

From giant paper plate lollipops to lighted snowmen made from plastic cups, there are so many wonderful and fun projects in this collection. I can’t wait to get started! Let me know which one is your favorite and which one you try.

1. How to Make a Rustic Christmas Snowman Decoration

Are you into rustic design trends and all things homespun and delightful? I sure am. I admit it—I fell head over heels for mason jars, burlap, sliding barn doors, and all other things rustic the moment it became a big deal. And I just know I’m going to have rustic décor in my life long after the trend goes away.

Tutorial/Source: DIY Rustic Snowmen Decorations

2. Giant Christmas Ornaments

Giant Christmas OrnamentsThese huge colorful ornaments are just what you need to dress up your lawn. Hang them from the porch or just lay them around the yard. They’re really easy to make and kids will love them.

You make them from large plastic balls which you can get from the Dollar Store for around a dollar each. Then you dress them up like ornaments and hang them all over the yard.

Tutorial: diyncrafts

3. DIY Candy Cane Poles

DIY Candy Cane PolesPVC and duct tape are the main materials to create these amazing candy cane poles….that light up! Note that you will need to hook up the lights so you should feel a bit comfortable working with lighting, lamps, and the sort.

These are gorgeous when they’re finished and the perfect way to light the path to your home for Christmas.

Tutorial: copelandchristmas

4. DIY Light Balls

DIY Light BallsThese lighted ornamental balls all over your lawn will surely give off a merry look. They’re relatively easy to make and you only need chicken wire and some LED lights.

You just form the wire into a ball and cover it with lights. Do these in multiple colors or just clear if you’re looking for that simple decorating look. They’re so easy and so beautiful when they’re finished!

Tutorial: christmaslightsetc

5. DIY Pallet Christmas Tree

DIY Pallet Christmas TreeYou know how much I love pallet projects. This one is really simple, although it does require a bit of cutting. Just draw out your tree shape on the pallet and then cut it out.

You can paint it if you want and then drill holes for your lights to show through. This is the perfect Christmas tree for the front porch or you could have a couple of them in the yard, too.

Tutorial: jolenescrafting

6. DIY Starburst Ornaments

DIY Starburst OrnamentsThese starburst ornaments are very reminiscent of Christmas ornaments from years ago. They’re easy to make and this is a great project for the kids.

You use straws all tied together to create the starburst and then just paint them the colors that you want. Hang them on the porch or on an outdoor tree to really spruce up your yard for the holidays.

Tutorial: listotic

7. Concrete Holiday Gift Box

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Concrete Holiday Gift BoxThis DIY concrete holiday gift box may be my favorite outdoor decoration ever. It’s gorgeous and actually really easy to make. You’ll need Frog Tape, which you can pick up at most hardware or home improvement stores.

Take those concrete squares and turn them into something that you’ll be proud to showcase year after year. This one is mostly marking off where to paint and painting – it’s really simple.

Tutorial: wtbblue.comacircle

8. Tiered Tomato Cage Christmas Trees

Tiered Tomato Cage Christmas TreesTomato cages are the perfect shape for making outdoor Christmas trees. To make these, you’ll also want to pick up some wired garland, which you can get at any Dollar Store or Wal-Mart fairly cheap.

You’ll need lights, too unless you get lighted garland, which will cut down your project by a step or two. These are gorgeous trees and you can still use the tomato cages come spring for your garden…you just take the garland off when Christmas is over.

Tutorial: twotwentyone

9. DIY Wooden Stars

DIY Wooden StarsYou’ll need a few pine boards, some clear lights, and a few other supplies to create these gorgeous wooden stars, which you can hang all over the porch or lawn.

Do them in different sizes to add dimension to your decorating. They’re relatively easy to make and look so beautiful when they’re finished.

Tutorial: dukemanorfarm

10. Shutter Snowmen

Shutter SnowmenIf you don’t have old shutters you can use for these adorable snowmen, I think you can probably pick them up at a thrift store or even a garage sale for pretty cheap.

Then you just paint and decorate them to turn them into this adorable Frosty family that kids in your neighborhood are sure to love.

Tutorial: prettymyparty

11. Lighted Gift Boxes

Lighted Gift BoxesThese gift boxes aren’t made of concrete and they’re definitely worth the time it takes to DIY them.

What I love about this project is there are so many different ways that you can make these and so many different materials that you can choose from…you’re sure to have something lying around the house that will help you to put these lovely boxes together.

Tutorial: christmaslightsetc

12. DIY Nutcrackers

DIY NutcrackersThese huge nine foot nutcrackers would be perfect for guarding your front door, don’t you think? I love nutcrackers and think this project is pretty easy considering what you’re actually building.

If you don’t want them so tall, you could just shorten the plans just a bit. They’re still bound to be the hit of the neighborhood, and don’t require nearly as much technical savvy as you would think.

Tutorial: meighan

13. DIY Lighted Candy Canes

DIY Lighted Candy CanesThese lighted candy canes are made from PVC pipe and a few clear Christmas lights. You’ll need to do some drilling and putting together on these, and you can actually do them whatever height you want.

They’re perfect for lighting up the walkway to the front porch or you could have them lining your yard, however you want to use them. They’re easy to make and really inexpensive.

Tutorial: ehow

14. DIY Gingerbread Man

DIY Gingerbread ManYou just can’t decorate for Christmas without at least one gingerbread man. This one sits right out on the front lawn to welcome all of your holiday visitors.

You literally just cut him out from insulation foam and then paint and decorate him how you want. This would be a really neat project to do with any number of Christmas characters and they could keep your gingerbread man company.

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Tutorial: hallmarkchannel

15. DIY Wood Lanterns

DIY Wood LanternsThese DIY wood lanterns are the perfect outdoor decoration, and you can leave them up even after the holidays are over.

Once you get them built, just decorate with Christmas colors, maybe a ribbon or bow, and you’re all set. They have such a rustic Christmas look to them, reminiscent of the Victorian era, and they’re not nearly as difficult to make as you would think.

Tutorial: hometalk

16. DIY North Pole Sign

DIY North Pole SignHow much are your kids going to love this DIY North Pole sign? It’s made from PVC pipe and rope lights. It’s a little complicated and time consuming, but completely doable and it will be so worth the effort when you see how gorgeous it is.

Let it light the way to your front door so Santa can find his way inside.

Tutorial: mypookiedesigns.

17. Large Christmas Candy Decorations

Large Christmas Candy DecorationsWhile visions of sugar plums dance in your head, imagine yourself creating these DIY Christmas candies to decorate the lawn or porch.

This is also a repurposing project, which I absolutely adore, and your yard will look great with these huge candies strewn around.

A few pool noodles, which you can grab for a steal right now, and some crafty cutting and wrapping and you’re all set to decorate your lawn.

Tutorial: theseasonalhome

18. Plastic Cup Snowman

Plastic Cup SnowmanThis snowman is the most creative thing I think I’ve ever seen! It’s made from plastic cups and it’s simply adorable. When you’re finished putting the cups together, you can put lights in him and set him on the porch.

Kids will absolutely adore helping with this and he’ll really help to bring in the holiday cheer with everyone who enters your home. Plus, plastic cups are really inexpensive, so you could even make a pair.

Tutorial: colorcitos

19. Contemporary Christmas Trees

Contemporary Christmas TreesThese cone shaped Christmas trees are a bit more modern in their design, but they’re just as beautiful as those made from evergreens.

They’re inexpensive and the perfect project for beginning DIY’ers. The lights are fantastic and will really set you in the holiday mood. You can get all of your supplies at any home improvement store if you don’t already have them on hand.

Tutorial: lowes

20. Giant Frozen Christmas Ornaments

Giant Frozen Christmas OrnamentsI want to make these so much, but unfortunately it doesn’t typically get cold enough at Christmas where I live. These giant ornaments are nothing more than frozen balls of water, and they’re absolutely amazing!

If you live somewhere cold, you can easily make these, or let the kids do it. They’re going to love them! You just mold the balls of ice with balloons and use food coloring to give them color. When they’re frozen, cut away the balloon and you have gorgeous Christmas ornaments for the front lawn.

Tutorial: grouprecipes

21. Giant Paper Plate Lollipops

Giant Paper Plate LollipopsThese giant lollipops are the perfect addition to your outdoor Christmas decorating, and they are super easy and inexpensive to make.

Compare these to the ones that you buy in stores and you’re saving a bundle by DIYing them. Plus, you can create the designs and colors that you want. Paper plates, paint, plastic, and wooden rods are all you need.

Tutorial: smartschoolhouse

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