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The 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Update for Minecraft is set to open up new possibilities and a road to continued success for speedrunning in terms of seeds.

Selecting the right Minecraft seed is one of the essential factors for any successful speedrun. Having the necessary structures to complete the game in convenient and efficient locations allows players to move at a greatly accelerated pace.

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Players have plenty of time to practice with already-discovered seeds for speedrunning before the 1.17 update officially drops. However, this is also the perfect time to start exploring for potentially record-breaking seeds or for players to give themselves a brief introduction to the world of speedrunning.

This article will showcase a collection of some of the speculated best seeds to use for speedrunning Minecraft in 1.17.

5 best Minecraft 1.17 seeds for speedrunning

#5 Seed with Full Guide for Any% Glitchless

Speedruns in Minecraft are successfully completed when players kill the Ender Dragon (Image via

Minecraft players who are looking to get into speedrunning for the first time would greatly benefit from using this seed.

It is highly unlikely that any player will break a world record on their first few attempts. The focus of players who just started speedrunning should be fine-tuning their technical skills and getting a feel for how speedrunning flows. Practice makes perfect after all!

MrYoloTheLegend offers a step-by-step guide on how to complete the entire speedrun.

Guide here

Platform: Bedrock

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Seed: -27383160

#4 Random Seed – Give the Random Seed Category a Try

There are practically a countless number of different seeds in Minecraft, that all can be used for speedrunning (Image via

One of the most popular categories for Minecraft speedrunning requires players to use a completely random seed with every attempt. This category forces Minecraft players to quickly think on their feet, showcasing a combination of both skill, technical expertise, and luck.

With a set seed, players are able to practice over and over again and can make as many total attempts with a chosen seed as they like. The Random Seed category offers a breath of fresh air, where Minecraft players will consistently be faced with different world layouts to conquer.

Platform: Java or Bedrock

Seed: ???

#3 Current Any% Glitchless Set Seed WR – Java

Speedrunner MinecrAvenger used this Minecraft seed to set the current world record for the Any% Glitchless – Set Seed, 1.9-1.15 category for Java Edition.

Until someone is able to break this record with a different seed, this seed should become a part of a Minecraft speedrunner's repertoire.

Platform: Java

Seed: -4530634556500121041

#2 A Seed to Explore

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This seed can currently be used for 1.16 but should also work well with the 1.17 update. Everything that players need in order to successfully complete the speedrun is within close proximity of the world spawn point.

Platform: Java

Seed: -5458319396832005045

#1 Current Any% Glitchless Set Seed WR – Bedrock

Speedrunner Danny15 used this Minecraft seed to set the current world record for the Any% Glitchless – Set Seed, PC category for Bedrock Edition.

This seed has proven to be incredibly successful across multiple categories of Minecraft speedrunning. Why fix what isn't broken?

Platform: Bedrock

Seed: 376166226

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