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You are going to be constantly reminded of how much you suck for about 1-3 months (if you learn). If you read this guide and use your brain and be actively aware of how bad you suck, you can easily shave time off of your complete noob status. You could even make some kids think that you’re really good, but only if they are bad.

You need to play each of the 110 heroes at least once each to have basic understanding of the power levels of each hero.

Each game takes on average 30-50 minutes. Prepare to play a lot of DotA. If you want to cut this down, go to websites and read hero skills and guides, and from there you should get basic ideas of how to play these heroes.

You are going to have to learn items, strategies, laning combos, abbreviations, and MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF TEAMWORK.

However, I promise that once you get the basics down, and you start playing casually with your friends, that you are going to have a TON of fun.

There is no grinding for weeks to get that gear you want like in an MMO. Rolling a new hero is as easy as playing one game, and each game you can go different skill/item builds with different team setups.

Basically, it is going to take a really long time to get bored with this game. Every game is different. I’ve spent about 3+ years of my full gaming time focused on DotA and Dota 2, and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon.

You may be interested in playing Heroes of Newerth(HoN) or League of Legends(LoL), but we arguably have the best developer, Icefrog. He has been working on DotA since 2005 with no income(until getting hired by valve to make Dota 2) and no release of his real name. DotA and Dota 2 are both considered to be extremely balanced games at the professional level, and new hero and item additions always add new flavor and slight nudges to any heroes that are considered overpowered.

I see no reason to pick HoN or LoL, and please, never mention Storm of the Imperial Sanctum ever again, unless you want to try playing DotA circa 2004 with good graphics and a tiny map.

You are going to feed. You are going to ruin games, and someone is going to be happy to tell you why. DotA was originally played in Warcraft 3, and they had the most bad mannered, whining, assholes on the gaming internet. The only thing that comes close is Xbox Live. Luckily, with Dota 2, Valve has been making some really great strides to create a better environment for all players involved. The people playing the game are better than they used to be, but you are still playing a TEAM game that requires your allies to not be idiots for you to succeed. There will almost always be some levels of disappointment, and frustration between your aliies, and you.

My #1 tip to playing Dota 2, is that if someone flames you, or is freaking out about your play in an OVERLY(key word) critical way, press the mute button on them immediately, and then enjoy the rest of the game from your peaceful, but mysteriously quiet ally. Ignoring them doesn't work. Let them say 1 mean thing, and let that be it. Your day will be much better this way, I promise.

You are going to have to have thick skin to play Dota 2. To get around this major barrier of entry, PLAY AGAINST THE BOTS WHEN YOU FIRST START. The Bots will not rage at you, they won’t care if you feed. They will teach you the heroes by destroying you with them, and no one has to know.

Here are a couple screenshots with directions on how to play against the Bots if you are unsure how to. You can either play against Bots with allies, or play against Bots with Bots on your team.

Here are a couple quick hero modes that you might be confused about as well. Not all of these are available in matchmaking quite yet.

All Pick(AP) lets you draft(pick) your hero from the entire pool. You can also random for an extra 250 gold at the start of the game.

All Random(AR) forces everyone in the game to receive a random hero. Randoming is a great way to learn all of the hereos.

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Single Draft(SD) is a mode that gives you 1 strength hero, 1 agility hero, and 1 intelligence hero to choose from. The heroes are random. As of this writing, you CANNOT swap heroes in Single Draft mode, but it will be fixed eventually.

Random Draft(RD) is a mode that randomly chooses 20 heroes of the hero pool for the players in the game to choose from. You take turns between your team and the opponents to pick your heroes, similar to kickball. If you don't choose in time you get a random hero, so make sure you choose fast!

Captains Mode(CM) is the mode that you see the professionals play, which involves rounds of banning, picking, banning again, and then final round of picking. This mode is not recommended at all for new players.

These are just general guidelines. None of those heroes are bad necessarily, but they take a little getting used to. You can’t just play your first game of dota and go 15-0-17 with silencer. It just isn’t going to happen.

This is just small selection of all the heroes in DotA, and this doesn't mean that the rest of the heroes aren't challenging to learn.

Here are some pretty easy heroes who's usefullness is easy to take advantage of. I'd recommend playing them to any new person to DotA. In parenthesis are the most common names for those heroes even if they aren't the proper titles.

All of the heroes I just listed are not super complicated to play, and that is why they are great heroes to play for new people. Most of these heroes have 1 or 2 important skills, and that covers most of their usefulness. I will not explain how to play these heroes, but go search for a guide for each of these heroes. Usually the guides give you very good guidelines and let you play those heroes to 80-100% effectiveness. Keep in mind that I listed a few Hard Carries there, and I listed the ones who are pretty simple. I listed those heroes because of their simplicity, not because you can easily dictate the game with them. Keep in mind that any hero with a Stun is going to be WAY more useful/easy to use, generally. Stuns are your friend. They make it much easier to win the game.

Now, really talented players will ALWAYS play these heroes WAY better than newbies, but for a new person who can't handle more than one spell to cast, these are the heroes you will want to play to get used to DotA, and make the skill curve hurt less. At the least, you won't feel confused when you read their skills and try playing the heroes.

You may not realize this, but I listed virtually no carries as heroes to recommend. The only ones I did were Skeleton King and Chaos Knight. They have very few skills(1 of which is a stun), you farm up, and you right click a hero until they die. Other carries are more complicated, and at the least, you NEED to know the strengths and weaknesses of the heroes you are fighting because it allows you to play to your heroes' strengths.

Some people would argue that any new player should not play carries(which I agree with), but we can't hold your hand forever, so at least play the ones that are easy to get used to and execute(compared to other carries).

Ultimately you want to destroy the enemy team’s throne. The throne is deep inside their base and to get there, you have to beat down enemy creeps, enemy towers, and enemy heroes.

There are basic units spawned every 30 seconds from each of the three lanes. For most of the game there are 3 melee creeps and 1 ranged creep. Periodically a Catapult is added, and eventually in the game there are more melee and ranged creeps. Creeps also slowly gain max hp over the course of the game.

At early levels your heroes are very weak and cannot clear creep waves and towers by yourself. To get stronger you need items. To get items you need money.

You gain gold for getting the last hit on the heroes or creeps. When you land the final blow on an enemy creep (last hit or lh) you receive a random amount of gold for the kill(about 35-45 gold per creep). If you land the final blow on an allied creep(you can only attack allied creeps below 50% hp) then you deny your lane opponents the chance to last hit that creep, and THEY ALSO GET LESS EXP AS A RESULT. The amount of creeps you've killed in a game is called cs, or creep score.

You also get gold when your team destroys a tower(about 450-600 for a last hit on a tower, 200 if your teammates or team kills it, 100 if the enemy denies a tower). Your tower has to be below 10% hp to deny it. The magic number on lv. 1 towers is below 130 hp. If you deny a tower, you are denying your enemy team a total of 500-800 gold. That is a huge amount of gold.

KILLING CREEPS IS THE FASTEST WAY TO FARM WITH VERY FEW EXCEPTIONS. If you want to get farmed(get a lot of gold quickly) you want to last hit every single creep in each wave.

Almost every single hero gets 3 basic skills, 1 ultimate(or ult), and the option for stats instead of levels. Each basic skill can be leveled up 4 times, each ultimate 3 times, and you can get 10 levels of stats by lv. 25. Each level of stats gives you +2 str, +2 agi, and +2 int. Stats will be explained later. Every hero has some kind of combos between each of his skills. Usually you can figure these out by reading the skills, sometimes it takes watching another player perform them.

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Left click to select your Hero. When your hero is selected right click to move to a location. To attack a hero, press the A hotkey and left click their hero, OR right click on the enemy hero.


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