Payday 2 In Minecraft [Animation]

We did it once, we can do it again. Get in there and boost that art clowns. OK guys get inside and locate the art. We want the paintings with the red stickers on. Look out for guards and cameras. [Grunting sound] There! [Scream] Yeah, brief coms malfunction back to normal now There's something going on here! [Scream] [inaudible radio talk] Over there. Status report please. Nothing to report i'd say, not much at all happening down here. No sudden movements! Sound the alarm right away! New plan people because the old ones dead! HRT coming in! Everybody remain calm! OPEN FIRE! FIRE! There deploying SWAT units.

Police Heli coming in! Dozer here and ready for action! They're on the roof. Breach, BREACH! It's a mother fucking Bull Dozer! That's all you got? BullDozer down! Cops responding, here we go! Open Fire! Oh shit shield! Grenade! This is the police Drop your weapons and come out with your hands over your head! Look out, sniper team setup on a rooftop near by. Your surrounded, there is no way out! Don't move a muscle! Fuck yeah! Hurry, go go go! Escape just drove in, you ready? Vans here! Say it again, escape vans here! Miss me didn't you? Hey wolf come on come on! Subtitles by Game On.

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