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Fans of the MMORPG genre are most likely acquainted through both titles to some level, yet what truly sets them apart? Today we’ll take a look at some of the key differences in between Diablo III and also Path of Exile.

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Release date

Diablo III released in 2012 and also had actually some substantial shoes to fill as fans of the franchise were eagerly awaiting a worthy successor of Diablo II. Arguably, a lot of were let down by the different direction the game went in and it was even more plagued by launch concerns with servers, and errors and also the inrenowned in-game keep. The initial price for the game was $60.

Path of Exile released in 2013 and also it was crowdfunded by fans. The title had even more than 46,000 world participating in its open beta and regulated to raise over $240,000 via pre-purchase microtransactions. Unprefer Diablo III, PoE relied on the free-to-play design.


Diablo II was among the darkest games at the moment and many type of intended that Diablo III to follow in its footactions. While you can’t say that it didn’t make an effort, the design and also themes in D3 seem more favor a dark fantasy setting as soon as compared to the dark medieval feel of Diablo II.

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Path of Exile is to some degree a much better extension of Diablo II than Diablo III. The game’s graphics are definitely not much better than D3 however they serve their function. The environment in the game is as dark as it gets, with no restrictions on blood, gore and violence throughout the major story.

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Overall, both titles have a mature theme, other than Diablo III reminds us of Warcraft in some instances.

Character customization

Diablo II had many options to develop your character and also customize items. Sadly, a lot of them were removed through Diablo III. Rune words which were a fan-favorite method to make the specific item you need, are no much longer tbelow. Attributes are also unchoose Diablo II, where you obtained some points each time you level up. In Diablo III, characteristics can only be acquired through gear or ability tree talents. Classes in Diablo III specify most your gameplay as you’ll be limited to specific spells and also talents based upon the character you chose.

In Path of Exile, qualities are likewise gained via the passive ability tree or items. Unlike D3, though, classes don’t matter as much. The passive tree in PoE is huge and your starting class just specifies where on the tree you begin. In instance you desire to make a spell caster through a focus on elepsychological damages, picking Witch will certainly carry you the closest to many of the related talents. But there’s likewise nopoint wrong via going for Marauder and also making it occupational alengthy the means.

Spells in the game are not tied to a class however are instead obtained via skill gems that you equip in your items. Anyone deserve to use them as lengthy as you possess the necessary amount of qualities.


Diablo III offered to have an auction house wright here players can put up items for sale. There were 2 versions of the AH, one making use of in-game currency, while the other one supplied real-world money. The auction house was rerelocated all at once in 2019 and for an excellent reason. Described as the biggest failure in Diablo III, the real-human being money AH was supplied to drainpipe the credit cards of bewildered paleas that never imagined that a legendary in-game weapon can go for $100 or more.

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Right now, players can just profession items if they’re in a party and also within two hours, after which the item gets account-locked.

What the D3 auction residence looked prefer. (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Path of Exile is a game that is virtually totally based upon trading and connecting through the area. This might be a dream come true or a hassle, depending upon exactly how you look at it. The title has an insane amount of in-game currency which is likewise offered to craft items.

There’s also an main trading platform on the PoE website as well as another one enabled by the developers. Any item that drops in-game have the right to be traded, so gearing up through distinctive items from level 1 is totally possible.

One of the sites provided for trading in PoE. (Image credit: PoE trade)


Sometimes, it have the right to be difficult to keep player interemainder in the title as the content doesn’t adjust a lot. Diablo III does a rather bad task in this as seasons feel more choose a refresh and also a possibility to start anew through challenges being included to the pot. Since the game is heavily tied to its lore and also cinematic feel, the just huge updates came through its greatest growth, Reaper of Souls.

In Path of Exile, tright here are Leagues and also eincredibly League brings in new mechanics, brand-new bosses, brand-new methods to craft or somepoint else completely. Part of these changes continues to be in the game while others gain scrapped at the end of the League.

Future plans

Both titles have already announced their plans for the future. For Diablo, it will certainly be the fourth iteration of the game, but so far we just have actually a trailer and some seemingly watered-down character stats.


Perhaps Blizzard will certainly decide to make a rerotate closer to Diablo II? Rumors are we’ll check out the fourth installment of Diablo in 2020, however a good guess would be 2021.

Path of Exile also released a trailer for PoE 2, yet the game won’t be a sequel as much as a brand-brand-new campaign and also from what it appears, a graphics upday. The game’s story is currently more than engaging as instead of playing the exact same point three times (as soon as for each difficulty), pursuits and also places vary making the story unfold naturally. Adding a new campaign will certainly no doubt incorporate whole brand-new regions, items, lore and also even more.

At the end of the day, both titles do a good task of keeping your interest. Diablo III aims for a more comprehensive audience through an extra poliburned feel and a smoother leveling experience at the price of late-game content. Path of Exile does the opposite, via challenge spikes occasionally punishing your construct difficult, while the end-game content is even more than sufficient. Both titles will certainly gain a brand-new release in the nearby future and also by the looks of it, things will certainly just obtain much better.

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