What”s the BEST method of approaching a nutrition myth?
experimenting with it in your diet
doing your own research
talking to friends
trial and error

Đang xem: Overweight people tend to have faster resting metabolisms

Which of the following is a healthy fat?
saturated fat
trans fat
polyunsaturated fat
enriched fat

Approximate the BMR for a 180-lb, sedentary man over a 24-hour period.
Formula: 1 calorie per hour for every kilogram (2.2 lbs) of body weight
Sedentary: Add 200 calories per day
180 / 2.2 = 82 82 x 24(hrs) = 1,968 1,968 + 200 = 2,168 calories burned per day. Answers from 2,000 to 2,300 are acceptable.
Explain why the myth that eating late at night causes weight gain is so popular and the steps a person can take to eat responsibly late at night.
Eating late at night is frequently believed to cause weight gain. The time itself isn”t an important function of weight gain. Eating at night tends to push people over their calorie limit for the day, which in turn cause weight gain. Eating foods at night that do not exceed a person”s daily calorie limit will not result in weight gain.
Which of the following is NOT one of the five vegetable categories?
dark green

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Consider the nutrition label that is found on food products. Do you believe it provides relevant information to a potential consumer? Why or why not?
Students are free to agree or disagree but must provide rational support for their answer. For instance, a student may observe that the listed serving sizes are misleading, since people may tend to consume all of a product that contains multiple servings. Other students may find that the layout flows in a logical manner and highlights the majority of essential nutrients.
The serving size is a measured portion of food with calculated nutritional information. Serving sizes are found on the food labeling. Portion size is the food that”s actually consumed during a snack or meal.

Types of foods that should be consumed daily include grains (carbohydrates), fruits, vegetables, dairy, and protein An example of each are as follows: apples, grapes, oranges, and bananas are examples of fruits; lettuce, carrots, corn, and broccoli are examples of vegetables; cheeseand milk are examples of dairy products; meat, fish, beans, and eggs are examples of protien; and bread, cereal, rice, and pasta are examples of grains.

The main reason for including this label is so consumers can be informed when making dietary decisions. For example, a "Hamburger Helper"-type box meal may say it only has 400 calories per serving as packaged. However, once a person gets around to adding all the additional ingredients that didn”t come in the box, it may double or even triple the amount of calories per serving.
Explain the difference between the columns commonly found on nutrition labels called "As Packaged" and "As Prepared." Why do some products have both and others only have "As Packaged"?
Nutritional information in the "As Packaged" column is just that: it”s a measure of the raw components in a box or processed item. However, on packages with both columns, it”s usually not recommended or expected to consume without additional preparation. "As Prepared" takes into account other components that need to be added to the package in order to make it. An example of this could be a cake mix: cake usually requires eggs, butter, or milk in addition to the cake mix. The "As Prepared" column attempts to take these added nutritional sources into account. Simply, "As Packaged" refers to how the nutritional content of the food marketed, and "As Prepared" refers to the nutritional content of the food when it”s ready for consumption.

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