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So I did the quest with the germinating seed and spawned the carnivorous lasher then killed it and didn't get whatever its supposed to drop for Rank 2 Zin'anthid herb gathering. I got another germinating seed but the fertile soil patch is gone. Is this bugged? From what I can tell you have to do the germinating seed quest more than once but that isn't possible with the soil patch gone.

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not 100% uptime. like the rest of the rares, it has forced downtime between spawns. because its an event rather than just a monster, the trigger (the soil) won't always be up

I am not sure if this is supposed to be a repeatable quest. I actually got a problem on this one just yesterday. I got the seed, did the quest, fed the plant all of that. Looted the element that gives you the final part of the quest and returned it at the camp in Nasjatar… and the rank 2 did not unlock. Some people had this issue because they received the quest before they even learned the rank 1. For me it is not the case, I learned it already on day 1. I opened a ticket for that, now waiting for a feedback.

Back at the start of BfA I had the same problem with Anchor Weed. I got the quest, completed it and it didn't validate the rank 2. And there was no way to re-loot the item to start the quest. In the end, customer service just validated it for me. Let's see if it goes the same way for this one.

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I have some feedback after my contact with the customer service.

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Basically, the quest is working as intended but is just confusing in the way it is presented. Il lets you think that the completion of the quest will provide you with rank 2, which is not the case. It introduces you to the concept of that plant NPC: you loot a seed, you search for fertile soil, plant it, feed it and kill the monster that pops out of it. During the first encounter you face a “normal” monster, and you are actually phased so that you are 100% sure you get the fertile soil. But the monster that pops at the end will not drop the recipe.

You then have to keep gathering until you get another seed, and search for the fertile soil again. I think it is supposed to be at the same location, but it doesn't have a 100% uptime. Your best bet is to stay in front of it and wait until the fertile soil becomes available. You then do the process again, and this time you will have a rare version of the monster to pop out. This one has a chance to drop the recipe, but not a 100% chance to do so. So you may have to repeat that several times.

Here is link to a page on wow head regarding that rare NPC:

You will find there some info regarding the NPC, and advice as to how to be able to fight it, like call people on the chat when you see the fertile soil up and somebody might come and summon the plant for you.

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Clearly at the moment the original quest is kind of misleading. The people at the customer service told me that they received a lot of bug reports about this because other players thought like I did that the quest didn't work properly. They gave the info to the developper team to make it more understandable in a future fix/patch.

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