I'm using Dev C++ and also eextremely time I open up up the app I simply compiled it says after my statement, "Press any essential to continue." Besides the fact that there is never a space between the statement and also the quote over, which bugs the hell out of me, I can't figure out just how to remove it.To some of you this may seem a little bit trivial, yet as I understand it, C++ and also coding in general is supposed to do what YOU desire, at leastern a lot of of the time. And, I'd simply favor to recognize what I have the right to carry out to get rid of that in my source file.And if you deserve to tell me just how to put a space in in between that and also my statement, that would certainly be advantageous in instance that I desire that to show up.

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device ("pause"); reasons it to say "press any kind of essential to continue. . ."You deserve to eliminate that, and attempt any type of number of means of Holding the Execution Window OpenTry that connect, it's pretty useful and I'm certain will certainly answer all of your inquiries regarding this matter.Just a quick note, try to stop the system() attribute wherever feasible. It takes the majority of processing compared to using somepoint more simple such as getch(); or cin.get();Hope this helps


This does assist, thank you.
system("pause>nul"); this pasupplies the screen without the bit message.But favor gabehabe shelp tright here are other better methods of pausing the display screen. I was taught utilizing the system function though so it's what I'm offered to. Gotta remove my bad behavior...

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I use system() ssuggest bereason i recognize the windows DOS regulates extremely well. Besides, you can't usage getch() to XCOPY
Dev C++ I recognize must have system("PAUSE"); at the finish, but for applications such as Visual Studio, this ending code is unneccesary.
No not at all, I expect my alternative of words for this was a little poor, I supposed to say that in a Visual Studio application it will pause immediately without the system("pause"); finish. Sorry for any confusion I might have actually led to.

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If you run a program from the command line (and it doesn't have actually system("PAUSE"); at the end) it will return to cmd after the regime is run -> no "Press any kind of vital to proceed...".P.S. cin.get(); doesn't occupational for me. I have no clue why -- the compiler appears to disregard it.
And if you deserve to tell me exactly how to put an area in between that and also my statement, that would be valuable in situation that I desire that to present up.

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This regimen shows you how to put lines after the last statement, so tright here is one empty line between your statement and also "push any kind of essential to continue..." in case you ever desire to use it.Either use endl without quotes or usage \n within quotes. Or you have the right to use both, favor so:

#includeusing nameroom std;int main(){ //test coutyep that's a whole program, lol. \n is the newline character and also if I remember ideal, endl represents finish line.
We've discussed this topic before out hereIt's a pinned topic for God's sake, how can you miss out on it?

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