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The best way to explore the Caves and Cliffs update at the moment is through Minecraft servers.

Minecraft servers have always provided a great way to connect with other players while preserving anonymity. From minigames and creative plots, to anarchist survival servers – the list goes on and on.

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Those who frequent multiplayer servers are starting to wonder what servers are best for the Caves and Cliffs update that's soon to be available.

Top 5 Minecraft 1.17 Update Servers

#5. MGU ONE (IP:

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MGU ONE is a well-organized server providing skyblock, survival, roleplay, factions, and more. They also support Minecraft version 1.17 which is a plus, as they've prepared for the Caves and Cliffs update. Some servers have not stated or indicated that they're prepared for the update, however, MGU is.

#4. Centural (IP:

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Centural is a server that works on Java snapshot developments. For a Minecraft player to join, they must be running 21w11a, which is the latest snapshot.

Centural Survival Overworld (Image via Minecraft)

This is a very small server that can result in a tight-knit community. Furthermore, there's a good amount of land left to claim on the server, which means that players can enjoy watching the server develop while establishing themselves as a frequent player.

#3. Purple Prison (IP:

The Purple Prison Minecraft server has been running since 2014. They have parkour, survival play, and roleplay available.

Image via Minecraft

This is a well-rounded server with a lot to offer, including little things like mazes and in-game gambiling. The server also runs in a smooth fashion, so no player has to worry about lagging when they join.

#2. Minehut (IP:

Minehut allows players to join a server already created and allows players to create their own server without expense. Many questions have been asked on the Minehut forum regarding changes to their servers once the update is available.

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There's been reassurance from other members of the Minehut community that while chunks may pose issues, it will all work out in the favor of players and their servers. This is honestly a great means to get friends together and to create a server, as well as join others' servers.

Image via Minecraft

#1. KiloCraft (IP:

KiloCraft is a great way to look into the Caves and Cliffs update, considering that it's a Minecraft 1.17 snapshot server.

Image via Minecraft

There are many places to go and things to try on this server that every player should set some time aside to experience.

With a focus on mods and updates, this might provide some insight on how Caves and Cliffs will affect a player's style, allowing them to prepare.

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