Prostitution von Minderjährigen: Taschengeld-Treffen auf Kleinanzeigen-Portalen

i'm male 18 and needed almost everything for it defloration for pocket money offers her a job for pocket money of 35 euros on classifieds platforms like marc de offer young people sex for pocket money sounds harmless but prostitution you have to imagine you meet Half an hour then stops and after half an hour you have 100 euros in your pocket and often there are 6 ads for pocket money behind these minors and there are people who are openly looking for exactly the younger you are, the more I pay you me at if you are interested i meet a young woman who got involved in exactly such offers at the age of 14 for more than two months i research covertly on classifieds portals day and night and want to know who are the people who meet for paid sex We can not let minors in at the first time or a little smooch and fondle i wait for you to teach you is and i can actually speak to one i am right now at the address he sent and i am really curious what exactly is expected at the same time i got a topic suggestion from the person who anonymously she wants to stay that is because she hannah hanna is in her early twenties and writes means the suggestion relates to the topic of day-to-day meetings or sex for pocket money i can share from personal experiences the experience you have while doing so can cause greater psychological damage than the person concerned thinks and it can quickly become a dependency on quick money the news made me a little thoughtful because hannah also wrote that she had seen advertisements on with the headline the younger the better or looking for very young you and I also liked it written that she was already a minor hanna has started these meetings and that she doesn't think she's alone with them.

I make an appointment with hanna but she's only in two weeks time so i look on how many advertisements i can find under the term tg and overall there are more than 30,000 most ads are in the category he is looking for them directly he is looking for him then ads of women who are looking for men and only a few ads of women who are looking for women you can read all sorts of ads from young schools or bisexual men ads from boys here women who sell photos of themselves or underwear or having sex in the car or outside I am particularly attracted to such ads I create an account and start writing to users who say they need to spend pocket money Chen I want to know how young these people who say they are at least 18 really are. I write over 50 users to many of them do not answer me, but from 13 I get feedback and they can say 17 16 or even fifteen with a single person I make a video call and Tim, whose name is actually different, is 16 and outed bisexual and started meeting three months ago with pocket money.His voice and his appearance we have to be more cool for strangers, thanks that goes on, no problem, he tells me that he has had sexual experiences searched with men and ended up in the erotic section of by chance and read about tg Treffen so far he had six meetings how old were the men between 18 and 40 so 35 at the end of 40 did you know so young no you have it at some point asked no, I always said that I was 18 and then the thing was eaten for the team meeting between 60 and 100 euros me I noticed during our conversation that the whole thing is not a big deal for him, he says the meetings are fun, nobody forces him and for him the whole thing is a win-win situation you have to imagine you meet for half an hour, then do something and afterwards half an hour you have 100 euros in your pocket that's a lot more than a normal job a normal job yes i think that's good money easy money so i don't see any negative consequences for me and as long as i enjoy it as long as i will be doing this i often hear something like that from young gay or bisexual men they want money for clothes or video games and can combine that with quick sexual satisfaction at first it sounds like calm i get messages like this i'm 16 and already had one a few unpleasant meetings where customers did not want to pay or simply take off the condom and it ends there too ss I was tied down by one of three men and taken through I am 15 and so far it has not bothered anyone that I am so young and that most customers are probably already over 40.

I cannot check whether what these people say is more true but i can well imagine that not all young users have only positive experiences at their meeting after these two weeks of research i can go to hanna she has decided not to show her face that is why she is so disguised hers but I can leave the voice as it is and I would like a coffee hanna is in her early twenties wants to start studying this year and is currently working as a temporary worker in retail on the side she continues to meet every day somehow she can't get away from it says she is herself in an open relationship your friend what of your daily meet nothing and that of your circle of friends is just we Some people inaugurated today, too, hanna met 1 day, but today it was easier, in any case, it was already time I was as sure as the man who wants to meet the trade today is in my mid-50s and lives alone most of her customers are in this age she tells me before she has to go there is still a little time for a special hanna told me in advance that she has been doing these meetings since she was 14 heard correctly 14 but how did it come about that you then registered on this platform when you were 14 have and in the end your first time too, it was somehow completely loose because it looked like it was young and beautiful and you do that too, I watched the trailer for this film, the underage empties itself in it on the way to paid sex meeting with older men and describes what attracts you to know we would not expect prostitution of minors here gen downplayed I can understand why hanna influenced the film that somehow totally irritated me so just this forbidden somehow a bit and she also cured herself to what extent the financial role played a role for you so it is said that money was also one of the great motivation to even start with it in any case simply because i have never had that much money also for family reasons although there is also an opportunity to get dollars without having to keep pumping my mother hannah says she has a good childhood had the relationship with her father was difficult because he was often not there, she says that she found older men more interesting than their peers at an early age and with a little googling you quickly end up in the erotic section of but who can get paid sex meeting with a 14 year old hanna still has screenshots of the conversation hen with the 50-year-old man with whom you had your first day-to-day meeting i 'm a boy she is 13 years old and in a few days 14 now you were even 13 yes exactly i then turned 14 is too young i look forward to an answer love greetings and then he answered yes, nice that you write to me I'm very happy that you are so young I would be happy to write a little description myself and a picture would be totally great no problem we just don't have that much experience what can I do then do everything with him when we meet and what would you have for it what did you write then you realize that you still have what you answered him that to the question i answered so i am not yet so experienced what would you think want to sleep together or those in asia i wrote so i wrote totally naively so evers for spelling mistakes so i noticed i just wasn't really young who was As an adult, having sex for money with minors is criminally liable for the sexual abuse of adolescents.There can be a fine or imprisonment of up to five years if the minors are 14 or younger.You are sexually abusing children for this there can be a prison sentence of up to ten years of age giving consent the minors don't play a role before the law and can you describe a bit what happened at this meeting or how it went so we met in a hotel so he proceeded always open-minded is behind today maybe weird then he somehow has something to drink and sparkling wine so because he said so then you loosen up somehow then we first talked for a while and then I was totally shy and didn't do anything for me but at some point some people occupied field and then has I start to take off my clothes and if it’s always on here you can imagine and that ’s what the man was with hanna has done is sexual abuse of children during our conversation i notice that hanna has not yet processed this experience properly she blames herself for it when she agreed to the meeting at the time so i somehow did not understand that it didn’t it's good that way or I didn't even get the idea so you are so johanna develops depression and struggles with a low self-esteem after a few years she starts to meet again partly because of the money and partly because of the feeling of being special and wanted to be and for the same reasons she has since had difficulties with tg stop meeting her e r also tells me that she never learned to say no during sex and that she had meetings where she was tied up or strangled against her will at the latest now I have no good feeling that hanna has to meet for her pocket money just write me that I can't see myself too late because of that somehow I have to see once yes , I really do n't feel like it, I don't really know it is just somehow not going to be good for me hannah seems insecure to me I suggest going back to the car and that on the way there she can think about whether she would like to do that or not what I always have, so somehow I have to do something with a consumer as well and thus somehow do something they don't have anything that I have just somehow got me with consumption anna amphetamine before the meeting she usually pulls a few lions to feel good and d a few after that, so as not to think about what happened at the meeting , we agree that I drive to the address and until then she thinks about whether she wants to get out what speaks in you for doing it first and what is preventing you from doing so so that financial also know how much money you would get today for a must now you do today of what I say actually so so mostly are more like 2 150 or 200 euros are simply not worth so for me this is a difficult situation at the moment I don't want to advise mr what you should do she is an adult but I would prefer it if she doesn't get out yes maybe we can just stop for a while then take a look because in principle we will be there right now and that 's yours decision had wanted to do that so what do you think now you want to do that get out right now and go home and do something ma chen that doesn't have to think about it, but in no case hannah tells the man off i always say that i can't manage and then i turn off my internet so i have to read his answer i drive you home so i don't even know how me You should feel me on the one hand, I think that's totally strong about her, the thing here told her whole story and I think I just noticed how torn it is I already have the impression that she definitely needs support and that she needs to work through everything a little bit, what she has experienced and what has done with her that she started so early on, I really underestimated what this research also does with you personally that's how it works that within a few weeks I've heard from hanna or young users at the arc de are often stories of sexual mis Usages that were n't processed correctly and I wonder how big the demand for day-to-day meetings with minors really is .

Back at home, I immediately find such ads on the younger you are the more I pay you virgin wanted than looking for girls and women who would like to be deflowered virgin or inexperienced wanted it doesn't matter if you are shy and an age is not so important to me for days these advertisements are of course nowhere that these users are explicitly looking for minors so I create one for myself profile myself but don't advertise instead I write to users who are in their advertisements that they are looking for young ladies i wrote hey i just saw his advertisement may i ask how young visited the grocery store lisa called me again he wrote haley saccani to be enough and then I wrote that I was under 18 b in and there he writes I am happy to help and you are welcome to try out with me of course I act as a different old girl in different jets I start at 16 then with 15 5 men could imagine meeting me want to know what they are with being able to make me how much pocket money I want and ask for photos from me, especially the user who initially said his day-to-day partners could never be young enough strikes me because he writes to me particularly often he says that he is 44 years old and unemployed and single I write For several days I feel carefully pretending to be 16 I am curious but I don't propose a meeting quick and take it in the mouth i'm waiting for you to bring the genes because i 'm in contact for over two weeks with you he writes to me during the week on weekends during the day at noon in the evening he asks when we can finally see each other but now I wonder what would have happened if I had pretended to be younger, maybe 13 or so that was also the age in which you wrote for the first time with the man with whom she had met the stg and the way he is currently writing with me, I really don't know how he would react, he writes that is not bad and tells me that he is already one tg meeting with a 16 year old then he asked me if I still want to come over and he apparently bombarded me with messages for the last hour he wrote where no more interest hey you I hope you can suck well you already have one tail saw johannes orasche he that the real young person would sit and get all this news or and I would have really ni cht thought that happened but I asked him if he would send me a photo and he has just sent me a photo of himself so far as a relatively slim face and he wrote underneath I live in street name house number instead of that means I now have one foto i have it looks i have an address and of course i don't know if the person with real write really lives there or if he rules me there but somehow i don't think he tells me i should come to him next week on a monday morning 12 o'clock so let's get on our way ok so i'm right now at the address that sent me and i'm really curious what exactly i would have expected right now ok the name sounds now [music] from here i have to turn off the camera and can use it only turn it on again when i'm outside the man who opens the door for me i would describe a tidy apartment as an absolutely average guy well-groomed look to my surprise she does n't shut the door on my nose but actually asks me in and of course I also identified myself as a journalist and said so just researching he said he was somehow clear that is a bit Would have been young and that is somehow not really okay who but had the opinion well, I wrote to him and if I want that as a 13 year old girl that is also okay but not for free that is simply the crime so that was So a little bit of what I don't think is really going with his head that one does not necessarily be able to make decisions without really making decisions, maybe he now thinks that such behavior is only with a pedophilia, i.e.

The sexual desire for children or one leverage for the sexual desire for adolescents in puberty can be explained but ir Somehow I don't think it's always that easy because most abuse crimes are not committed by pedophiles or by many people A high demand from older men suggests that the normalization of porn categories such as school girl or team and the feeling of power and superiority play a role a few days later the man I rang the doorbell agreed to call me in the first set with lisa the account what was created i asked you the youth are looking for and you wrote on it the younger the better you can describe what exactly it means it doesn't know how related to minors or something it was just yes 17 18 or 16 completely good was one It wasn't curiosity but 16 17 is also a minor yes, so it is yes it is a fact that you were attracted to minors but I did not feel drawn that is not right I had an ad that I was looking for a young lady that means 18 19 from here Does he start to contradict himself? He just told me himself that he was also interested in 17 or 16 year olds and arguing that not even a minute later that it happened to me for the first time I got involved in it for the first time and that was that last time very simple but can you describe how you got involved in it so cold out of curiosity is already irritating the boy to have it me my husband is old you are no longer asked at the market and can have to describe what exactly what exactly the attraction is yes i mean this but yourself you also have feelings when you see young guy and you find yourself attr actively it goes through other things if i am already in your boys i honestly not feel so sexually attractive you find that was a mistake and that won't happen to me again i won't do it anymore i am not a pedophile or like children or anything else What he also tells me that he himself has a 21-year-old daughter, which is why it is important to him not to be portrayed as a pedophile, even if we 13- year-olds had come to me what would happen, I honestly don't believe that true curiosity that was just looking and what would have been the 13 year old would have actually stood for your door well then I would of course have been curious what do you think me would happen then I think that something wants to happen even though he described what very clearly you would like to do something with her yes i wrote a lot today i was excited maybe i will be me and i I would have taken it down, but what do I know that it is neither criminally nor morally okay , he is apparently not aware of it.I will only be grateful if you do not think you can talk nicely about the facts, because really at the 13 year old in front of the door would have admitted then that would have simply been an appointment for sexual abuse of children it is so it is correct that I understand correctly that this is painful and that is shameful and that he does that to think about it but I think if you date something like that with the fire plays then you have to put up with such questions, unfortunately, I told you that I am an adult and I stand by it, I am alone and have let myself into such [ __ ] that was the wrong way if he really has never dealt with a minor person has arranged to have sex for pocket money I don't know and can't check what my reasons are f The appeal of a young, sexually inexperienced person to teach something and the illusions that make the pocket money sound harmless also have something good to do with them we do not tolerate prostitution by minors on our platform we resolutely investigate every indication of undesirable or illegal activities and immediately implement appropriate solutions and blocks where this is necessary, as are all digital marketplaces, social media platforms and comparable offers, we are not in a position either all activities that are illegal or that are to be disapproved of for other reasons must be prevented in advance. cannot imagine age verification with an identity card, but other verification measures are being developed that will soon be used should come a few days later i have another appointment with hanna i had a very strange feeling after our meeting and was wondering all the time how is the era going and i had already remembered i not so easily now when i go back to then arrange to meet again with the exception of saxony that's just up again and that's fine with me how is it then you had meet every day since our meeting i laughed a lot but we no longer have what hanna thinks of me told me about her first meeting kept me busy long after we were three.

I want to know from me whether she could ever imagine working through the experiences in therapy [music] then rather being totally depressed and then always ask me how much comes so how much is because I or because I always only cross it, so it's nice to talk to a third person about the sic hanna knows from this hanna wants to try to find a therapy place this year before her studies if she can really do it Minors can really estimate what it will do with them if they start so early and also not in which dangerous situations they put themselves that there are adults who get involved in sex with 14 year olds is never ok and both the police and the platforms themselves should do their best to prevent that i am frankfurt the question and in the next few weeks everything on the channel will revolve around the topic of sexuality and how it determines our lives for the first episode i met people who all have a different sexual orientation and asked you about your most intimate desires and experiences that were wi You should definitely look at each other very openly

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