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Farming is one of the main ways to obtain resources in Minecraft. Players can get almost all kinds of blocks and items by building farms, including food, crops, and XP.

Players can use pre-found seeds to get suitable locations for building farms in Minecraft easily. A farm's location can play a major role in its efficiency. For example, a wither skeleton farm made in soul sand valley will have a high spawn rate compared to ones built in other biomes.

Reading: pretty minecraft 1.17 bedrock seeds with multiple spawners nerfed

This article features some amazing seeds perfect for farming in Minecraft. Players can find seeds for building mob XP farms or just farm some regular crops.

Minecraft seeds for building farms

5) Five spider spawners (Seed: 7899709838164662980)

In this Java seed, players can find five spider spawners around X:6 Y:17 Z:204, which is pretty close to the spawn point. By utilizing all these spawners, players can build a highly efficient spider farm.

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However, activating all of these spider spawners is not possible by a single player. That's why this seed is better for multiplayer servers, where players can come together to use the farm.

4) Dungeon under village (Seed: -831254223)

Skeleton spawner (Image via Minecraft)

In this Java seed, players can find a desert village with a skeleton dungeon underneath. This seed is excellent for building an early-game skeleton farm. Using bones from the skeleton, players can farm crops as well.

The coordinates for the spawner are X: -992 Y: 17 Z: -1776.

3) 2×4 slime chunks (Seed: -1488154678922569072)

Ten slime chunks connected (Image via Chunkbase)

Farming slimes can be a little complex,, since the way to farm them needs slime chunks. However, one slime chunk can sometimes not be enough for a player's needs.

To build a highly efficient slime farm, players look for multiple slime chunks close to each other. In this Java seed, players can find 2*4 slime chunks attached at spawn.

2) Village with pillager outpost (Seed: 1820710087)

Village with outpost (Image via u/RussianSaurusRex on Reddit)

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Minecraft's world generation can be pretty weird at times, especially in Bedrock Edition. This seed features a plain biome village with a pillager outpost at X: 536 and Z: 184. Since pillagers are the natural enemy of villagers, this village will be destroyed unless the player saves it.

Players can use this unusual structure to build a raid farm and earn emeralds, totems and other valuable loot.

1) Perfect for wither skull farming (Seed: 4393682271258061163)

Fortress (Image via Minecraft)

Wither skulls are one of the rarest loot drops in Minecraft. There is a tiny chance a wither skeleton will drop its head when killed. Due to this, players have to build highly efficient wither skeleton farms to get a handful of wither skulls.

This Java seed features a lonely nether fortress surrounded by lava ocean at spawn. Players can easily build a wither skeleton farm here, since there is no need to spawn-proof outer areas. Players will just have to spawn-proof areas inside the fortress.

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