phrase expressing the aim of a group or party

How to Determine a Phrase Expressing the Aim of a Group or Party

A phrase expressing the aim of a group or party, what is it? To know what is the most suitable phrase, it is necessary to learn more about what a group is. A group is some people that are gathered into one to do the same actions in order to achieve certain goals. The primary process to form a group is orientation and exploration. This way, all the members can assimilate well, learn about how to develop the group’s functions, and more.

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It is much better if each member is able to express his or her feeling even it is related to sadness, worries, and doubts. Sure, they can also share their expectations so that the relationships among the members are getting tighter. in general, a group can be divided into 2 types; they are formal and informal groups.

Formal vs. Informal Groups

A formal group is defined as a group that is formed and arranged officially by members or even managers. There are some tasks or jobs to give in relation to the achievement of the group itself. Formal groups are also often called as parties or organizations. Those parties and organizations commonly have some goals in certain aspects of life. The aspects are social, politics, economy, cultures, and more.

Next, there is also an informal group; it is a group that is arranged unofficially or buys itself. Commonly, it is started by some people who are gathered in a certain place or location. Then, they realize that they have the same purposes or goals. Then, they try to achieve it although all the processes and situations are still not formal.

Roles of Individuals in Groups

A group consists of some individuals. It is reasonable for sure if each of the individuals has very important roles in the group. In fact, the group’s performance is very depending on the individual’s performance inside. All the jobs and tasks inside, it is the members who determine whether they will be successful or not.

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Based on that fact, efforts to improve the group’s productivity must be started from improving the performance of the member. Each individual, when he or she enters the group, he or she must bring his or her own abilities, confidence, skills, expectations, experiences, and more. Meanwhile, the members must have characteristics that are different from one to another. When those characteristics are dealing with the group orders, they are often affecting each other.

However, there is also a sad fact in which not all individuals may be interested in their jobs. There are some reasons for this. One of them is that some individuals may not have intentions to enter the group since the beginning. In this case, they are commonly forced to join for some factors. For example, entering the group is an obligation given by the company they work or even family.

Sure, such individuals tend to be troublesome for some others. There are some actions to do to overcome this problem. At the beginning, it is not bad to give those individuals some chances to join. But when there is no change after a certain period of time, other members may give him or her freedom whether he or she wants to continue the membership or not.

Phrases Expressing Aims of the Group or Party

There are many phrases to develop for a group or a party. It is no matter what phrases will be. But the most important thing, the phrases must be able to motivate and give spirits for the members to do their jobs. Before developing the phrases, the aims or goals or purposes must be determined first. The aims are around some areas below.

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First, it is the mission of the group. What is the main reason they establish the group? What are the goals to achieve? Second, it is about the vision or direction they are headed. The vision is expressed when there is a gap between the current condition and the mission. Third, the strategies are also important points to develop the phrases. The strategies are developed to determine actions so that the gap between the current condition and goals can be reduced. After knowing all of them, it is the time to determine a phrase expressing the aim of a group or party.

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